July 20, 2020

Some churches in California are defying Gov. Gavin Newsom’s unconstitutional ban on holding services, even though they’re taking extreme precautions, more so than businesses allowed to stay open (taking temperatures at the door, passing out masks, offering an outdoor worship alternative, social distancing, 25% capacity, etc.)

More power to them. And this may hearten them in their fight: in Virginia, a pastor who was hit with criminal charges and threatened with up to a year in jail for holding services saw those charges dropped for no stated reason.

Maybe the reason is that out-of-control Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam realized how that case would go once it got in front of a judge and jury that had actually heard of the First Amendment. This is a case where the legal system, used for so long by leftists as a weapon against the people, is now protecting the people from power-mad leftists. And the church is still pressing its legal rights with the help of the Liberty Counsel, suing Northam for discrimination for raiding their church for having 16 people in a 250-seat church (six over the “crowd” limit) while he exempted other organizations and even encouraged and participated in mass anti-police/BLM protests.

The Trump DOJ has filed a statement of interest in the case on behalf of the church. I’ll also be very interested to see how this comes out, and if the churches in California decide to call up the Liberty Counsel, too.

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