April 5, 2019

Attorney General Bill Barr has said that the Mueller report will be ready to greet its eager public by mid-April. That’s only a week or so away. So why are Democrats embarrassing themselves by calling nonstop for its immediate and total release, even when they know perfectly well that it contains material –- classified records, grand jury proceedings, etc.--- that would be illegal for Barr to make public. Barr has made it plain that he wants to be transparent and will turn over as much as he can, even though he’s not obligated to turn over anything at all. Trump is saying the same.

So why is House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler acting like he’s got a wasp in his underwear? (Apologies to the late Morey Amsterdam.)

There’s a clip of Nadler from a couple of decades ago that’s been making the rounds: Nadler argues that Independent Counsel Ken Starr’s report on President Clinton should NOT be released. It’s quite hilarious, considering that this time, Nadler wants every last unredacted word of the report on President Trump, even all the supporting documents (which I understand run into the millions of pages). At this writing, he’s readying the subpoena (which the DOJ will refuse, simply because complying with it would be breaking the law). Nadler’s hypocrisy is even worse when you consider that today’s special counsel statute is different from the independent counsel law that governed Ken Starr. Barr is not compelled to give the entire report (or for that matter, any of it) to Congress; Starr was supposed to.

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In fact, Barr is behaving exactly as the Democrats would want him to if it were a Democrat President under investigation. Fair, ethical, deliberate, transparent, lawful. But this is Trump, so as far as the Dems are concerned, all that is out the window, ‘cause fairness ain’t got nuthin’ to do with it. In the spirit of Festivus, they want an “airing of grievances” against Trump. Ironically, they want Barr to treat Trump the same way that then-FBI Director James Comey treated Hillary in his infamous July 2016 press conference: Detail a list of accusations even though there’s no indictment.

Alan Dershowitz continues to point out what was wrong with treating Hillary that way. He’s right: Comey wasn’t supposed to make public any allegations that weren’t going to be charged. What Dershowitz keeps ignoring, though, is that the most egregious part of Comey’s press conference wasn’t the “airing of grievances” part –- it was the “declining to charge” part. Hillary clearly had broken the law and just as clearly should have been charged with crimes. It would have been quite appropriate for Comey to detail Hillary’s crimes as he did if he had also done the right thing and indicted her.

Dershowitz, who supported Hillary for President, likes to call her misdeeds “political sins” that didn’t call for indictment. Admittedly, I’m not a lawyer, and Dershowitz is an esteemed one, but I have to disagree with him on that one point. There’s plenty of evidence that Hillary broke the law, and quite spectacularly. To save her from indictment, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch had to essentially rewrite the Espionage Act –- to require “intent,” which is almost impossible to prove.

In fact, it’s hard to compare these two cases because of that key difference: Hillary broke the law and Trump didn’t. Hillary should have been indicted. Thus it’s hard to have much sympathy for Hillary over Comey’s public recitation of her misdeeds; Comey’s worst mistake was in not following through.

As for the issue of obstruction, Dershowitz reminded viewers in a Thursday night interview with Sean Hannity that the President is entitled to express his opinion publicly on any issue. To do so is NOT obstruction. “I’ve never heard of a case where somebody was charged with obstruction of justice for speaking in public, or tweeting,” he said. “And if you’re the President, you can fire, and you can’t be charged if you engage in your constitutionally protected acts.”

While waiting for Barr to release the report, someone, apparently from Mueller’s team, is strategically leaking, first to The New York Times and then to just about everybody else, to further the narrative that the report is much harder on Trump than Barr had made it seem in his summary. And, of course, the media are salivating over this news, and happy smiles have returned to their faces. On the other hand, John Solomon at THE HILL has sources of his own, at the DOJ, and according to them, the Mueller team wrote their report in “snippets” designed for public dissemination, pieces that read like more like campaign material than a prosecutor’s final report. Also, these do include grand jury information. This certainly is not the sort of material that’s supposed to be released to the public.

