January 4, 2019

According to the latest ADP/Moody’s Analytics report, the US economy added over 270,000 jobs in December, which was a staggering 100,000 more than economists had predicted.  My condolences to Democrats for this depressing news.


As of Thursday, we once again have a Democrat majority House, and after promising voters to focus on improving the environment and helping Americans with issues like health care, the first thing they did was move to impeach President Trump.  It took California Rep. Brad Sherwood all of 30 minutes before he reintroduced the articles of impeachment that he introduced in 2017 but that went nowhere because back then, adults were in charge.  Also, because his move for impeachment was based on Trump having committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and he couldn’t name any then and still can’t – although now, the lack of grounds will be much less of an impediment.

Sherwood, however, seemed downright dignified compared to newly-elected first Muslim Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who went before a crowd to crow about impeaching Trump and not only used one of the foulest profanities in existence, but did so in the context of quoting what she allegedly told her young son about the President. If she were a Republican, liberals would already be on the phone to Child Protective Services.

Just to make it clear how shaky the actual case for impeachment is, Rudy Giuliani ran down the list of possible allegations and shot them down one by one, like clay pigeons.

It will fall to Speaker Pelosi to hold the lid on her colleagues' self-defeating partisan grandstanding without clamping down so tightly that the far-left hotheads in her party overheat and explode.

One thing that’s become shockingly clear ever since 2016 is that, while the left claims that Trump is “angry” and stirs up fury, hatred and divisiveness (I’ve been to Trump rallies: the people there seem quite cheerful and optimistic, and Trump is often funnier than most stand-up comics these days), the true boiling hot rage exists almost entirely on the left.

Still unable to accept that voters rejected their corrupt, entitled and condescending candidate and took a chance on an unproven quantity who promised to do something other than keep barrelling along in the wrong direction for another eight years, Democrats have rationalized their defeat by blaming it on Russian conspiracies, Facebook memes or their opponents being racists and Nazis…anything to avoid having to deal with the fact that their cherished policies simply don’t work and never have in any place they’ve been tried. 

This has led them into a kind of dark, political tunnel vision that cries out more for psychiatric intervention than for the voters to entrust them with power again. 

Over the past two years, by virtually every metric, things have been going pretty well.  Taxes were down, business was booming, unemployment hit historically low levels, and Trump was fulfilling his promises to renegotiate trade deals, crush ISIS and bring the troops back home.  Some of these were issues Democrats claimed to support in the past (they’d even voted for building a border wall and moving our Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem, back before they thought anyone would ever actually expect them to do it.)  Even the things they attacked Trump over most furiously (“That monster is separating children from their ‘parents’ at the border!”) were mostly things that Obama did first, and they didn’t even bat an eye.  

(At the link, Victor Davis Hanson offers an even more thorough recap of all the ways in which 2018 was actually a very good year.)

Yet while most Americans felt happy and relieved, those on the left acted as if Armageddon was upon us.  They seem locked in an unbreakable cycle of rage and despair. Celebrities couldn’t even gather to hand each other golden trinkets in celebration of their latest billion-dollar-grossing movie without wailing and raging about how horrible everything was because Trump was President.     

Now, with Democrats restored to power in the House (maybe, as Trump predicted, Americans got tired of winning, or else voters just put them back in power so they’d finally stop whining), you’d think these sourpusses would lighten up a bit, but no.  They’re still sucking lemons 24/7. 

A new Axios/SurveyMonkey poll found that while large majorities of Americans are optimistic about their own futures and the US economy in 2019 (that’s 90% of Republicans and 63% of Independents), 54% of Democrats are pessimistic and think the economy will do badly  (I’d tell them not to worry so much about the economy; the GOP Senate will block most of the House's destructive impulses.) They see nothing but gloom and doom, unless they are in complete control of the government.  This is what happens when you let politics become your religion.

Despite the left’s attempts to politicize absolutely everything, there is more to life than politics.  Most Americans don’t get up every morning and indulge in a Two-Minute Hate because Trump is President.  If they weren’t totally lacking in empathy, maybe they’d realize most people’s lives don’t revolve around whether Democrats have their rear ends in the seats of power or not. 

