May 21, 2020


May 21, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee



Presidential candidate Joe Biden may think he’s off the hook now that Bill Barr has expressed reluctance to charge political figures with crimes, but he isn’t. He might not be named as an alleged perpetrator in an American court, but he’s already been so named in a Ukrainian court. The charge: “interfering in the work of an official of a law enforcement agency.”

John Solomon has been following Ukraine and the Bidens for a long time, but now, finally, the story seems poised to take off. If it does start getting more mainstream media attention, I have to think that's because top Democrats know Biden is simply not functioning well enough cognitively to make it to the finish line, at which point his running mate would have presumably become President. No, the Democrat Party has likely realized that to survive the election of 2020, they might have to stop protecting Biden and let this scandal –- and his own incoherence –- take him out.

Don’t worry; they’ve had the understudy waiting in the wings all along.

Anyway, Solomon reported Wednesday that last month in Kiev, District Court Judge S. V. Vovk ordered the nation’s law enforcement services to “formally list” the fired prosecutor, Victor Shokin, as the victim of an alleged crime by then-Vice President Biden. Shokin was the official to whom Biden was referring when he spoke publicly about threatening the withdrawal of $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees if a certain Ukrainian prosecutor didn’t get fired.

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In the latest twist in the case of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, his attorney Sydney Powell has filed an emergency writ of mandamus to the DC Court of Appeals to remove Judge Emmet Sullivan from the case.

The writ argues that it is “clear and indisputable” that Sullivan has overstepped his powers in refusing to accept the DOJ’s withdrawal of charges against Flynn, and with his bringing in an openly partisan second judge to try to drag out the trial and make a case against Flynn that the prosecution has already dropped.

Sullivan’s defenders claim it’s not unusual for judges to seek amicus briefs to inform their legal analysis. But Powell argues that it is unprecedented for a judge, who is supposed to perform a magisterial role only, to condemn the defendant in court as Sullivan has, refuse to accept that the charges have been dropped due to prosecutorial misconduct, and attempt to keep the prosecution alive himself.

There are more details at the link. You might have to be a lawyer to understand some of it, but if you have even a rudimentary understanding of justice, then I guarantee you won’t understand it.


President Trump is threatening to withhold funding from Michigan, which has morphed from a state into a dictatorship ruled with an iron hand and no logic by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, over what he calls an illegal decision to send absentee mail-in ballots to all 7.7 million voters, so they don’t risk exposure to the coronavirus next November. Trump says it was approved by a rogue Secretary of State.

Democrats, naturally, deny that vote fraud exists, but Republicans say mail-in voting is a recipe for widespread voter fraud and a permanent Democratic majority. For instance, Republicans blame ballot-harvesting for flipping several GOP Congressional seats in California. They say that when everyone gets a ballot in the mail, and nobody has to vote in person and show an ID, it’s easy to gather up unclaimed ballots or send operatives into nursing homes and other facilities to fill out ballots for people who otherwise wouldn’t vote and don’t know the candidates or issues.

There’s also the problem of trusting the Post Office with something as important as elections, as Wisconsin discovered last month

…And a study by the federal Election Assistance Commission found that between 2012 and 2018, 28 million mail-in ballots simply went missing. The number is likely higher because some areas, like Chicago, didn’t even respond to the survey. But then, what are the odds of any Democratic voter fraud in Chicago? I’m sure that there, all voters, dead or alive, mailed in their ballots on time.


For anyone still trying to decide how to vote in November, if you want a stark contrast in approaches to getting the economy back up and over the pandemic, consider this:

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want trillions of dollars more in deficit spending, accompanied by many unrelated items that will bloat the size and reach of the government, cement their hold on power and increase government control over the American people.

President Trump prefers cutting regulations and getting government out of the way of business and the American people.

Which approach do you think is more likely to work? That’s right. Now, vote accordingly.


With summer approaching and people going stir-crazy, we’re all ready to get outside and relax for a change. But to help keep your anxiety level up, here’s an article on how likely you are to contract the coronavirus when you’re outdoors, along with some ways that you can reduce the risk.

One bit of advice I’d question is that of continuing to wear a mask, even when you’re outdoors. Wearing a face mask for long periods and breathing in your own CO2 instead of oxygen may do more harm than good for your health. There’s also the question of whether face masks are even effective at keeping out anything as small as a virus. The “expert” advice on this keeps changing from week to week. But it seems that common sense would suggest it’s healthier just to keep some distance from other people and get a little fresh air.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.

Psalm 150:6 (KJV)


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  • Jan Jentzen

    05/22/2020 12:06 AM

    I heard on Lou Dobbs show that over 300,000 Chinese from Wuhan and other cities have been allowed to enter the U.S. I thought there was a ban! What’s up?

  • Shelia Limbaugh

    05/21/2020 02:36 PM

    I enjoy the information that you share. Please continue to do so!

  • Lisa Ford

    05/21/2020 02:12 PM

    I really hate wearing a mask. It does make it hard on me to breathe. I also hate the undo stress the demon dems put on us. Not only in the news. I am sick of demon dems going off on me. Gotta push their point. Won't hear that their point is false. I think I am at the point of unplugging, walking away. I know how I will vote. And it be a cold day in hell before I'd vote for a demon dem. It's just aggravating, I don't need them to tell me how to live. I am an adult American. Demon dems get off our backs!!!!

  • Floyd Unger

    05/21/2020 12:52 PM

    I remember one time a few years ago my elderly mother was preparing to vote. She commented “I don’t know any of these people”. She continued to vote anyway and mailed it in.


    05/21/2020 11:45 AM


  • Gladys Hizer

    05/21/2020 11:37 AM

    Years ago when Romney was running for office in PA, he didn't get one single vote in one of the precincts. No voter fraud?? As to the unemployment numbers, the states who have the most serious lock downs are responsible for those numbers in my opinion. They are the ones responsible for those numbers as well. Governors who refuse to let certain types of businesses reopen such as hair dressers make it a completely political issue. Whittmer in MI has her daughter color her hair and maybe the daughter can cut her step-father's hair as well. Those of us who live alone don't even have that privilege. The stock market numbers are still about 4,000 points higher than when Trump first took over. My glass is at least half full.

  • stephen Russell

    05/21/2020 09:09 AM

    Mask wearing: To & from car to store X, inside store, leave store, go to car, remove mask.
    Put in pocket for walks outdoors?
    (from CA)