Evening Edition - January 20

January 20, 2020 |

Fake News Monday: No, a Republican-backed bill in South Dakota would NOT make it illegal for doctors to provide health care to transgender minors. Anyone who would believe that is in urgent need of mental health care.



Fake news is sort of like herpes: once it gets into the body politic, it never goes away. It may die down for a while, but it always flares up again.

Speaking of political social diseases, Rep. Jerrold Nadler was on “Face the Nation” Sunday, where he once again induced a flare-up of the fake news trope that Trump colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 election.


This may be the most thoroughly debunked lie in the history of politics. For over two years, media figures assured us that the “walls were closing in” on Trump and his associates as their secular saint Robert Mueller and his team of virulently anti-Trump DC insiders and lawyers turned over every rock and pressured witnesses with bankruptcy and jail to get them to sing (or "compose") – yet after two years and $30 million wasted taxpayer dollars, Mueller finally had to admit that they found no evidence of any American colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 election (they obviously did not look into Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

And now, desperate to lend any legitimacy to the Democrats’ bogus impeachment articles, Nadler is citing “Trump colluded with Russia” as a reason why we should believe that Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. Sorry, but if the best argument you can make for your current lie is to induce a flare-up of your recurring lie, then you have no argument, just a mental disease. Go rub some Valtrex into your head and pipe down.


Say, remember when President Trump was blasted as a racist and a liar and a boob for saying that corruption in Puerto Rico was preventing emergency hurricane aid from getting to the people? Well, here’s the latest on how many government officials have now been fired following the appearance of a Facebook video showing unused emergency aid from Hurricane Maria (bottled water, cots, baby food, etc.) sitting in a warehouse in the city of Ponce where thousands of people have been living in shelters since an earthquake struck two weeks ago.


The excuse from the fired head of emergency management is those supplies were expired and nobody had ordered them destroyed yet. Yes, even though you’ve lost everything, you wouldn’t want to drink expired bottled water or sleep on an expired cot. Of course, that doesn’t answer the question: “Why were they allowed to sit in the warehouse until they expired?”


It seems there is an ever-growing number of once-unthinkable things that people are now expected not only to tolerate but to praise, or else face the wrath of the PC mob. One of them is public libraries hosting “drag queen story hours” for children, in which male adult entertainers dressed as sexualized stereotypes of women are passed off as acceptable children’s entertainers, in an effort to indoctrinate kids and normalize their lifestyle.

Having stated the obvious, I expect that many people are already rushing to their Twitter accounts to send hate and cancel messages my way. But you might want to hold off on that until you hear what someone else had to say about “drag queen story hour.” Quote:

“I have absolutely no idea why you would want that to influence your child. Would you want a stripper or a porn-star to influence your child? It makes no sense at all…A drag queen performs in a night club for adults. There is a lot of filth that goes on, a lot of sexual stuff that goes on, and backstage, there’s a lot of nudity, sex and drugs. Ok? So, I don’t think that this is an avenue you would want your child to explore…To actually get them involved in drag is extremely, extremely irresponsible on your part. And I understand you might want to look like you’re with-it, that you’re cool, that you’re woke, that you’re not a Nazi, that you’re not a homophobe — whatever it may be, but you can raise your child to be just a normal regular child without including them in gay, sexual things.”

Wow, who is politically incorrect/”transphobic” enough to dare say that in 2020?! A Christian pastor? Donald Trump? Ricky Gervais? Me?


No, that’s from a Twitter video that went viral, by San Bernardino-based gay drag performer “Kitty Demure.” Demure went on to say that people who promote pushing children into drag culture are actually harming the gay community, which is already fighting a stereotype of being deviants and pedophiles, and this plays right into that fear.

If liberals want to show how open-minded they are, stop using kids to demonstrate it. Instead, why not hire a drag queen to host the Golden Globes? I nominate Kitty Demure.


