June 6, 2018

On June 6th, 1944, 156,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches at Normandy. And so we officially mark today as the 74th anniversary of D-Day, the massive Allied invasion that turned back the Nazi sweep of Europe in World War II. But it was called “The Longest Day” for more reasons than one. This wasn’t the kind of battle that ends at sundown.

A 50-mile stretch of the French coast had been divided into five sectors that Allied commanders planned to take separately, and then join. But by the end of the first day, only two had been joined. It took six more days of intense fighting before the entire beach was unified under Allied control. And that was just the toehold to begin the long march across Europe.

There were at least 10,000 Allied casualties on D-Day, and tens of thousands more were wounded. Among those who survived, there are fewer each year who are still alive to tell the tale. One soldier who landed on Omaha Beach that day, James Gabaree of the 5th Ranger Battalion, said he and his fellow soldiers were young when they went over there, but they came back as old men, if they came back at all. I’ve walked on those beaches and stood at attention at the flag ceremony in the US cemetery in Normandy. Few moments have caused me to reflect more soberly on the sacrifice of those brave men than to see the thousands of graves lined up ever so neatly in the well-kept cemetery.

There was nothing neat or orderly on June 6, 1944. It was pure, deadly chaos. But despite a hail of gunfire coming at them, those brave soldiers kept coming off those boats and moving forward. They did their duty to liberate Europe from Hitler and his war machine. Looking back at age 91, D-Day veteran Jacob Cutler of Long Island told Newsday, with the humility typical of the Greatest Generation, “We were 19, 20, 21 years old, kids sent to war. But we did the job.”

Once the heroes of World War II are no longer here to tell their inspiring stories, it’s up to us to preserve them, to read them to our kids and pass them on to future generations. Americans must never forget their incredible courage and sacrifice in saving the world from one of the greatest evils mankind ever faced.

If you can’t make it all the way to France to pay your respects to the heroes of D-Day, then consider taking your family to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. You can learn more at


For all of us who knew “the fix was in” on Hillary and the investigation of her mishandling of classified emails and destruction of evidence, the anticipation of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report has been like waiting for Godot. (Spoiler alert if you don’t know the play: Godot never arrives.) Now, sources tell Sara A. Carter that our worst fears about this interminable delay may be well-founded, as the report now sits in the hands of the DOJ and FBI.

Now wait just a minute! Aren’t the DOJ and FBI the subjects of this report? Yes, they are. And the report is expected to be scathing. But they get to see it before we do, and no doubt they’ll do whatever they can to lessen its impact: edit, add notes, change wording, redact. Numerous sources tell Carter that everyone mentioned in the report gets to review it before it sees the light of day. The 400-page report (some say 500) is expected to be extremely thorough –- and it better be, considering how long this has taken. Work started almost a year and a half ago.

Although the report has been finished for several weeks, its release has been repeatedly delayed. (Unbelievably, sources told Carter that Horowitz originally delayed releasing it until former FBI Director James Comey’s book tour was over! But I’m thinking that maybe he wanted to find out what Comey was saying in interviews.) It’s not known how long the current review process is going to take. Gosh, it sure will be ironic if the report turns out to criticize the DOJ and FBI for stonewalling, slow-walking and heavily redacting documents, because that’s what they’re probably doing with it RIGHT NOW.

Won’t it be hilarious if it turns out they redacted the part about all the wrongful redacting they do? Of course, somebody would have to get it un-redacted for us to ever know they did that.

Now, who might that person be? Alleged Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the investigation into Trump’s campaign, but this IG report has nothing to do with that. It’s about the way Hillary’s use of a private server to conduct State Department was investigated --- or not --- by the DOJ and FBI. We already know that her “investigation” was handled very differently from most, so much so that I often feel compelled when discussing it to put quotation marks around the word “investigation.”

Anyway, there is no excuse for Sessions to retreat from this. He needs to take control of it and shine some light on it or be fired. This report concerns Hillary; it has nothing to do with the investigation of Trump, so if Trump fires Sessions over it, no one can say it’s obstruction. (Well, Chuck Schumer and everybody at MSNBC will call it obstruction, but it won’t be.)

So we wait. In the meantime, Congress is still conducting oversight hearings. Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are trying to get Andrew McCabe’s testimony, but he reportedly wants immunity first. (Please don’t give him that; subpoena him and make him plead the Fifth if necessary.) And Bill Priestap, head of the FBI’s counterintelligence division and Peter Strzok’s former boss, was reportedly very cooperative during a closed-door hearing with members of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.

