September 19, 2019

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Nobody knows you as well as the folks back home. If that’s true, then Democratic primary voters should pay heed to what those who know Kamala Harris and Bill DeBlasio best think of them. I already told you about a new poll showing Harris is trailing even “Free money” political neophyte Andrew Yang in California. Now comes a new poll that suggests New Yorkers know DeBlasio much too well to want him within 100 miles of the White House.

A poll of New York State Democrats by Siena College Research Institute found that support for DeBlasio to be the Party’s Presidential nominee is statistically zero. Technically, he has 0.278% support, since out of 359 people surveyed, only one picked him (did his wife somehow get into the sample group?) This same polling outfit made news back in June by announcing that President Trump had only a 34% approval rating in New York…but that was still five points higher than DeBlasio.


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Mike Huckabee

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Ilhan (Who's Your Daddy?) Omar

By Mike Huckabee

Those of you who have been keeping up with the accusations about the…let’s say “unusual”… marital history of Rep. Ilhan Omar may need to update your scorecards after this latest controversy. It involves a tweet that seemed to reveal Omar’s father was also the father of her ex-husband, which she denied, claiming that her dad just happens to coincidentally have a nickname that’s identical to her ex-husband’s family name and her quiet deleting of that tweet was also totally innocent and…well, just read it yourself if you’re interested. Describing it is starting to feel like describing the plot of a novel co-written by Tom Clancy and Jackie Collins.

For the record, I don’t usually comment on politicians’ private lives, unless they let their tawdry behavior infringe on their responsibilities to their office. In this case, the questions aren’t just about private behavior but serious allegations of fraud on tax forms and other government documents. The attempts by liberal media outlets to ignore this story are quite telling, especially when you imagine what the press reaction would be if the same allegations were made against a Republican Congress member. It would set off more alarm bells than the Chicago Fire.

Former aide to Comey writes book defending the indefensible

By Mike Huckabee

Josh Campbell, the former special assistant to then-FBI Director James Comey who is now on staff at (yes) CNN as a news analyst, has just released a new book, titled “CROSSFIRE HURRICANE: Inside Trump’s War on the FBI.

(Isn’t it downright weird that so many former Obama administration officials have jobs at CNN? I digress.)

Anyway, the title of this book seems highly ironic, in that the investigation dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane” could more accurately be described as the reverse: the FBI’s war on Donald Trump. According to Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller News Foundation, the book appears not to be intended as a critical tell-all but exactly what one would expect: a defense of Comey and the FBI. In fact, after CNN hired Campbell in February of 2018, an FBI flier touted his new job, saying that he was planning to use it to “defend the Bureau.” Even so, the book features an account of Comey’s Trump Tower meeting with the President-elect that, perhaps unwittingly, reinforces all the other evidence we have that his discussion of the Moscow-prostitutes story was part of a set-up.





Newsweek's deranged partisan idiocy

By Mike Huckabee

Russian collusion collapsed, along with most of the other overheated charges leveled at President Trump, but you have to give the media credit: they just keep trying to tar him with something, even when their cupboard full of scandal accusations is practically bare.  At least give Newsweek credit for creativity for its latest attempt at bringing down Trump.

Newsweek found a distant cousin of Trump’s in Scotland who doesn’t like him and was willing to badmouth him. She claims that once during a visit – and brace yourself for this – he stole some pancakes!  But wait, it gets worse.  She said he visited when she was making pancakes, and “he put a few pancakes in [his] pocket and never said ‘cheerio’ or anything.”

He not only took a few pancakes, he didn’t even say “Cheerio!”  Did he also put some Cheerios in his pocket?  Because if he did, someone alert Jerry Nadler, I think we’ve finally found an impeachable offense!  (To paraphrase Homer Simpson: “Mmmm…Cheerios and peaches!”)  

Attention, New York Times: Gaze upon Newsweek's deranged partisan idiocy and see where you’re heading. It’s not for nothing that Newsweek magazine (not an individual issue, but the entire company) once sold for one dollar. As it currently stands, I wouldn’t even give you a pancake for it.

PS – Even without their blatant and embarrassingly incompetent attempts to destroy President Trump and slander Justice Kavanaugh, it might be too late for a salvage attempt on the New York Times’ reputation. Take a look at what they’re running when they’re not acting as the DNC’s propaganda arm:



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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

At this writing, we’re still waiting for the final results of Israel’s elections.  But I am very concerned that Israeli voters appear to have created a deadlock in the Assembly, denying Benjamin Netanyahu a clear majority at a time when Iran’s aggression is rising and Israel needs his strong leadership more than ever. I hope he’s able to form a coalition government that keeps Israel strong. 

I pray that Israelis don't make the fatal mistake so many nations are making these days, believing that because they enjoy prosperity and security paid for with the blood and sweat of previous generations that those conditions are now permanent and no longer need to be fiercely protected.  Complacency about your freedom and security is the surefire first step down the slippery slope to losing them.



Say, here’s a great idea: you know those “smart” gadgets you put in your home that we’ve recently learned are eavesdropping on you and recording your conversations and data for the benefit of leftist billionaires in Silicon Valley, who think conservatives should be silenced, doxed and punished for wrong-think?  Well, how about using one of those to start making political campaign donations?  What could go wrong, am I right?



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  • Joe Morrisco

    09/19/2019 12:05 PM

    The criminal referral of Comey, signalled to HIM that he was going to get away with IT. This prompted him to arrogantly ask for an apology for his role in trying to change the results of an election which, in his delusional mind, should have gone to the extortionist pay-for play expert, Hillary Clinton. That he will walk free is proof of two systems of law. The left-liberal-democrats and the rest of the country. We know the left-leaning-democrats have the loudest voices, the means to personally attack conservatives without threat of censure; they have no values, no morals; they continue their campaign of non stop smears they know are smears and lies and have no qualms spouting. Clifford Irving used Howard Hughes for his hoax because he THOUGHT Howard Hughes was too much of a recluse to retaliate. The miserable women at the NYT have just outright lied about Kavanaugh by saying he told them he would meet with them but they must say he didn't meet with them. This is the Howard Hughes model. They say whatever they want because there is a 99% chance he will not respond. Therefore, they can say whatever they want. They, like blasey-ford risk NOTHING with their lies. Instead of being ostracized, they will ALL be waiting for their "close up," Mr. deMille, as well as their GO FUND ME payoff. What a system we have.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921