Must-read article by Cornell law Prof. William A. Jacobson on how the Democrats hope to turn President Trump’s “impeachment” trial into a repeat of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, with Lev Parnas as the new Julie Swetnick (a dubious, last-minute accuser appearing out of the woodwork to make wild, unsubstantiated claims that nevertheless must be investigated at great length to drag out the proceedings as long as possible and inflict maximum political damage among voters who aren’t paying close attention.)



The New York Times editorial board apparently just couldn’t make up its mind, what with the smorgasbord of leftist pie-in-the-sky to tempt them. So they pigged out by endorsing both Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren for the Democratic nomination. Instapundit has a round-up of interesting takes on their waffling, particularly the chart by Ben McDonald showing 60 years of New York Times editors’ Presidential endorsements. See if you can detect a pattern…



Woman who claimed that she’s Native-American, she was fired for being pregnant, her dad was a janitor, her kids went to public school, she’s the only Democratic Presidential candidate with executive experience, and she can spend tens of trillions of dollars without raising taxes asks why Americans would want a President who lies to them? Good question!


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  • William J Douglas

    01/24/2020 11:47 AM

    I have watched very little, only snippets shown on Fox. A boring, repetitive rehash of failed efforts, is a waste of time and resources, presents a negative image of our nation, exposes the hate for the president, and damages the Constitution. Democrats owned the government and wasted their ownership leaving a fertile field for Trump's successes. It is clear that their motivation has been the fear that he would be successful and the impact it would have on the next and future elections. Bringing in witnesses will create another circus atmosphere to be exploited and to run the clock, just like in Kavanaugh hearings. GOP should not be swayed by the request for witnesses, even if they want to trade Biden for Bolton. Dismiss after case is presented or call for an immediate vote. Mitch needs to stand firm.

  • Kathy WIngate

    01/21/2020 09:14 PM

    Agree with everyone, we don't want to see Dems increasing any seats anywhere, but how to stop them??? They are giving out drivers licenses like candy in Calif and no doubt, other places...at the same time registering illegals to vote! How can we keep count of how many illegals, and don't forget they want imprisoned criminals to vote, also!! Early release thanks to the Dems...vote for them...it's the only way Dems can win...CHEAT!! There will need to be a lot of volunteers checking the ballots and registrations...it won't be easy...but they are determined.

  • Kenneth Brack

    01/21/2020 10:30 AM

    Well, the past few years have demonstrated that when it comes to President Trump, the popular press knows how to pile up the manure. But I notice that the higher they pile it, the more Trump gathers support. Now, the farmers around here know how to make good use of manure. And I made good use of it when Trump entered the White House. I had serious doubts that a man with no political experience could be President of the United States; but I was grateful that Trump was elected, and not Hillary. Then the press deposited a load of that stuff on my desk: Trump was a racist they said. I've been a citizen in this great nation a long time now. And I knew Americans well enough to know that they would not elect a racist. So I began a search for the truth which resulted in: 1) discovering Mike Huckabee 2) dropping CNN 3) Learning Twitter from Trump's nifty end run around the press 4) finding a bevy of smart, shrewd, strong women political operatives all hired by Trump 5) finding a businessman, non-politician can be President of the U.S., keep his promises and care more about average Americans than anything else

  • Kevin Turnbaugh

    01/21/2020 10:28 AM

    Gov Huckabee, In reference to the Kavanaugh hearings; does anyone know why Dr. Ford has not been charged for perjury before Congress? Also, why the dems on the Judiciary Committee have not been charged as co-conspirators in her perjurious appearance before Congress?

  • Jerry Korba

    01/21/2020 10:03 AM

    Crying Chuck Schumer is at it again whining crying about the crooked game Pelosi is playing with Impeachment the rules set by this bottom feeder blew up in their face this is not a shark playing the game of running the President out of office she is a carp feeding on waste (evidence of wrong doing) False allegation presented and rejected these losers fly under the the American flag do they really look American to you? Schumer Pelosi Schiff Nadler you are living under the wrong Flag you do NOT represent America who are you representing? Your Anti American spirit will show what a coward you people are hiding behind our Constitution and our American values your time as American citizens have expired. My request is take your assets we the taxpayers gave you just like Obama did and leave for Iran meet with John Kerry and try to destroy us from there. Consider yourselves paid in full Please leave. MAGA