According to a report in The Hill, Priestap was involved in changing the description of Hillary’s handling of classified emails from the potentially criminal “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.” He also reviewed and edited the comments James Comey made in July 2016 that he would not be recommending criminal charges against Hillary. It’s good that they got him on the record.

So progress is being made on some fronts, But we’ll have to start screaming for some heads if the IG report is allowed to languish in the very departments it threatens to expose.


At this writing, ballots in some of Tuesday’s primaries all around the nation are still being tallied (some might not be settled for days). But the big news is already in, and it’s not good for Democrats: voters in California will have a choice in the Governor’s race, after all.

In California’s “jungle primaries,” there is no party split. The top two votegetters become the candidates. Democrats had hoped their stranglehold on California would result in a Governor’s race between two liberal former mayors, Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa, leaving Californians a Hobson’s choice between the guy who screwed up San Francisco and the guy who screwed up L.A. Instead, they are reeling over the news that the second-place finisher was Trump-endorsed Republican businessman John Cox.

While the “smart money” (i.e., the same people who bet the farm on Hillary winning) says that Newsom is a shoe-in, Cox has no intention of coasting to a gentleman's loss. He immediately pivoted from thanking his supporters into attacking Newsom on his record of making San Francisco a filthy, homeless-besieged sanctuary for violent illegal alien criminals that nearly half the residents want to flee.

In other words, this is going to be a fun race to watch. Even if Cox can't win (which might actually be impossible for a Republican, considering how many working people and business owners have bugged out in recent years), his campaign is still to fire up the GOP base and give whoever is still there a reason to turn out. Since the Dems’ hopes of retaking the House are built on surfing to victory in California on a “blue wave” of lopsided leftist enthusiasm, having Cox on the ballot lead to a gnarly wipe-out. Bummer, dudes.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that due to the backlog of business caused by the Democrats’ lockstep obstructionism, he’s decided to cancel the August recess and make all Senators stay in DC and work instead of going home.

As fully justified as this is (how many of uscould refuse to do our high-paying jobs, then take a month’s vacation?), there is a political component to it. This November, 24 Democrats and 9 Republicans are up for reelection. The Republicans are mostly from safe conservative states, but many of the Democrats are from states won heavily by Trump. Now, those Democrats won’t be able to spend August campaigning back home.

Democrats are trying to put the best spin on this, claiming they’re overjoyed to spend August in DC (does anyone actually believe that claim from anybody?) so they can focus on health care and demand that Trump stay and work with them instead of going to Mar-A-Lago to play golf. I think they might be sorry they did that: I was on the campaign trail with Trump and saw him put in long days that left aides half his age panting like tired plow horses.

Democrats have built their entire image on “resisting” everything Trump does. Will they really work with him if he shows up? If so, that would mean actually compromising with Trump to get some things done that they’ve been obstructing. That could be even worse for them than not campaigning, since their base wants no compromise and is convinced Trump is worse than Satan, Hitler and a diesel Humvee with fur upholstery all rolled into one.

Of course, this could all be political theater. McConnell might hold skeleton sessions with only a few people in the chamber, or work for a week or so to make a point, then let everyone go home. But I’d suggest that McConnell make a list of must-pass issues and let the itching-to-amscray Senators know up front that until every one of those items gets checked off, they will be suffering through August humidity that makes waterboarding feel like a cool, dry breeze.

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In the first flush of news about the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Christian baker Jack Phillips who was persecuted by Colorado officials for declining to design a same-sex wedding cake, I noted that while it was great news for Phillips, it was not great news for the First Amendment right to freedom of religious expression. The majority wrote the ruling based entirely on the open hostility to Phillips’ religion from the state officials, and left open the idea that states could pass laws requiring people to violate their sacred beliefs, as long as they weren’t so obnoxiously obvious about it.

Well, now that legal scholars have had a chance to digest the full ruling, they’re coming to the same conclusion. At the link is an excellent article by Constitutional scholar, author and former prosecutor KrisAnne Hall, laying out point-by-point the way the majority not only didn’t protect religious freedom or freedom of speech, they went out of their way to avoid protecting it.

She also examines the individual opinions of the Justices, noting that Clarence Thomas was the only one who made a solid argument for Phillips on First Amendment grounds. Meanwhile, dissenting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (currently being hailed by the left as a free speech heroine for her unprofessional public criticism of candidate Donald Trump) argued that the insulting comments by state civil rights commissioners about Phillips’ religious faith didn’t rise to the level of hostility or discrimination. To put that in perspective: to her, the state can insult your religion and order you to violate your sacred beliefs and it’s not discrimination…but declining to make a same-sex wedding cake (at a time when same-sex marriage was still illegal in Colorado) was actionable discrimination.