When Democrats rant and rave that we have a President who’s an unqualified narcissist; who thinks he knows more than everyone else around him, but who really knows nothing about foreign policy, defense or economics; who lies to our faces and surrounds himself with power-abusing, pocket-lining knaves and yes men; and who is violating people’s civil rights, dividing Americans, politicizing and corrupting our institutions, and shredding the Constitution by issuing illegal executive orders, we can just reply:

“Welcome to how the rest of us felt from 2009 to 2016.  But we didn’t let it turn us into raving lunatics.” 



Speaking of leftist hate, rage and lunacy, radio host Michael Savage is the latest target of unhinged death threats from another self-appointed champion of tolerance.  Warning, bleeped but obviously foul language at the link.



As retired Army General and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn awaits sentencing for lying to investigators, with his finances, career and reputation ruined, The Hill reporter John Solomon claims to have obtained the exculpatory evidence on “Russian collusion” that the intelligence community has kept hidden from the public and Congress for the past two years.

Even if you think you don’t want to hear another word about this story, you need to read this.  Every American should be outraged to learn of the yawning chasm between what the intelligence community knew to be true about Gen. Flynn on the so-called “Russian collusion” allegations and what they allowed the public to believe while they kept this information secret.



Priorities: While House Democrats would rather keep the government partially shut down than even talk to Trump about border security, they do have a spending bill ready to go that would not only give $5 million to the UN Population Fund, but repeal Trump’s order that US taxpayer money not be used to perform or promote abortions in other nations. 

So just to be clear: it’s horrific and immoral for the government to separate a child from its mother, unless it’s paying to rip the child out of its mother’s womb, and then it’s okay?



The British Army has a new ad campaign for Millennial recruits that some say is insulting and condescending.  Others wonder if the Army really is desperate enough to be actively searching for snowflakes, binge gamers, selfie-takers and phone zombies. 

I prefer the American Army recruitment posters that simply say “Uncle Sam wants you!” He’s pointing at everyone, but the Army can safely assume that phone zombies, binge gamers and selfie-takers won’t even notice the poster and snowflakes will be too offended by the toxic masculine title “Uncle” to join up.


 Elizabeth Warren had been a candidate for President for less than 24 hours when President Trump sent a hilarious tweet offering a suggested campaign logo for her.


Under the ever-changing standard of what’s politically-correct, how many “Seinfeld” jokes does the leftwing feminist website Bustle say are no longer funny?  The official answer is “Thirteen,” but the real answer to every question about how many jokes leftwing feminists think are funny remains “None of them.”


This question illustrating how out of touch reporters are with most Americans was a great question two years ago, and it’s still quite pertinent today.  In fact, it’s such a great question that I wrote an entire book on the same premise four years ago.



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  • Kate Stone

    01/06/2019 12:05 AM

    The visual images in the media showcase a tremendous expression of toxic hate for the President exploding through the voices of women. The 2016 election loss seems to have been the nail in the coffin of cancerous female resentment that was waiting to be released in our society, after festering beneath the surface for decades. It is sad to see the gentle power of the feminine mystique tainted by crude outrageous rhetoric.


    Somewhere out there
    Is a woman of power…
    Biding her time,
    While male world leaders
    Control the chessmen,
    And steadily exert their manly aggression
    In worldly power struggles
    Over land, oil, wealth….and dogma.

    The woman of power
    Synergizes the energy
    Of powerless women and children.
    The lone queen
    Will not become a pawn.
    She will speak with one voice,
    For the hearts of many.
    She is the soul of the eternal mother,
    The soul that has mourned
    The loss of husbands, brothers, sons,
    Across the battlefields of time.

    The woman of power
    Will unite women and shepherd children,
    In one worldwide symphony.
    A chorus of PEACE!
    An echo ‘round the world.
    Harmony will overcome discord.
    She knows the time to speak,
    To haunt male aggression
    With the tears of history.
    The woman of power
    Speaks for the souls of women and children,
    Who cry out for a world at peace.

