Facebook is a utility!

April 12, 2018 |

A message from Mike Huckabee: Has Facebook become the nation's new "utility" and thus subject to the kind of regulation we have for other other utilities? Jerry Woods is a retired pastor in Tennessee who has been a friend of mine for 43 years. He wrote this and I thought his view was insightful and wanted you to read it and tell me what YOU think "has Facebook become a public utility?"



We started out as on oral tradition, stone, papyrus, paper, books, printing press, a Rosen string tying two tin cans together. Then we got the wind up ring phones.

Then we got the dial phones.

Then we got the digital phones, wireless phones, cell phones!

All the hardware phones were designed for communication and were most enjoyable when they transmitted many voices into every home as a utility.

Facebook is software that has evolved from hardware to replace the phones for communication. Where the phones went into every home to

every home, Facebook Software goes on every PC, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, laptop, that allows the software to be installed upon it.

Facebook should be treated as a utility because it is a utility.

Free Speech is a God Given Right given to every person.

No one has the right to deny us Free Speech, but they are not guaranteed an audience.

Anyone providing a utility to transmit communication does not have the right to forbid my Free Speech.

That's my world view!

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  • S. Mark Huber

    04/13/2018 12:12 AM

    They also do not have a right to construct, control, limit, forbid or denie, my audience either.

  • Jerry D. Woods

    04/12/2018 11:14 PM

    Thanks, Mike ! Wow ! I always enjoy reading over your newsletters!
    I find it really amazing to read Mike Huckabee's Newsletter and come across a word from myself !
    That was very generous and thoughtful of you to use my words !
    Give my best to Janet !