Any Republicans who were thinking it might be okay to stay home in November and let Democrats win back power over confirming Supreme Court Justices might read that and go get in line at the polls right now.


Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) love to mock President Trump when he boasts about having the greatest economy ever. But the mockery is getting harder because every day, some new statistic comes out that’s…well…the greatest ever.

Tuesday brought one that’s jaw-dropping. Ivanka Trump tweeted out news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that there are now 6.1 million unemployed Americans and a record-high 6.7 job openings. For the first time ever, there are more job openings than job seekers. I can only imagine the horrible name Samantha Bee is going to call Ivanka for delivering that news and undermining her reason for existence, which seems to be to yell into a camera lens about how bad everything is under Donald Trump.

All this good news, from the incredible jobs numbers to rising wages to GDP growth to the North Korea nuclear summit, must be terribly dispiriting for the people whose predictions of what life would be like under Trump sounded like the interior of Hawaii’s erupting volcano. Even the New York Times ran an article last week that admitted in the headline, “We Ran Out of Words to Describe How Good the Jobs Numbers Are.” And this is a paper that can ramble on for 10,000 words describing the cooking at a raw food restaurant.

I’d like to tell these poor folks to “cheer up,” but I’m afraid that would only depress them more.


Sympathy and prayers today for the family of fashion designer Kate Spade. In a shocking and tragic story, housekeepers found her dead Tuesday morning in her New York City apartment after she hanged herself. She was 55. She left a note telling her daughter she loved her and “this is not your fault. Ask Daddy.” A police source said it was sparked by her husband wanting a divorce, but her sister told the Kansas City Star that Kate had suffered from depression for years and come close to committing suicide many times, and that she may have been planning this since she became fixated on Robin Williams’ suicide by hanging. Her sister said, “Sometimes, you simply cannot save people from themselves.”

Kate Spade was a phenomenal American success story who seemingly had everything to live for. She had a 13-year-old daughter and a husband who was her business partner. Her dream of designing handbags came true beyond her wildest imagination. She won countless design awards before leaving her first line in 2007 to raise her daughter, then later returned with a new brand that now has over 300 stores worldwide. Whenever something like this happens – and it does happen more often than you’d think – I always recall the old poem, “Richard Cory,” about the handsome, successful man who was envied by everyone in town, and who, “one calm summer night, went home and put a bullet through his head.”

Fox News’ Brit Hume must have had similar thoughts. He posted the story on Twitter along with these words: “Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” He admitted he was stunned when that post drew a number of hostile anti-Trump comments. Why? Who knows? Maybe it’s just convenient to blame Trump for their own unwillingness to observe basic human decency. Or maybe they’re so angry over politics, it’s the only way they know how to react to anything anymore. Whatever the excuse, it’s another example of slimy behavior that the anonymous soapbox of the Internet has helped incubate.

Despite the rise of mass media and social media images that make us think we know all about a person, the lesson of “Richard Cory” that we can never know what personal pain someone might be going through behind closed doors is still as true today as it was when it was written over a century ago. Perhaps even more so, precisely because of the misleading images in mass media and social media.



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    06/07/2018 04:03 PM

    Sorry Mike but your columns have tooooo many words. Carveth, Omaha, NE

  • Linda D Maguire

    06/07/2018 03:56 PM

    I just found this news site and I'm overjoyed! Your faith and integrity lead me to believe I'm getting the facts on events of the day without any radical spins in any direction. Been looking for this for quite a while. Please indulge me here, I do have an important question I'd like to hear you address sometime: what are your thoughts on the Convention of States movement that seems to be picking up speed and are there other groups that might have some impact on how the Swamp is run? Thanks for serving us, Governor!


    06/07/2018 01:03 PM



  • Debbie Moskal

    06/07/2018 09:47 AM

    Your line about Dems being convinced Trump is satan, Hitler & a diesel Humvee with fur upholstery rolled into one is the absolute best ever!!! I have written it down to share whenever I have the opportunity. Thanks for your great humor amid sad truth. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Rose Howell

    06/07/2018 06:00 AM

    Hi Mike,

    There is so much news each and every day to get through it's like a job! And I'm retired now!

    I've mentioned this to you before but I'm gonna do it again. Newt Ginrich needs to be Speaker again. I'm reminding you that the Constitution does not require the Speaker to be a sitting Rep. Just a vote of the House is needed. Trump badly needs strong support in Congress and has very little. Newt would be great.

    Here is a link from awhile ago pointing out Congressional Republicans who have accepted money from Soros. It says Paul Ryan is one of them.