  • Lee Mar Zarr

    01/05/2019 03:55 PM

    Wonder what the DEMs think about her... "Ocasio-Cortez suggests marginal income-tax rates as high as 70%!" Somewhere I read that there were a lot of DEMS that fall into the "rich" status (there are plenty of GOP and independents and a lot of NO party,too)...IF the NEW TAX laws actually make the RICH "pay their fair shares without loopholes" (isn't that what TAXES supposed to do...make everyone pay their fair share? OOOPS, that's supposed to be in a fair and just tax system, BUT we ALL know what kind of system(s) we have, don't WE the PEOPLE!!! When are WE the PEOPLE going to MAKE CONgress work for us instead of being our parasites?

  • Jerry Bresser

    01/05/2019 12:29 PM

    Thanks Mike, Your articles are always worth the time to read them.
    I don't have the numbers, but it appears that the cost of border guards to patrol open border areas, plus the cost of processing the illegals who get caught, plus the cost of health care, food stamps, and other expenses related to all the illegals who don't get caught, plus the cost of local police to apprehend, try and incarcerate illegals who get caught months or years later, is many time more the the cost of 'The Wall'
    That should be broadcast daily and brought up every time anyone says the Wall is too expensive.

  • Kathleen Bolinger

    01/05/2019 09:46 AM

    thank you Mike - and regarding psychiatric help for these poor souls, i think prayer and exorcisms are more appropriate and effective - this behavior is diabolic


    01/05/2019 09:23 AM

    Why is it necessary to tie government job pay to the budget. It would seem to me government payroll should be tied up over political agendas.

  • Ann Musselwhite

    01/05/2019 08:22 AM

    I love your editorials - Please keep them coming! I also like all of your books and miss your show on Fox. Your daughter Sarah is fantastic as press secretary. Tell us how we can help President Trump - my entire family prays for him daily and for the entire government. I really do not see how he keeps going with all of the hate against him but I believe the prayers help. Please tell him to stand firm and build the wall and then maybe start working on the fair tax you and Dr Ben Carson support. God Bless You.

  • Mandy Cummins

    01/05/2019 07:30 AM

    Thank you for another great breakdown article. The ending piece about reporters owning trucks was endearing ... I enjoy beginning each day with your emails and releasing a pleasant exhale before the next tidal wave of daily leftist spewing begins. Thank you, Again.

  • Michele Miller

    01/05/2019 03:07 AM

    Thank you again for putting things into perspective in a detailed yet succinct and tactful manner. President Trump has turned things around in an astonishingly positive manner, and quite handily. With this in mind, Americans should be, and should have been, overwhelmingly and enthusiastically behind him.
    Minimally, they should have voted in the midterm elections, and in a manner that would have clearly supported the positive and sensible agenda he's been working so diligently to achieve. This would have sent a clear and reaffirming message from "the people" to everyone. That didn't quite happen, and owing to the Democrats' small victory, now the President's agenda will be impeded, and we'll have to endure the wasting of our tax dollars, the undermining of our President, and more of the nefarious behavior you've written about. I cannot stand listening to the constant manipulative, and disrespectful nonsense the Democrats expect what they believe is an exceptionally ignorant populace to believe. Hope people wake up and speak up. Enough is enough.

  • Cynthia D Pandolfo

    01/05/2019 12:16 AM

    I read them all!

  • Tamara Kastanas

    01/04/2019 11:24 PM

    Love getting your newsletter!!!!
    Brilliant writing, informative and at the same time entertaining!
    God Bless you and your wonderful family, especially Sarah!!!!

  • Robert Dimlich

    01/04/2019 11:16 PM

    What the democrats ar trying to do to President elect Trump, who in reality was put there by God, is absolute wickedness. God raises them up and God puts them down. they are not concerned for he welfare to the USA, but their power to govern as they please. They are not able to exercise good common sense. I pray the God give President Trump protection from those who would harm him and give him the wisdom to necessary to govern as is just and right.