  • rw brock

    01/21/2020 09:36 AM

    hey mike, thank you for being a true American patriot. while reading about sen blackburns proposal for senators running against our great president to recuse themselves. i was thinking that president ran on draining the swamp and cleaning up corruption then shouldn't nearly all dem senators involved in said corruption recuse themselves? profiles in corruption should be manatory for high school students to read. god bless you and god bless America.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/21/2020 08:19 AM

    Fake News is real my vision of these propaganda outlets should be called what it is; a Communist outlet the desire to divide our country has been said by a Russian; the United States will destroy itself from within. Does any one see what CNN and the other outlets NYT are doing by lying to the Public, real Americans don't do that Communists do that Look recent proof is the Virginian Governor that ridiculed Black people, painted himself as a Black person and acted in a foolish way denigrating Black people, then goes to the Communists outlets and claims White Nationals are threatening our right to bear arms, Gun owners have no racial boundaries the Virginian Gov Northan put his police force against the lawful citizens and their right to bear arms Is that an American way to do things? again Communist make you (proven guilty) instead proven innocent before a court of law sound familiar look at the the Communists Impeachment format any questions?

  • Torpy Skinner

    01/20/2020 10:54 PM

    Love to follow your show, emails, newsletters etc, but could u pls get a
    new ad for Lear Capital on your Huckabee tv program? Our economy is not slowing down, thanks to Trump, and your yellow shirt every week says that’s not a fresh ad. Not good marketing tool.
    A strong Trump and Huckabee fan.

  • Paul Roberson

    01/20/2020 10:24 PM

    Be sure -when Trump is accused of "illegally" giving $$ to overseas Ukrain-Trumps attorneys need to remind Pelosi that Obama illegally & without congressional approval-donated millions to Iran and no-one hollered about that!

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/20/2020 09:31 PM

    Upon reading that your diagnosing Nadler's endeavor to make an argument for his current lie via inducing a flare-up of his recurring lie is due to the fact that he is suffering from MENTAL disease, my thought is that, after you suggest to him that he might do well to seek help from a psychologist, you may then want to go on and suggest that he would also do well to seek help from a spiritual cardiologist since his MENTAL disease is only a SYMPTOM of his HEART disease...because it is out of his sick heart that the issues of his mouth proceed!

    When you stated: "It seems there is an ever-growing number of once-UNTHINKABLE THINGS that people are now expected not only to tolerate but to praise, or else face the wrath of the PC mob," the thought it inspired is that Christians could add TO that statement, "therefore, people have to decide if they would rather face the wrath of man...for displeasing man for NOT tolerating these "unthinkable things" that God calls sin....OR face the wrath of God FOR tolerating these "unthinkable things" which God deems to be sin.

    THEN WHEN I WENT ON TO READ YOUR STATEMENT: "Having stated the obvious, I expect that many people are already rushing to their Twitter accounts to 'SEND HATE and cancel messages MY WAY," my thought was what an example this is of how the same darkness that is sending hate YOUR way is the same darkness that is sending hate President Trump's way!....AND I MIGHT ADD THAT...

    The fact that anyone WOULD send hate your way for speaking out against the "unthinkable things" that are sending our kids to early graves....bears hands down proof that their hatred toward you is of Satan himself or they would not hate YOU, but would hate the "unthinkable things" that are OF Satan! So you might want to tell President Trump that he is in good company!

  • Deb Ostberg

    01/20/2020 09:19 PM

    What has happened to the Dems? Pure evil in so many ways. Wake up America! The evil is insidious...be in prayer...it’s our best weapon.

  • David Wilson

    01/20/2020 07:35 PM

    Mike it could be taken as humor if it wasn't so sad! What has happened to the Democratic party in the last decade.we have been blessed with a president that has no axe to grind and doesn't want money from different groups so that he can channel that money when he retires! We have been given a gift from God in my opinion and I believe he will do a great job for the next five and a half years! God help those Democrats that are running for office and I hope every single one of them will lose the elections for their respective positions! God bless America and make America great again President Trump!

