A study made news this week that found that a rising number of young people identify as “transgender.” We’re also hearing more youths express admiration for socialism. Since it’s unlikely that the facts of biology or economics changed in just one generation, it’s logical to assume that these mass delusions are the result of social conditioning, peer pressure and propaganda in schools.

Now, an expert has weighed in to support that view. Stella Morabito is a senior contributor to the Federalist, and a former intelligence professional and historian on the Soviet Union. At a recent gathering at the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, she analyzed the latest learning method, CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) that’s taking hold in many schools, particularly in urban areas, and found it remarkably similar to the type of radical utopian brainwashing practiced in collectivist states. CASEL comes out of Chicago, where one of its board members is Linda Darling-Hammond, former terrorist Bill Ayes’ pick to be Obama’s Secretary of Education. Moribito noted that other CASEL partners have pet agendas ranging from globalism to transgenderism.

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Click the link to learn more about how the CASEL program is designed to undermine individualism and traditional institutions while promoting collectivism, reliance on government and adherence to PC dogma – in short, a “massive, government-funded propaganda operation” - and how the goal is to introduce it into every school.

Wow, this week’s news really is turning into an endless list of reasons to homeschool your kids.


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  • M. Wilmoth

    03/14/2018 12:37 PM

    Transgenderism is how you get people to pay attention these days. People used to focus on what they could do and made, for instance, the best apple butter, raised the best cattle, had the best flower garden, or spent their time helping other people who were in need. This, among other things, was how we felt good about ourselves. Young people are not being taught well

  • Nellie Williams

    03/14/2018 11:52 AM

    Thank you Governon for your voice. It is so hard to watch all this happening around us. I am fearful for my great grand children and pray for God's protection upon them. I just wish parents would wake up. Of course, I fully realize that this is the full filling of the Bible, the end of time is nearing but I hope and pray that God will bless America.


    02/10/2018 02:58 AM

    Do GOOGLE search for scientists found that certain PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES causing disruption in the FOOD CHAIN: Baby MALE Frogs & baby male polar bears developing FEMALE sex organs!

  • Eugene Mellin

    02/07/2018 11:47 PM

    The Godless Media and our Anti-God school system has lowered our Christian values America was founded on to a degrading point. Also our last President and all his Liberal cohorts have flushed our country down the immoral toilet.
    Trump is slowly dragging our Country back to some common decency.

  • Eugene Mellin

    02/07/2018 11:39 PM

    We can thank the Godless media and our totally Socialist School System for where America is today. Also President Obama and all his Liberal cohorts have flushed us down the Pro-Abortion toilet. President Trump is slowly dragging us up out of the mire.