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June 26, 2019

Courtesy of Instapundit’s Liz Shields, here’s the rundown for tonight's and tomorrow’s Democratic debates.  It’s estimated that even if the moderators keep the questions short (no way) and everyone gets equal time (way no way), each candidate will get at most 10 minutes to convince us that he/she/xe should be President:

Wednesday: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio; Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.); former HUD Secretary Julián Castro; former Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.); Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii); Gov. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.); Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.); former Rep. Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke (D-Texas); Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio); and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)

Thursday: Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.); former Vice President Joe Biden; South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.); Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.); former Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.); Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.); Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.); Marianne Williamson; and Andrew Yang.

And those are just the ones who qualified!  If you want to hear anyone with common sense, you’ll have to support Ami Horowitz’s bid to get onto the stage:

In a column for Fox News, former DNC chair Donna Brazile says she sometimes thinks of the debates the way I do, as a reality show like “The Bachelor.”  She doesn’t mention this, but after the 2016 Democratic primaries, she above all people should know that in some reality shows, one side gets to see the questions and the winner has already been pre-selected. But Ms Brazile also makes the valid point that voters should watch these debates and think of them as a job interview where we are trying to choose our nation’s CEO.

I agree.  And if you were choosing a CEO to run your business, here are some of the most basic interview questions you might ask:

Have you ever had any chief executive experience?  Can you give me three examples of major projects or companies you successfully managed?  Describe in your own words what you think the duties and goals of this job are.  What are your three biggest accomplishments?  

I could go on, but if they just asked those questions of the current gaggle of Democratic contenders, I think the evening would be over early.  We’d decide to stick with the CEO we have now, although some of these applicants might be offered jobs in the mail room.



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Project Veritas’ latest bombshell video of a top Google executive talking about the steps they’re taking to prevent another Trump in 2020 has already sparked a grilling in a Senate hearing.  Sen. Ted Cruz became visibly angered and frustrated by a Google executive who claimed not to know about that story (that would have been a good place to remind her of the perjury laws).  She rather snarkily replied that she had a “day job” and was too busy.  Cruz snapped, "Well, I'm sorry this hearing is infringing on your day job."

It sounds as if some people at Google believe they are now too big and important even to have to answer to the US Senate, a delusion they need to be disabused of immediately.

Meanwhile, the Google executive who inadvertently let the bias cat out of the bag is claiming she was misrepresented or tricked by Project Veritas (she’s the real victim here!!) while simultaneously going into hiding and shutting down access to her media accounts – which sounds like exactly what you’d expect from someone at Google if you heard the Project Veritas video.  You also won’t be surprised by this almost hilarious irony: YouTube (owned by Google) has removed the Project Veritas video that accuses Google of censoring speech it doesn’t like.

But Google can’t control all the information: on Tuesday, Project Veritas released another revelation.  It’s a leaked internal document showing emails between Google employees allegedly referring to mainstream conservative voices Prager University, Jordan Peterson and Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro as “Nazis using the dog whistles.”  More at the link.

I usually don’t quote anonymous comments from social media sites because the sources can’t be vetted, but this one from the Daily Wire story’s comment board is so provocative, it’s worth reading and thinking about:

“I'm a software engineer who's worked in the industry for over twenty years. It has become a requirement, at least for the 'internet startup' model, for the owners to be hard-core leftists. They go way out of their way to hire leftists. They obsessively evangelize the leftist ideology internally and externally. In reality, they are close minded, hypocritical, self righteous, self important, ignorant, bullying, deluded, mean people who care nothing about anyone who is not a leftist believer. This is a fact. What is going on at Google is the norm. It is condoned. Don't kid yourself. These people have no respect for you.”



Finally, something else to think about as you watch the Democratic debates:  At the link, Charlie Kirk details what putting any of these Democrats into the White House would mean for you, your family and America.  It’s not a pretty sight, and bear in mind, this isn’t fearmongering.  It’s based on what they’ve done in the past and already told us they would do if elected. Read this and you might start lining up tomorrow to reelect Trump.

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  • Michael Galloway

    06/27/2019 10:18 PM

    I struggled to watch some of the two night Democrat debates. I couldn't watch to the end either night. Sickening that all of them are on the same page, they want open borders, socialism, bash Trump, blame Trump and all present their ideology without any explanation of how any of their social programs and free college will be paid for. They want universal health care, but again no explanation of how it will be paid for other than maybe taxing the 1% wealthy segment of America. Get real, if any of them got elected to the White House (God forbid) it will be the common middle class American worker who will be so burdened with more taxes to pay for all the "freebies". These candidates, any of them, if they got elected in 2020, will literally destroy the America we have. Our hope for this nation not being "fundamentally transformed" into a socialist country is to vote for Trump and not vote for any Democrat at any election level anywhere in this country.
    And in all of this once again "are there not enough Republicans to stand up against this Democrat agenda to destroy our country? !!!! WE THE PEOPLE are tired of this and though we may not be looking just solely for the Republicans to take a stand, it sure would be nice to see them have some spine and intestinal fortitude, instead of letting Democrats run rough shod over them daily !!!!