  • Linda Elliott

    01/20/2020 06:58 PM

    Thanks Mike I can always count on you to tell it like it is. Keep up the good work. Lots of us conservatives out here do not want to watch the liberal mainstream media.

  • Barney Flint

    01/20/2020 06:56 PM

    Stephen Russell hit the nail on the head with his comment. The congress did not complete it's investigation and now wants the senate to finish what the house should have done. It was just "too urgent to wait" yea right. Once the President and his men decided to fight the supenas they decide that they could not wait for the courts to decide so they decided to try and kick it over to the senate to complete their investigation. I for one do not think that will happen. I pray it will not.

  • Floyd A Unger

    01/20/2020 06:29 PM

    Excellent again....many thanks ??

  • George Neiiendam

    01/20/2020 06:26 PM

    Those on the political Left, particularly academia, are the supreme egoists of our time. The fact
    that their favorite economic model, socialism, where the government controls the means of
    production, has been so thoroughly debunked, not only by certain "right wing" politicians but by
    reality itself...well, its just not acceptable. Leftists consider themselves the most intelligent of all
    people, so much so that if you disagree with the you are either stupid or a fascist and probably both. Poor Ronald Reagan! Poor Donald Trump! Where is Karl Marx when we need him?

  • George J Murrey

    01/20/2020 06:17 PM

    There's no stopping the continued lying, whether it be Puerto Rico saying it was the pres's fault for all those supplies in warehouses, to how the leftist drag queens saying they are in libraries to just read to some wide eyed little kiddo, to liawatha (others have called Warren the same) lying about how she got into college to saying she doesn't use big bad corporations to fund her campaign. My goodness I better stop before I use a flamethrower on my head. Mike, keep the good work; you are the voice us common people.

  • Michael

    01/20/2020 06:01 PM

    Yes Governor, why would this Nation want a list like Elizabeth Warren for President! But next question is why would we want a Democrat for President, why would we want the Democrats to ever again be in the majority in either the House or Senate or in any political race anywhere, at any level. WE DON'T !! We cannot afford to lose our Nation to this dispicable, evil Democrat party. The Democats are aligned with every anti-American group out there &definitely aligned with the mainstream media. The Democrats & the mainstream media equal ENEMIES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. In the election of November 2020 it is time for huge masses of patriotic, 2nd amendment supporters, Republicans & Christian's to treat the Democrats like a bad tenant - EVICT THEM ALL !

  • Stephen Russell

    01/20/2020 05:27 PM

    Impeachment: I say call the Dem House mgrs to stand to explain actions to prosecute President & why denied hearing in the House, shake up Dems BIG Time.
    & then dismiss charges
    Media meltdown done

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    01/20/2020 05:15 PM

    Lefties are Lefties and they cater to the adolescents. Including lowering the voting age to Sixteen.
    Have fun on that one when they scream again!
    Cheers, RCW

  • jerold markin

    01/20/2020 05:05 PM

    Hi Mike! Keep on telling it like it is! My wife and I volunteered in Wittenberg Germany this past summer for WEM! I read that Martin Luther Senior went to Wittenberg to study Martin Luther. He was so moved by the impact ML had on the world, he had his name officially changed to ML King.
    Very few people are aware of this and I hope it is true although I have not researched it.
    I pray for America everyday and all of its' leaders!

  • Bob Byrns

    01/20/2020 05:05 PM

    I have tried twice to contact someone on the Huckpac website to obtain an address to which I could send a donation, but I have had no response. Perhaps this will be more successful.

  • Jo Cluck

    01/20/2020 04:57 PM

    And as if Pocahantas hasn't told enough lies...the NYSlime wants to endorse her and Katastrophic Klobachar as their nominees to endorse for President of this USA!!! Heavens forbid! Has the entire country gone bonkers? Keep talking Governor and keep Rush doing the same to keep some sanity in our lives. God bless.