    Ryan is "retiring" at the age of 48 with full benefits. I can't respect that. I used to like him - done with that. He needs to go NOW.

    When Rudy finishes his pro bono legal job for Trump with this horror of an "investigation" by Mueller I would like to see him in Sessions job. What a huge disappointment, Sessions. Hard to believe. Is he a Rino too? And WHAT'S with Trey Gowdy?? I don't get it. Makes no sense to me. Is this lawyers sticking together like some kind of weird "club" nonsense?

    That's enough for tonight :)

    Rose Howell
    Arlington Heights, IL

  • Amelia Little

    06/07/2018 05:33 AM

    This stonewalling of the IG report is beyond ridiculous and there really should be someone who can light a fire and get it out. If Sessions get fired, who will replace him? It looks like Rosenstein as he is deputy attorney general? Of course, I would hope that brains start working because I'm pretty sure he'd have to recuse himself, and if he doesn't surely he could be forced to. That whole thing is and unGodly mess.

  • Cheryl King

    06/07/2018 12:26 AM

    a reason to turn out. "Since the Dems’ hopes of retaking the House are built on surfing to victory in California on a “blue wave” of lopsided leftist enthusiasm, having Cox on the ballot lead to a gnarly wipe-out. Bummer, dudes." GREAT LAUGH....loved're awesome. Keep it up!!!

  • Julie Wiemeyer

    06/06/2018 10:52 PM

    I vote Andy McCarthy and fire Sessions!

  • Arlene Hurley

    06/06/2018 10:47 PM

    Dear Mike. This comment has nothing to do with your letters of the day. I want to know " is Rudy Giuliani helping President Trump, or is he really trying to hurt him. His comment on Kim Jong Un bending on his knees to have the summit I think was inappropriate. His comment I think could destroy the summit. What is your opinion? A lot of comments made be Rudy I think hurt the President.

  • Sue Meyer

    06/06/2018 10:33 PM

    the link from your post to the article you mentioned was removed. I found it at the Wall Street Journal site and posted it beneath your column.

  • Debra Schmidt

    06/06/2018 10:25 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I enjoy your commentaries so very much! Thank you for what you are doing in our country. Thank you for your honesty and clarity. Thank you for the gem of a woman you raised in Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Deeply appreciative. You are serving our country and truth and meeting a tremendous need in our culture!!!

  • Donald E. Renninger

    06/06/2018 09:58 PM

    All the battle comments aside, the biggest thing about D-Day I remember it just happened to coinside with my nineth grade final English examination. As the news broke that fateful morning I was headed to school. Unlike the "instant news reporting" of today the first news was via radio and mostly through out the first day was very sketchy. Over wartime censureship there was very little details given other than the troops had landed in France. So I had the option, keep my mind on the test (no slack given) or trying to learn what news might be released. For a fourteen old, quite some decision but finally figured passing the test and being promoted from junior high to senior was the key. Other than passing, no memory of grade.

    As it turned out, we civilians were told almost nothing until the beach head was secure a day or so later on. Of course no TV (didn't exist commerically) so radio was our only source till some pictures appeared in the newspaper.


    06/06/2018 09:42 PM

    Wow, so much to plow through tonight. I agree with most of what I did read........the part on Ruth Ginsberg was awesome, and someone did
    a TV documentary? Missed it! I really feel that Sessions needs to go.
    Hey, did you see Hannity tonight? Mueller now wants all witnesses cell phone, huh? Hannity said everyone should bleachbit them and then
    hammer the phones and pass on like Hillary did! Love it.
    Take care
    Carmen Price

  • reg lewis

    06/06/2018 09:38 PM

    Thanks Mike! I do appreciate your comments. It's hard to comprehend the terrible corruption down there, will any of these evil crooks ever be brought to justice for their crimes? I'm very dubious as to any of them ever getting their just deserts. Sincerely hope I'm wrong!
    The Lord bless you and continue to make you a blessing.

  • Mrs. Mary Fraser Thompson

    06/06/2018 09:37 PM

    You clearly talk insight on your daily communications with us. I was happy to see you on television this week, and
    always enjoy your dimpled good nature and common sense. You would have made a good president...and may yet.
    I admire your support of our current president...and ditto for your daughter's excellence in press secretarying. Please
    encourage her as she is handling her job in the best way possible and in hearing it from you would mean the most to
    her. I agree with what a reporter said about her assignment: "She probably has the hardest job in D.C." We need her.
    She is a straight shooter, just as you are. May you continue to have informal interviews on Fox News as well as sharing
    your good insights on all the other channels. You can educate the viewers who tuned in to the wrong channel this way.
    Some small towns only pull in ABC, NBC and CBS.

