Evening Edition - October 21

October 21, 2020 |


Tomorrow is the final Presidential debate. The Debate Commission made another rule change without the candidates’ consent, this time deciding to mute each man's microphone while the other one is talking to prevent any interruptions. Otherwise, an actual debate might break out, rather than two concurrent press conferences.

You can imagine how happy President Trump is about this, but I think the Commissioners have forgotten that not since Harpo Marx has any public figure been able to express so much with facial expressions. If they don’t want us to know what Trump is really thinking about Joe Biden, they’ll not only have to mute his mic, they’ll have to put a big blue dot over his face.

Helpful Debate Tip For Trump: There’s been criticism about Trump’s habit of giving opponents nicknames, like “Crooked Hillary” and “Sleepy Joe.” As spot-on as they are, some complain that it’s juvenile and not reflective of the dignity of his office. So one of my writers had a suggestion for a new Trump nickname for Biden: “King Leer.”

For the average person, it just brings to mind some of his creepier behavior around women. But for those up on their Shakespeare, it’s a reference to King Lear, who was getting dotty in his old age and let his power be taken away by some scheming women who wanted to run the kingdom themselves.

This would also give Trump the opportunity to nickname AOL or Kamala after Lear’s two-faced daughter, Regan. Just imagine how much they’d hate being called “Regan!”


Latest consequences of trying to censor free speech: a Tea Party group has filed an FEC complaint against Twitter for using its platform to make a massive, illegal in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign by trying to squash the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

For the record: it’s not just the attempts to silence that story, or all the clampdowns on other conservative users and websites. Even the Trump campaign’s Twitter account has been censored 65 times by Twitter. The Biden campaign: zero times.

But then, we all know that Joe “multiple degree holder who entered the race when he heard Trump say there were ‘fine people’ among neo-Nazis” Biden never spreads misinformation. Except on Monday, when his campaign page tweeted him saying that as President, he "would work every day" for America. The Trump campaign tweeted back a reminder that he's currently taking four days off.


Despite some failed procedural tactics by Chuck Schumer to block it, the final vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court has been set for next Monday, October 26th. I love this description of the process from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

“I think that will be another signature accomplishment in our effort to put on the courts, the federal courts, men and women who believe in the quaint notion that maybe the job of a judge is to actually follow the law.”

In answer to all the howling from the left about how the Republicans “rushed through” Barrett’s confirmation, Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham pointed out, “More than half of the Supreme Court justices who have had hearings were done within 16 days or less.”

Barrett’s critics who think this was rushed are forgetting that confirming a Justice who’s already been vetted before by the Senate for the federal court shouldn’t really take that long. It only takes a long time if you allow it to become a circus and then you have to give the other side time to put up their tents and send in the clowns.

One reason the media seem to hate President Trump so much is that he’s learned how they play their game (it’s the same game of “Gotcha” every time, so the rules aren’t hard to figure out) and he refuses to sit still and get gotten by them. For example, he granted CBS’ Lesley Stahl an interview at the White House for “60 Minutes.” Some might say this was a foolhardy decision since surely “60 Minutes” would edit the interview to make him look bad right on the eve of the election.

They’re already trying to make him sound unhinged by claiming he abruptly ended the interview and walked out, when the White House says he’d spent 45 minutes talking with her and they’d gone over the allotted time.

Fortunately, we’ll find out what happened because Trump took the precaution of setting up cameras to record his own copy of the interview, and he’s threatening to publicly release it complete and uncut before “60 Minutes” airs. This is a very wise policy, and one that other Republicans started following whenever “The Daily Show” requested interviews. They learned that the footage would be misleadingly edited to make them look dumb or at a loss for words when they’d actually given perfectly good answers. So they kept a copy of the raw footage to prove what really happened.

This is why you no longer see so many of those "funny" interviews on “The Daily Show” anymore (or anything funny, for that matter), and it was a smart tactic to prevent “60 Minutes” from trying any funny business, either.


This isn’t a humorous story, just one I want to make sure you didn’t miss. It’s the new study from the Hoover Institution assessing the effects on the economy and the average American’s taxes, job and paycheck if Joe Biden’s economic plan is implemented.

