September 12, 2018


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Today's Commentary --- Newly obtained Strzok-Page texts reveal "media leak strategy with DOJ -- REMINDER: Hurricane Florence -- Mike Rogers: It was fake news -- Excellent column -- Tax Cut 2.0 -- Blame -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


It’s the afternoon of 9/11 as I write this, and it’s been a day of tolling bells and remembrance. But as we remember all the sacrifice and bravery and the threat posed to our nation from the outside, we also see more indications of the threat posed from within, and it would be unfortunate to let those pass today without remark.

In just one example (the anonymous New York Times op-ed is another one; more on that soon), the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has obtained more text messages exchanged by former FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok and "office girlfriend" Lisa Page, who at that time was legal assistant to deputy FBI Director Andrew “Andy’s office” McCabe (whom the DOJ announced last week is currently under grand jury investigation for lying to investigators and leaking to the media). As revealing as the earlier texts were, these add even more to the narrative and help firm up the timeline regarding government leaks of unverified information involving made-up Trump/Russia connections, specifically the warrants to spy on Carter Page, who served briefly on the campaign as a foreign policy adviser. These texts show that Lisa Page was involved in surreptitiously getting word out to the media, with Strzok patting her on the back and saying, in effect, “You go, girl!”



Mike Huckabee


REMINDER: Hurricane Florence

By Mike Huckabee

If you live on the East Coast, don’t wait until the last minute to brace your home or go to the store when there’s nothing left on the shelves. If you’re advised to evacuate, do it: don’t try to “ride it out,” and for Heaven’s sake, don’t leave any animals behind to ride it out! And if you take precautions and brace for the worst, and the storm takes a turn and doesn’t hit you, don’t complain about the wasted time and effort, or the unreliable weather forecasters. Just thank God for answering prayers.


Mike Rogers:  It was fake news

By Mike Huckabee

Speaking of “fake news,” here’s a correction to a story that’s been floating around for about 18 months.  Back in March, 2017, the Washington Post, citing its fabled anonymous “current and former officials,” claimed that President Trump asked since-retired NSA Director Mike Rogers to publicly deny any collusion between his campaign and Russia.  Tuesday, Rogers made his first public appearance since retiring, at a panel discussion at George Mason University, and moderator Nicole Wallace of MSNBC asked about the Post’s claim.

Rogers replied, “I was never asked that.”  When pressed on whether Mike Pence or some other official had asked him to deny Russian collusion, Rogers reiterated, “I was never asked that.” He said he never had any conversations about collusion with Trump or Pence, adding, “I’ve never been directed to do anything.”

When asked why he hadn’t said anything until now, Rogers said he’d never have gotten anything accomplished if he spent all his time correcting every erroneous press report.

That certainly has the ring of truth to me!  You wouldn’t believe how much time I spend correcting erroneous press reports for you folks, and trust me, I don’t even get around to a third of them!


Excellent column

By Mike Huckabee

Excellent column by Noemie Emery on how the Democrats’ long history of always putting political advantage over patriotism, professionalism and basic decency gradually created a system for confirming Supreme Court Justices that bit them on the behind. They now rail impotently against Brett Kavanaugh, having cried wolf so many times over so many nominees that nobody takes their fevered objections seriously anymore; and they have no other weapons in their arsenal because they stripped away all the powers of the minority when they were in the majority, thinking their reign of power would never end.     

It’s yet another thing to bear in mind in November when the Democrats ask you to put them in charge of America’s future once again: they are incapable of thinking about long term consequences and preparing for the future.


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Tax Cut 2.0

By Mike Huckabee

When the Republicans passed the tax cut bill, Democrats said a lot of hysterical things, like that it was going to kill millions of Americans.  One of their few objections that actually had a whiff of legitimacy was the complaint that the corporate tax cuts were permanent, while the individual tax cuts had an expiration date of 2025. The Democrats were right to point that out, even though the bill’s sponsors noted that it had to be done that way to get past the Senate.

Well, with the election just a couple of months away, House Republicans are working on a “Tax Cut 2.0” bill that would make the lower individual rates permanent (in truth, there’s no such thing as a “permanent” tax cut, since no Congress can impose permanent tax rates on future Congresses; but they can remove the specific date for the rates to go back up.)

You’ll find more details at the link.  Since this tax cut bill would fix the complaint that Democrats claimed they had with the last tax cut – that the individual tax cuts weren’t “permanent” – then I assume it will attract massive Democratic support and pass the House unanimously. 

And if you believe that, I have some prime ocean-front property in Little Rock that I’d love to sell you.



By Mike Huckabee

Thank God that nobody was seriously injured Sunday afternoon at the Castro Valley Fall Festival in Northern California when a man shouting curses about President Trump allegedly tried to stab Republican Congressional candidate Rudy Peters with a switchblade knife.  Luckily, the knife malfunctioned and failed to open, and Peters, a Navy veteran, was able to fend off the attacker using a campaign sign as a shield.  The attacker fled the scene.  Police later arrested Farzad Fazeli on charges of felony assault, criminal threats, brandishing a weapon and possession of a switchblade.

I guess if I were a liberal, I would blame this attack on the switchblade.  Being a conservative, I blame it on Fazeli and the malfunctioning switches in his head.  It’s tempting to blame it on leftist politicians and media figures, who have been making false accusations and ginning up anger and violence against Republicans for nearly two years, and who continue to do so even after the shooting at the Family Research Council office, the near-fatal shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and the aggressive badgering of Republicans, including my daughter and her family, in public places. 

Admittedly, it would be easy to blame their evil behavior on those encouraging it, such as Rep. Maxine Waters – who now claims she was not threatening Trump voters and staffers when she called on people to confront them in public, jokingly adding (because she apparently thinks that encouraging violence is a joke), “I did not threaten (Trump's) constituents and supporters. I do that all the time, but I didn't do that that time."  Ha-ha!

It’s interesting how easily Waters’ media defenders brush off her open calls for violence, while crying that when Trump encourages supporters to boo “fake news” at rallies, he’s fomenting physical assaults on reporters and attacking democracy itself.

But again, as a conservative defender of free speech, I refuse to blame one person’s behavior on another’s sick and irresponsible rhetoric.  But I do blame the people spouting the sick and irresponsible rhetoric for being sick and irresponsible.  And I blame anyone who would actually vote to keep them in a position of power for enabling their reprehensible rhetoric. I’m sure Fazeli will end up getting his head examined.  Anyone contemplating voting to put people like Maxine Waters back into the leadership roles of Congress might want to consider a similar course of action. 


Evening Edition - September 11

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ."

- Galatians 3:26-27

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  • Chris and Roberta Shivers

    09/12/2018 09:47 PM

    There are three things liberals (democrats) can't stand; honesty, integrity and testosterone! They lack all three and that is why they hate President Trump. It scares the hell out of them and they don't know how to deal with it!

    Keep up the good work and we really like your new show!