  • Cqrl Smith

    06/06/2018 09:19 PM

    Excellent summaries as usual. Seeing how the Supremes skirted the issue give me pause that maybe everybody in DC should be Term Limited, including the Bureaucracy and Lobbyists should be required to wear body cams and ankle bracelets 24/7,and any contributions must be published in the NYT's Front Page daily.

  • Patrick Koch

    06/06/2018 09:11 PM

    How about asking President Trump next time you see him to add adoption agency to planned parenthood . Or start a new program calling it " alternative choices" and ajoin them to the same locations as their so called clinics . To at least provide a choice and planned parents could adopt . I feel this would at least save some of these babies that have less rights than sea turtle eggs!

  • Gloria Velting

    06/06/2018 09:11 PM

    Love your Evening Editions! If I haven't had a chance to watch any TV I get a great synopsis here. Also love your great humor. God bless!

  • Ron Mullins

    06/06/2018 07:55 PM

    Thanks for another great, well written newsletter....Yours are the best I have seen by far....Glad you are hanging on to the "but I repeat myself" line....Little things mean a lot....

  • Sandra Oliver

    06/06/2018 07:41 PM

    I read your articles but I never comment. Love your commentary and your Saturday night show on TBN. keep up the good work
    Governor. And Thank you for your great daughter Sarah, we love her !

  • JC Holland

    06/06/2018 07:31 PM

    I disagree strongly with you on McCabe immunity. Pleading the 5th tells us nothing. Let him rat out his bosses so charges finally get filed.

  • Patricia Young

    06/06/2018 07:04 PM

    Thank you for you news and insight. I enjoy reading them. Thank you for all the work that you do. Thank your daughter too. I appreciate her very much.

  • Margery Tarnowski

    06/06/2018 06:18 PM

    my husband was one of those boys and it was his 18 birthday he was born June 6 1926
    because he went in on the 7th wave he lived threw it, went threw France & Germany was at the battle,of the bulge
    he passed away at age 85 we were married 58 years, and I still miss him I am 91 and he would have been 92
    Keep up your good work and bless your daughter for holding her own with those disrespecting news people. God bless Marge

  • Stephen Russell

    06/06/2018 06:05 PM

    CA Voting: now watch Cox & allies survive from now to Nov alone with damn leftist media lies etc.
    Must fight back.
    Name names

  • Stephen Russell

    06/06/2018 06:03 PM

    Let Dems go on vacation & let GOP work, (save votes needed) darn
    & take the RINOs with you 2.
    Thanks Mitch, What TOOK so Long??
    Force theyre hand more

  • Audrey Skarness

    06/06/2018 06:03 PM

    RFK was remembered at Arlington Natl. Cemetery mention of troops who lived and died on D-DAY 1944.
    signed Veteran of Korean Conflict 1950.

  • Michael R. Whalan

    06/06/2018 06:01 PM

    Keep up the good work, Mike. I read you every day!

  • Bob Ernst

    06/06/2018 05:47 PM

    Concerning D-Day, I asked my teenage grandchildren if they knew what today was. They thought a few seconds and said, "June 6...D-Day". I asked if they knew why it was important, and they both knew that it was the beginning of the salvation of the world from Hitler's naziism. I was pleased and proud! Their parents (our daughter and hubby) have made sure they understand. I'm equally pleased and proud!

  • Darrin Berry

    06/06/2018 05:32 PM

    Keep the Faith! Thanks for letting us know what’s going on!

  • Evan Bench

    06/06/2018 05:16 PM

    Ref. IG report on DOJ &FBI: They all work for the president including the IG (unless I'm mistaken). Why can't he demand an unredacted copy himself. He could then declassify and release to the public? We pay their salaries and deserve to see what the slippery bunch has been doing?

  • +Jose Manzano

    06/06/2018 05:08 PM

    It seems to me, that, Jeff Session is trying to save Hillary and the corruption of the FBI. Preposterous !

  • Ted Russell

    06/06/2018 05:07 PM

    I don't have much hope of McConnell and his merry band of swampers accomplishing much in the way of constructive work. I believe he is refusing to recess to Senate for several reasons. 1) So that our President can't make any recess appointments. 2) He has indicated also that while he won't push a standalone bill to torpedo Trump's tariffs and trade programs, he would welcome other Senators including such stealth measures in other bills. That might just fit right in with any ulterior motives of his Chinese in-laws and extended family. 3) Sounds like a man in fear for his political life to me.

  • Carol Bowser

    06/06/2018 04:57 PM

    Thank you for your daily comments. I look forward to reading them daily.