Warning: it’s not a pleasant picture of your future or America’s. This is why rapper 50 Cent endorsed Trump after seeing what Biden’s taxes would do to him. He said, “I don’t want to be 20 Cent.”


Jeremy Bash, former CIA chief of staff, said this on MSNBC, where he is their national security analyst, about the Hunter Biden story: “This walks like a Russian intelligence disinformation campaign, and it talks like a Russian intelligence disinformation campaign –- this IS most likely a Russian disinformation campaign against the Biden team.”

This remark, to put it as nicely as we can, is a giant steaming load. There is no evidence that this is disinformation, or even Russian. Since it’s so obvious at this point that the laptop is the real deal, we wondered how much of a political agenda this “former CIA chief of staff” might have, so we looked up his bio. Bash was chief of staff at the Defense Department and also at the CIA, both under Obama. In both jobs, he was senior adviser to Leon Panetta. He’s currently a managing director at Beacon Global Strategies LLC, which he founded with partners Phillippe Reines and Andrew Shapiro.

Reines, we already knew, is a Democrat political consultant and operative, viciously anti-Trump, who was senior adviser to Hillary Clinton when she became Secretary of State and later headed her “strategic communications.” He was with her campaign in 2016 and even played Trump during her debate prep. Here he is.

Hillary Clinton Gatekeeper Phillipe Reines Under Fire for Crude Joke About Donald Trump Jr's Wife

Bash’s other partner, Andrew Shapiro, served as national security adviser to Hillary when she was at the State Department. His Democrat Party “cred” dates back at least as far as the 2000 Gore campaign, and he “served as an attorney with the Gore/Lieberman Recount Committee during the post-election litigation in Florida.”

Bash goes way back with the Democrat Party as well. Like Shapiro, he was there for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential run, serving as Gore’s national security issues director. (He also used to be married to CNN’s Dana Bash.) His world is steeped in partisanship.

Moral: when you see someone identified on the TV screen as something like “FORMER CIA CHIEF OF STAFF” OR “NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST,” keep in mind that it doesn’t mean the person is there as an objective analyst. Especially if it’s CNN or MSNBC, he’s almost certainly there in the role of political hack, and what he’s saying is indeed a giant, steaming load.

It walks like a giant, steaming load...it talks like a giant, steaming load...it IS absolutely a giant, steaming load.


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  • Jim Cochrane

    10/23/2020 02:47 PM

    More questions than comments. Didn’t Rudy Giuliani have a copy of the laptop before the FBI? Why did he sit on it during the impeachment process? Also weren’t there several politicians’ kids that worked in Ukraine? How big is this thing?

  • Dusty

    10/22/2020 10:39 PM

    WOW! Now we get the Biden and son Hunter scam a little late WHY? The FBI had the computer was anything ever said to the President? Doubt it? So we get the FBI now say Russia and Iran are out to interfere golly gee whiz we have heard this how many times? What about now we have a few BIG TECh keeping out Conservative viewpoints so what next? Russia is small and No doubt they want Biden not TRUMP to help out China? If Biden wins all of this goes out the door just like the mess of Hillary and her computers and that she even had the ability to do what she did in her own home for so long HOW and WHY. Everyone looked the other way. WHY Gov. Glenn Beck months ago had two specials on Ukraine and what Biden and son and many other political American and Ukraine did to take down Pres Trump. No one not even Fox bothered to ck this out and not many of the Republicans either. so now we may have this man Biden as our President how wonderful. Then even if he had to step down we get Harris even worse. Now even Hunters own business partner comes out and claims what was done in China was big money for all? Why we do not hear Chinese Virus from The Democrats who scammed up many years ago sending our good jobs overseas. Now they try to say oh we will bring back jobs go to H###. Wake up VOTERS and see what has happened in this country and those who try to make us the PUPPETS? Using race to divide us for the past few years a cover up. I saw a series and all white black whatever see this The Wire on 5 yr of how Baltimore this area fell apart and why? See the politics of what went down. The actors most black were on a talk show after the series ended and said what was in the show was dramatic but the story of how that area was destroyed for years the drugs, the killings , no jobs, the schools way below standard. Done super well so see a good show but also learn what has happened to many blacks and those who control you? WHY? NOw even more and the lies and deceit. Gov. not much more to say per oh well too late to find out now on Biden as he tries to smile and act like he cares so phony. Pray.