In the meantime, if you’d like to read about some ACTUAL obstruction, here’s some great reading material. Sara Carter has learned still more about how the Hillary email “investigation” was conducted. She’s reviewed some yet-unreleased congressional testimony from James Rybiki, who was chief of staff to James Comey, dealing with how the DOJ tried to limit the FBI’s ability to gain access to the laptops of Hillary confidants Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson.

Mills and Samuelson were granted immunity in June of 2016, about a month before the FBI closed their “investigation” into Hillary. In exchange for the immunity, they were supposed to get access to the laptops. But according to Rybiki, the DOJ did not want the FBI to have the laptops. Of course, the FBI believed they contained classified information, and normally in such a case they would have sought a grand jury subpoena or warrant. But this time, they didn’t play hardball; they negotiated with Clinton and her lawyers, who set the terms of the deal.

Once again, “the fix was in,” apparently from the DOJ.

We already know that Clinton and her lawyers got other concessions, too. Unbelievably, Cheryl Mills, a State Department confidant of Clinton and a witness in the case, was allowed to sit in as Clinton’s attorney for Clinton’s FBI interview. They also did not record her interview.

We still don’t know what happened to the laptops --- whether they were destroyed or are still in the custody of the FBI. Even Inspector General Michael Horowitz did not say in his report what happened to them. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has never been able to find out what happened to them, either.

According to Rybiki, there was much discussion and disagreement about who should have access to the laptops, with the DOJ (“I don’t know what level”) trying to restrict it.

Anyway, with all the hysteria over the Mueller report --- the result of an investigation based on made-up evidence --- THIS is the material that the media should be clamoring for. THIS is the evidence of actual lawbreaking by a Presidential candidate and actual obstruction of justice, by our own DOJ no less, a bureaucratic cover-up at the highest levels of government. I’m referring to the many pages of testimony that Judicial Watch and Republicans in Congress have been requesting seemingly forever and that are now gradually dripping out, verifying our worst suspicions.



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  • Sandi Rog

    04/08/2019 01:52 AM

    Do you know about Candace Owens? I think she should run for president after Trump finishes his second term. Lord willing, Trump will get a second term!

  • Dawn Street

    04/07/2019 01:51 AM

    I have watched the DemonRats destroy this nation since the Clintons were in the WH and we gasped when Hillary stole furniture and china and moved anything that wasn't nailed down to her new digs. Yes, she did give it all back or at least we were told she did. Did anyone bother to take an inventory?

    Then we had the "Manchurian Candidate", Oweblama. I still have not figured out how a man who has NO history made it to the WH. He was born in Kenya, according to "Michelle", his Kenyan family, the Kenyan government and a birth certificate was produced by his brother to document his birth there which would have made him a British subject because Kenya was a British Protectorate at the time. Then his stepfather adopted him which made him a citizen of Indonesia and he was allowed to attend school there as an Indonesian citizen. It is my understanding that his mother neglected to register his birth at the American consulate as required by law so he cannot claim American citizenship and did meet the requirement to be considered for Presidency of the USA. Then there is the matter of his name. Nobody seems to know what his legal name is. He has several AKAs. And what was with the multiple social security numbers? He apparently went to college under a foreign student program and qualified for financial help through that program. He has 2 daughters but they do not have birth certificates either. Are they Americans or Kenyans or Indonesians? What a puzzlement.

    Now we have Donald Trump in the WH and he is an open book, except for the tax returns. He has provided financial documents but the DemonRats want his blood or so it seems. They will not let him do the job we elected him to do. They try to block him at every turn, every attempt.

    Conclusion is this SWAMP is much deeper and much wider than we ever imagined. And even now, it seems we only see the tip of this nasty iceburg of a swamp. Are there any politicians, elected officials or bureaucrats left in Washington who are not up to their eyeballs in this morass. They have trashed the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the separation of powers (the Supreme Court seems more interested in legislating law than in interpreting it, the Congress seems to feel it is an arm of the law and conducting investigations instead of legislating and the Administrative branch is hogtied by the whole mess), and the Federalist Papers.