  • Richard Hertel

    01/04/2019 10:13 PM

    Appreciate you mentioning the article by Victor David Hanson. We conservatives need to hear more and more reinforcement of the positives our president Trump has performed and not just talked about doing. Please keep up your efforts. Wish you were back on FOX.

  • Marlene Jensen

    01/04/2019 08:07 PM

    The actual December employment number was 312,000, rather than the earlier number you quote. That was the main reason for the Dow surge today.

  • Elizabeth Qualls

    01/04/2019 07:39 PM

    Mike, thank you for all of your good writings! What can we do about the Michigan liberal Democrat that used the foul language? This is not professional by any means and we Republicans shouldn't have to put up with this in our government. Let's impeach her!

  • sue burris

    01/04/2019 07:32 PM

    No DACA News anchors should not say that people want DACA. THEY DO NOT. We didn't want criminal reform either!!!
    Our people who have been murdered were dreamers and they had their life taken by illegal criminals!
    Lou Dobbs tonight said that we should not have to give the Dems something in exchange for life saving measures. He said safeguards are not to be bargained.

  • Donna Holman

    01/04/2019 07:04 PM

    It is so sad that the Dem's hatred for Trump will keep them from doing the right thing for American citizens. I pray for President Trump and our country. Sarah is awesome and so brave when going up against the rude and biased media.

  • donald l williams

    01/04/2019 06:46 PM

    the demorats has taken a leaf out of ww2 hittler book. (say something often enough, loud enough long enough) and pretty soon you have everyone believeing its truth.

  • Douglas Morgan

    01/04/2019 06:23 PM

    Governor, I am no longer asking God to Bless America. My prayer now is that He will grant His divine mercy to this anti_God and heathen nation. Virtually every aspect of our nation is under Satanic siege. He has control of our government, the media, education from K-12 and universities, most of the high tech corporations, our culture, religion, and saddest of all, many of our so-called churches. I personally believe that God granted that mercy on the USA by giving us a modern day Cyrus and we have blown it. I say we because I definitely include myself.

  • Rafael A Salaz

    01/04/2019 05:54 PM

    Nancy Pelosi and her gang of followers are gong to spent all their time now focusing on investigating Trump and everything about him, instead of doing their appointed work for the good of the Nation of America . They all need a good kick out the door.

  • Adele Colvin

    01/04/2019 05:52 PM

    Could you please get a word to President Trump that the rightful salaries to very cut in this government shut down are those of Congress!


    01/04/2019 05:51 PM

    Governor Huckabee
    Watching Nancy yesterday (revolting) accept the gavel then show it off like a trophy, made my blood boil, then she give a speech saying "this will become the peoples house", who is she kidding? Congressman Sherman starts impeachment right away, they are not funding the wall, and still on the same road to no where.......but they want to be the "peoples house", NO WAY! Stop acting like a bunch of little kids in a sand box, and get down to business, oh yes, they took a recess on top of it all...........the need to pay attention to the people, we want Border Security, and more. Just you wait, bet Nancy will try to rescind the tax cut also. These dumbocrats are evil and wait until 2020 when more are voted out of office. Can't wait to see the complete list of nominees for President that they will produce!
    Carmen Price

  • Lyrnn Carter

    01/04/2019 05:41 PM

    First, we share the same birthday except I will mention you are 5 years older than me...LOL. Second, this may be your absolute best newsletter of all (January 4, 2019) and think I have read them all. Clearly you are an experienced writer as proven but think that maybe your holiday break gave you new writing clarities because you nailed every single issue (Yes, there are many too) PERFECTLY! Congrats on your continued success and another FYI, I am a proud HUCKABEE FOUNDER (Dawn Lyrnn and Joe Carter, Kure Beach, NC) and get more compliments on my gorgeously displayed FLAG! One day, will be there to see your show and meet you in person, a true honor! Thank You, a devoted fan!

  • Sharon Smith

    01/04/2019 05:37 PM

    Instead of thinking about America, the two parties are just fighting with each other. What good is it to have a Congress that cares only for themselves and nothing about this country. And funding for abortions is just WRONG! The democrats make me sick to my stomach and sometimes, the republicans do also. And yet there seems to be no way to stop this.