  • Gaye Harris

    10/22/2020 02:41 PM


  • James Suttles

    10/22/2020 01:23 PM

    Now, I think I have figured out the Dem's plan from the start! They had no viable candidate from the 2 dozen or so Dem nuts and Sleepy Joe was thrust into the nomination in South Carolina. The DNC did not know what to do. Along about the same time frame, the video of Joe threatening to withhold the ton of money from Ukraine if his orders to fire the one investigating his son Hunter, was not carried out. Now, it seems that Hunters laptop showed up during the Trump, so called, impeachment and was in the FBI's hands. The Dems knew this was dynamite waiting to explode so they hatched up a plan to have Joe fake his tendency to be senile and hide him from any questions that would blow the dynamite! Now, the big question is: will it blow up tonight in this last debate? Or will this too be sweep under the rug and the Socialist Democrats succeed in completing their 4 year "Blue Coup" of the best President in my lifetime. If so, God help us, for we are in for the Great American collapse.
    We should never judge a book by it's cover! Two Books. One with Trump on the cover, and the other with Biden on the cover. People need to open both and read the plan (Platform) behind each man! Not spoken words, but the plans of each in writing!!!
    Want your radically increased tax dollars to pay Planed Parenthood to murder our helpless little ones before their first breath? Shut down the country and bring on a depression? NOT ME!

  • Germaine Amato

    10/22/2020 11:53 AM

    I want to donate to your PAC fund. Please advise how to go about it?

  • Diana M Talmadge

    10/22/2020 09:19 AM

    Another biased, unfair, skewed debate in favor of dementia ravaged Joe Biden. President Trump will not be heard and "Crazy Uncle Joe" will be reading his monitor and responding to his ear implants.

  • Linda Olds

    10/22/2020 09:07 AM

    It should be obvious to anyone who is not afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome that any time bad news comes out about Biden or any Democrat, the mainstream media immediately tries to cover it up by making up bad news about the conservative who is trying to get the truth out.

  • Jerrie Z

    10/22/2020 08:19 AM

    I would like to know how these people get away with all of this lying and making someone look bad when that is breaking the law. Doesn't the 'people' have civil servants who stand up for us to put these people in jail? Please explain. That's like all of those terrorists tearing up Portland, who do the innocent citizens have as a voice to protect them from harm. That's like individuals who tell people to 'vote' the bible. Do you know that the majority of your Christians do not know what you are talking about? Excuse me, but we have a very unknowledgeable society. They do not know probably, where they even live! It's sad. What do you do to educate these people? It is so scarey!


    10/22/2020 07:57 AM

    It is always a pleasure to watch or read your commentary. Your humor and common sense are the best. Thanks!

  • Clara Herrin

    10/22/2020 07:47 AM

    Thanks for the LOL. First, you drum home the statement, "...giant, steaming load." Then you follow it up with a quote from the Bible. WOW!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Weaver

    10/22/2020 06:03 AM

    This way Biden can cheat in so many ways. this won't be a debate it will be give Biden all the advantages. not a fair debate at all.

  • Renee Kendrick

    10/22/2020 02:48 AM

    The evidence on the Bidens is mounting up quickly. The thing that irks me about the MSM, other than hiding Biden truth, is their demeaning attempts to down the president.

    They have yet to produce copies of his tax returns showing he paid only $750 in PIT for 2016 and 2017. Nor have they produced information regarding the president's China bank account.

    The media needs to realize that the burden of proof is on them. If they are going to report such, they need to have the documents or other information to back up their stories. Otherwise, they are hearsay and heresy, better known as FAKE NEWS!

  • Rheta Russell

    10/22/2020 01:24 AM

    I'm fed up with the so called "moderators" bluntly being so biased towards Harris/Biden ticket. Not only will they be muted but today they announced there would be no reference to the Biden Crime Family. Have we lost all concept of free speech? It seems so & this is a perfect example. I am praying hard that voters will wake up and realize our freedoms, Constitution & Bill of Rights are in great danger if they vote for the Demos ticket. Now, we learn that the FBI may have been money laundering & Tied in some way to Bidens. It's pretty bad when your own Brother will tell the truth about the lying Bidens. I am hoping President Trump really will clean house once he is re-elected. People already know from what has gone on with the FBI, CIA, Clintons, O'Bama, et al, should go straight to prison. GW Bush has been a real disappointment. Maybe Trump should use sign language while crooked Biden is speaking, LOL!