    I don't care if Barr never releases a smidgen of the cursed Mueller Report. This was a travesty and Mueller's name will be forever synonymous with the treason of the Department of Justice, the FBI and the CIA. He is a marked man going down in history with Benedict Arnold, John Wilkes Boothe and Preston Bush. His name will live in infamy. Let the DemonRats twirl their tails and gnash their teeth. Barr shouldn't give them the satisfaction of reading one word of the report. He can just give a speech and tell them the results of the investigation. There was no collusion and there was no obstruction of justice. Now disband and go back to your nasty business of ruining the greatest nation God has ever given to mankind.

    Again, I ask is there an honest person left in the halls of Congress or in the bureaucratic mess that harbors the swamp creatures? God help us. I hope He is merciful to us. We fell asleep on the watch.

  • Murvon Minnemann

    04/06/2019 09:26 PM


  • Cheryl King

    04/06/2019 08:30 PM

    "Then read my other comment today about Al Sharpton with its link to blogger Jeff Dunetz’s rundown of Sharpton’s appalling history that these would-be Presidents are willing to overlook and tacitly embrace for votes."
    I can't find this other link and would like to read it.
    Can you send it to me?
    Thanks, Cheryl


    04/06/2019 07:51 PM


  • rodney burke

    04/06/2019 07:20 PM

    do we need further proof that the dems are mentally ill? Do we need further proof that libs are lawless? Doesn't look like it. iF THE AG TESTIFIES, WHAT IS HE GONNA SAY? Besides there was no cloousion which is not a crime therefore there is no obstruction. Two year investigation really? What part of "Cannot be relesed by law" are they unable to understand? I believe this is called desperation. The dems have nothing left. What is Mueller saying? if there WAS something are they so stupid that they would not be hearing from him? If it wasn't so tragic and annoying it would be amusing. DT has them in a corner and they will never get OUT of that corner.

    The walls are closing in alright, on libs and they are scared. Jig's up guys and gals,. Time to pay for your treasonous acts.

  • Judy Smith

    04/06/2019 03:12 PM

    Perhaps there should be a wasp place in Nadler's underwear to give him something authentic to squirm and holler about. If this makes no sense to you, go back and read the 2nd paragraph.

  • Bunny Douglas

    04/06/2019 10:34 AM

    20 states now say they don't want a border......I suppose that's because the Democrats feel that with open borders and more sanctuary cities, even though the illegals won't be able to vote in our elections, the Democrats can count their numbers and get more seats in Congress. Why allow that to happen? Freeze their representative numbers by not allowing the count of illegals/sanctuary residents to change the amount of Congressional representatives from those states?

  • Dawn Staton

    04/06/2019 08:50 AM

    I'm glad Hillary's obvious injustices are being looked at. Her political machine was well oiled??, as were the contributing cogs. But it's beginning to feel like justice will never be served in this matter, unless of course, flying swine are real. Thank you for your comments on this.

  • Linda Orf

    04/06/2019 06:51 AM

    Seems the dems are counting on an uninformed voting block. And they may be correct in that assumption. If all one feeds itself is CNN, MSNBC, CBS and the NY Times, they likely truly believe what Shiff (sp) and Swallwell are peddling to the voters. Time will tell if they are right on that calculation. We shall see in 2020. Personally, I think they are making a grave miscalculation.

  • Linda Kurgan

    04/05/2019 10:34 PM

    So why are Pres Trump and Attny Gen Barr giving out anything at all? They are not required to, and it will not help either of them in any way I can figure.... the Dems and the press will just make something evil out of it and go on harassing them - no point.

  • rodney burke

    04/05/2019 09:28 PM

    Nadler is acting like his party symbol, a jackass. This guy CAN'T be rational. If he doesn't know what can and cannot be released, he has no business being chairman of anything. His irrational behavior shows in spades that dems are mentally ill. As for schiff, he has zero creds right now. he has proven his utter lack of character and moral values. he's a liar, cheat, fraud and likely a traitor. Dems won't have anything, all their arguments will be debunked in the first two or three days after the report comes out. This is what desperation looks like. they KNOW they are in deep trouble and there is no way out. This is all we will see. Desperation, and irrationality. I pray for the indictments and soon. We need to get ON with it. We NEED some empty chairs in congress, the courts and other places. Like maybe chicago and NYC? Some stark examples need to be made.