  • Tony Weaver

    06/27/2019 06:37 PM

    Leave AOC alone. She is the best thing we have going

    Thanks for your daily emails
    Grace Grace

  • carolyn dupre

    06/27/2019 05:07 PM

    I’ve switched from Google to Duck Duck Go. Do you know if they are legitimate?

  • Helen Sustachek

    06/27/2019 12:22 PM

    I haven't heard anyone connecting the Samantha Power in the news now with the same spokesperson after Benghazi. Is it Hillary or Obama using her? Or is it both? I probably missed that someone already made the connection.

  • Ralph Bailes

    06/26/2019 10:46 PM

    Keep on with your excellent analysis of current political topics.

  • Charlotte Brees

    06/26/2019 10:35 PM

    In my previous comment, I meant the Meet the Press interview was Sunday, not Wednesday. I wonder how that changed.

  • Joe Jones

    06/26/2019 09:57 PM

    I read them.


    06/26/2019 09:24 PM

    Cannot buy "computers" compatible with what I already own ! CD player no longer available with PC ! Programs can no longer be "bought" or "owned" - now "monthly subscriptions" only. Are "big Tech" planning on shutting down the Internet …......… take over the US …...and install their DICATATOR. Have owned a PC since 1980 - spouse went to work in "computers" in 1960 …….

  • Janice Piatt

    06/26/2019 09:14 PM

    Reading this evening's news, I am constantly asking myself, "Why do the Dems hate America and what are they trying to accomplish?" All of a sudden the answer came to me! It's demonic influence and they are trying to bring in the Antichrist! As crazy as they are, it has to be just a part of the spiritual warfare we are all involved in. Our only hope is God! Pray without ceasing!

  • Paula

    06/26/2019 08:41 PM

    There will be no substance in these debates. Everyone will also going to try to say whatever fits the group of voters that are the majority in the Dem party. If the candidate may not actually believe what they say. However, they will be chastised if they think for themselves. It will probably actually be funny.
    Google and FB knows what is going on and have great control. It is too bad we do not start a FB style site for conservatives and a different search engine to choose other than forced to use Google. Even Safari takes me to Google. These people who control Google and FB have too much control and can spy on us.

  • Debby Ostberg

    06/26/2019 08:36 PM

    I cannot even imagine if a Dem is elected. The USofA will not exist as a sovereign nation b/c of open borders. We will all be taxed till we bleed dry. Christians will be persecuted like never before. Abortions will become the norm in the name of self. Scary picture for sure. Vote Trump for any hope...

  • Cynthia D Pandolfo

    06/26/2019 08:26 PM

    I read them all! Thanks!

  • Gary Stephen Novotny

    06/26/2019 08:08 PM

    Honestly, I don't plan on watching the Democratic debates.

  • Roland Revis

    06/26/2019 07:48 PM

    Mike, please tell John Bozeman to resign immediately. He never says anything to help Trumps agenda and twice he voted for himself a raise ($12000 and $9000) in the CRs that the Senate accepted and passed on it. He is as useless as "tits on a bore hog"! Also for Gods sake lets get the name of the Little Rock Airport changed back to something decent - the Clintons are the most corrupt people in history!


    06/26/2019 07:34 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I take from the title of your column today that you have received requests for shorter columns?

    Most of us, I am sure, rely on you for what is worth knowing, and often what would not otherwise be public knowledge or perception.

    At the end of the day, I find it brings a measure of peace to "catch up", after all the inane encounters of a day. Something must add up, somewhere -- and, your do just that -- with judicious purview & humor.

    Thank you.

  • william fuhrer

    06/26/2019 07:12 PM

    Which candidate is going to offer everyone to get them in the college or university of their choice

  • Jean Yost

    06/26/2019 07:06 PM

    Not only is Shapiro an Orthodox Jew, he is a Never Trumper. His hatred of Trump is beyond the pale. He shows it constantly in his tweets. He may have some fooled but many seem to know. I have done a lot of research on him...

  • Darlene F. Donston

    06/26/2019 06:52 PM

    We will not be watching any of those Debates! I can't stand to look at any of them and NONE are qualified to be President anyway, so why waste our time! Hopefully Tucker and Hannity will be on! lol

  • Stephen Russell

    06/26/2019 05:56 PM

    Use for fodder for campaign.
    Tweet Zero post debate.
    Use for comedy & bar jokes afterwards.
    Let the Dems BE Fools

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    06/26/2019 05:52 PM

    When things got bad enough in WWII, a spontaneous resistance sprung up in many of the countries occupied by the Nazis. The word "sabotage" comes from the French "sabot", the traditional wooden shoes worn in parts of France, as workers would drop a sabot into machinery in plants producing war materiel, to shut it down. Is there no one at Google, Facebook, or the other left-wing social media giants with the courage to put a cyber sabot into Google's machinery? Surely the Nazis running Silocon Valley are as worthy of sabotage as their role model, Adolf Hitler.