  • Kelly Lunsford

    10/21/2020 11:45 PM

    I'd bet money Biden will cancel the debate.

  • Floyd Unger

    10/21/2020 11:20 PM

    Thank you

  • Nancy Culkin

    10/21/2020 10:41 PM

    Governor you are the only fact based writer who can write seriously disturbing news and make me laugh.I gotta say you
    are great. Keep up the great work.

  • Rodolfo Monteforte

    10/21/2020 10:04 PM

    Hello Governor Huckabee, I would like to suggest strongly since tomorrow is the last presidential debate, that President Trump follow in the footsteps of Vice President Mike Pence. He had for coach Pam Bondi and she did an excellent job preparing him for the debate with the arrogant Kamala. I am definitely hoping that President Trump will follow the same style of debate of Vice President Pence. His debate was excellent although I would have liked to add a few well placed additional lines she needed to hear....Please pass the message to the White House so as to NOT fall into the trap of being on the defensive he needs to lead like the leader that he truly is and show it to the WHOLE world with his blatant cool and well kept misdemeanor he CAN RULE and show everyone that he can keep his cool and still DELIVER the whole message. All the LEFT will cry and that is his VINDICATION for what they have put him threw and still are!! PLEASE pass this message to The White House,Regards, Thank you, Rodolfo

  • Toni

    10/21/2020 09:59 PM

    They will not only put a blue dot over his face, they will probably mute his answers. Never, in my lifetime, have I so distrusted the Federal Government. There are more crooks in high level positions than we could have ever imagined. I so appreciate President Trump for showing the American citizens just how corrupt our government really is. No wonder they hate him—he is ruining their playhouse.

  • Timothy Mika

    10/21/2020 09:36 PM

    I have thought of a short prayer to say for Trump in tomorrow's debate:
    Oh Dear Lord of All Nations-
    Please allow Donald Trump to:
    expound with the wisdom of Solomon,
    Express with the poetry of David,
    and to
    Command with the power of Moses!

  • Mary Gentry

    10/21/2020 09:09 PM

    Please Governor, don't give the debate yoyos any bright ideas. I don't want to see a giant blue(!) dot over President Trump's face.

  • Giovanni Catanese

    10/21/2020 08:58 PM

    As previously stated on an earlier message, it's time to ban the debate/election commission. In this time and age there is no valid need to have biased commissions and moderator to pre-determine the outcome of a debate by the choice of questions asked to one candidate and not the other. The best way to do it in the future is to have the two candidates on the same stage w/o moderator in a neutral place and allow them to talk directly to the American people and for both two candidate to spar and convince the vote with their own planned policies and NOT personal attacks, lies, or plain rhetorical nonsense, as Biden has done up to now. He talks but says nothing of substance. Hope that tomorrow the president does ask all the questions the biased media and previous moderators did not have the guts to ask. The president must place Biden on the spot and force him to reveal the Democratic plan for America once and for all... and not after the election! Governor, you rock! I appreciate your stand for America.

  • Terry Honnold

    10/21/2020 08:51 PM

    Keep up the faith and good work, HUCK! I am so proud of you and your family, especially with your objective analysis about our great America, how fragile our republic is and how we must strive to continue to sustain and improve our America, under God! Thank you for all your work, of which these news stories are just a small part (but I know take a LOT of intelligence, research, time and WORK)!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    10/21/2020 08:41 PM

    Mike there is an old truism that before GOD moves He gets His people praying. I haven't seen so much Prayer in a long time. GOD has something big in the wings.

  • James arnold

    10/21/2020 08:09 PM

    Is he House and Senate defining an assist going residence

  • Nellie Williams

    10/21/2020 07:57 PM

    Look your columns and your T.V. shows. Especially Huck's heros. I would love to nominate Cayces Charities. As you are from Ark. you may be familiar with Joannie Cayce. She is a liitle ball of dynamite that feeds and clothes all the poor people and nursing home patiets all around Thorton , Ark. She takes care and helps the schools. Her mother Sister Jo Ann Cayce wrote a book on their work.