  • Harold Levi

    04/05/2019 08:34 PM

    Keep in mind that the Communists are two-faced. The Clinton's have been given a Free ride as have all of the other Communists. And, as has been noted many times, the Communists have absolutely no respect for anyone or anything including the law, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.

  • Michael Galloway

    04/05/2019 08:33 PM

    So when are the Republicans going to get out of their hiding places and actually do something about all the
    "evidence" against Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Comey, Lynch, Holder and the list goes on and on. Don't the Republicans
    realize that the American people, at least 63+ million who voted for Trump want to see justice for the crooked
    Democrats, the DNC, etc. So we hear all the time about all this evidence, yet almost nothing has happened. The Republicans
    don't have much time to wake up and start showing that they are the party who wants to see accountability and justice and
    not the party that just sweeps everything under the rug and gets away with it = Democrats!!!

  • Mike Horner

    04/05/2019 07:42 PM

    The only way to partially shut Nadler and the other crazy Lefties up is to release the un-redacted FISA information and initiate proceedings against Lynch, Comey, Hillary and even Obama, who is the real "Wizard" behind the curtain!

  • Lowell Bushart

    04/05/2019 06:07 PM

    Can you answer why the republicans are not fighting fire with fire? Start the same investigations into their people and actions. The evidence is there, its even in the Mueller report. But every one is setting on their hands. No one will answer the question. Will you? The people would like some answers..

  • Nancy West

    04/05/2019 05:46 PM

    I think all of the Democrats and demented. Shame on them!!!

  • Charlie Davenport

    04/05/2019 05:13 PM

    Thank you great governor, if it were not for you and some Fox folks we'd be left out in the cold. Can you believe some AL Republican women voted for the Democrat supposedly for abortion over one who was said to have chased women,. I pray that God forgives those voting for and passing laws in direct opposite of Gods laws. Keep praying for them Mike.

  • David Colonna

    04/05/2019 04:33 PM


  • Edward J Daigle

    04/05/2019 04:04 PM

    Here’s a great idea! Don’t release the report,and grab some popcorn, and watch the Dems heads spin around, and then explode.
    That would solve a lot of problems!

  • Charles Richard Morgan Jr.

    04/05/2019 03:32 PM

    All I can hope for is our God to dispense judgement upon all that did wrong in this scandalous infringement of justice.
    I wonder if any investigations will restore my faith in justice not being a two tire judgements, one for White Collor Politics or for one party in particular, to belive in the DOJ, FBI or any of the government intelligence department, I thought that all upheld justice, honor,dignity but I just do not see it now or any following to make it correct again.

  • Jerry Korba

    04/05/2019 02:20 PM

    Does being a dem short for dimwit mean you have to be a hipocrit part moron anti America corrupt dishonest and want to aspire to be a criminal person? I watched al sharpton last nite brainwash about 5 dems that are running for president in about 3minutes that tells me these candidates have the brain power of a billy goat. I could not trust these people to take out the paper and trash to let them run this county will be it’s down fall. It would be the end

  • Howard Hill

    04/05/2019 02:05 PM

    When Comey said the fbi was not recommending charges, he was engaged in misspeak. The fbi is a law enforcement agency, they cannot press charges, they gather information and then forward that information to the attorney general, who then decides to prosecute or not. Big difference there.

  • Klaus J Christoph

    04/05/2019 02:05 PM

    Democrats are not going insane, they already are, and have been for quite a while now. TDS is a serious illness that afflicted the Democrats since 2016, and there doesn't appear to be a cure.

  • Patricia B Russell

    04/05/2019 01:34 PM

    Is there any opinion or conclusion that is not based on a person's political preference anymore? It seems if you agree politically with someone you overlook their "sins" or "misdeeds" or breaking of laws? Truth is still truth.


    P.S. Thank you for your TV "ministry". You're not behind a pulpit, but you are reaching people. Thank you.