The Deck was stacked

July 13, 2017 |

The FBI just released 42 pages out of nearly 400 pages of documents from their "investigation" of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Even though those 42 pages are heavily redacted, you can easily read between the black lines to figure out that the deck was stacked and the fix was in. The records show that career investigators who were trying to do their job were stonewalled by Clinton’s lawyers, their requests to see her devices and records were routinely ignored, and nobody in the Obama DOJ lifted a finger to make her cooperate. For instance, 13 mobile devices she might have used were never located, and three that actually were turned over to investigators had their SIM cards removed, which was like wiping them, and I don’t mean “with a cloth.”

For Clinton defenders who claim that the investigation cleared her of exposing classified data to America's enemies, all these pages make clear is that there was never really a serious investigation at all. So now that Democrats are suddenly so concerned about Russia-Russia-Russia, maybe we should relaunch the investigation for real.


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