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September 6, 2017 |


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Today's Commentary:  A landmark experiment in Arizona -- Congress needs to do their job -- Oz won't save you now Congress -- Cutting ties -- Genderless children's clothing  -- News Bits 


States are supposed to function as laboratories of ideas, and one landmark experiment is coming up in Arizona. The state government passed a bill allowing all Arizona students to apply for a school voucher program to attend the schools of their choice. However, opponents who claim it will suck too much money out of the public school system got up a petition to block it and put it up for a vote. So the voters will get to decide next year. (Note that this would still only affect a small percentage of students; it just expands the number who can apply. But it could be a first step toward expansion of vouchers. As Gorbachev learned, once you give the people a little freedom, they all start demanding more of it.)

It’s easy to assume that opposition to school vouchers is largely driven by teachers unions and their supporters who fear that Arizonans will flee the public school system in droves (they might want to spend as much time pondering why that is as they do circulating petitions to forcibly prevent it). But some home schoolers and private schools also oppose the measure because they fear the public money will come with lots of strings in the form of meddlesome regulations (which they are very wise to suspect and to want to avoid).

Read the details at the link and see where you would come down. The big question is, “Are the potential downsides of free choice in education really so heavy and unmanageable as to warrant the government not allowing citizens free choice in education?”



Mike Huckabee



Congress needs to do their job

By Mike Huckabee

Congress members reacted to the news that President Trump was dropping the DACA program back into their laps where it belongs like people going through the five stages of grief at having to do their job. First came denial (Trump can’t uncreate DACA, even though we’ve complained for years that Obama couldn’t create it!) And of course, plenty of anger. They now have six months to go through bargaining to craft an actual bill, depression at having to deal with the political consequences, and acceptance of the public verdict when they either pass it or fail to pass it. A few are already showing acceptance of reality, but they are few indeed.


Oz won't save you now Congress

By Mike Huckabee

Since it seems so hard for Congress members of either side to accept that the great and powerful Oz cannot save them from having to do their constitutional duty, I’ll try to put it in simple terms by channeling Glinda the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz”:

You may not realize it, based on your recent record, but you have always had the power within you to pass a bill. All it takes is at least as much courage as a cowardly lion, as much heart as a tin man, and the brains God gave a scarecrow. You have six months. Now stop name-calling and finger-pointing and get to work before Americans have to throw a bucket of cold water on you.


Cutting ties

By Mike Huckabee

One of the top conservative book publishers, Regnery, has cut ties with the New York Times Best-Seller List. This follows many complaints by conservative authors that the influential sales list shortchanges conservative book sales to make them appear less popular than liberal-leaning books. The Times denies that, but they won’t reveal the formula they use to calculate sales, so it’s hard to verify either way. The best solution for readers: Don’t let the fact that a book is #7 on the New Times sales list instead of #1 keep you from reading it.

Remember, back in 1969, a group of journalists at Newsday wrote a deliberately terrible hoax sex novel called “Naked Came The Stranger,” written as badly as they possibly could make it, and it spent 13 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List. And if you think that was a fluke: decades later, both “Fifty Shades of Grey” and its sequel hit #1.



Genderless children's clothing

By Mike Huckabee

The British department store John Lewis has become the first in the UK to remove gender labels from children’s clothing. The response is not positive. One of the few supportive comments came from an activist group campaigning for genderless children’s clothing (just as an aside, how empty does your life have to be for you to think that’s the cause most worthy of the lion’s and/or lioness’ share of your support?), which said, "A T-shirt should be just a T-shirt – not a T-shirt just for girls or just for boys.” That would seem a lot more reasonable if the store were just selling T-shirts and not unisex dresses. More common were complaints that the store is joining in a "dangerous social phenomenon" that confuses both parents and children by trying to convince them that there’s no difference between boys and girls.

This is a case where a lot of PC meddlers with college degrees could learn a lesson from children. If they really think there’s no difference between clothes for boys and girls, maybe they should ask a boy whose ultra-liberal parents sent him to school in a dress what the other kids had to say about that.


News Bits

The President’s spokesperson (who was obviously raised in a family where people read the Constitution) explains why he had to return it to Congress and the cynical manipulation of using personal attacks to stir up people’s emotions and fears as a fundraising tool.



Cher is calling on her fellow Hollywood liberal celebs to “save” DACA beneficiaries by giving them sanctuary in their mansions. I can’t wait to see how many takers she gets. And no, you’re not allowed to take them in just to do your domestic chores for below minimum wage.



Since when does “hurricane preparedness” involve revoking the Second Amendment?



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  • Amelia Little

    09/07/2017 09:03 AM

    I agree--Congress should get down to the business they were elected to do. Especially those with their faces in front of a camera at least once a week spouting their snowflakeness about serving under a President not of their choosing.

    Clothing--I'm sure there are those who would say that starting maybe in pre-school that teachers should set the example for parents to try to indoctrinate children to think there is no difference between the sexes.

  • Jean Linder

    09/06/2017 02:54 PM

    I agree with your assessment of the Democrats regarding DACA. The main reason Obama acted on the issue is because the useless Democrats, while in the majority in all three branches of government, failed to act on immigration reform. As in accordance with the Democrat philosophy, they take a paycheck, get government healthcare, free haircuts, at taxpayers' expense for doing no work. And they let the President act like a dictator, with no opposition, to appeal to their like-minded base of freeloaders. If workers in the private sector performed their jobs with that ineptitude, they would be fired!