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November 23, 2019 |

Join me tonight for a special Thanksgiving episode of “Huckabee” on TBN, and you’ll be thankful that you did!  I’ll visit with former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and a Huck’s Hero who’s bringing the word of God to prison inmates. The holder of over 100 Guinness World Records will attempt to set a new one, right on our stage.  We’ll get ready for the holiday feast with the master of the grill, John McLemore.  I’ll have some serious commentary, some goofy news “In Case You Missed It,” and we’ll kick off the holiday season with not one, but two, country music legends: Randy Travis and the Oak Ridge Boys! 

It’s all coming your way tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and the same times on Sunday, on TBN. To find where you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit https://www.tbn.org/huckabee and click on the “WATCH” menu at the top. You can also stream previous episodes, highlights and Internet-only “Digital Exclusives,” like extended interviews and extra performances by our musical and comedy guests.  It’s all at https://www.tbn.org/huckabee



I don’t want to delve too deeply into the story of the FBI employee who reportedly altered a document as part of getting a FISA warrant to spy on a Trump campaign worker because so far, this is all news of the “advance leak” variety from Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report, and I’d like to wait and see what that actually says for myself.  Too many people have deep vested interests in spinning it before we actually get to see it. 

But just so you know what all the chatter is about, here’s the current story…


And this is allegedly the identity of the FBI employee who altered the document…


This story notes that while the media “are describing Kevin Clinesmith as a low-level lawyer, the inspector general has described Clinesmith as the primary lawyer in Bob Mueller's Russia investigation in 2017.” 

This is why I want to reserve judgement until I actually see the IG’s report.  Right now, there’s too much spin, including a report that the IG will pull a typically unbelievable DC whitewash and claim that while a few low-level staffers made some mistakes, the investigation of Trump’s campaign was launched properly, that innocent people were “appropriately” targeted, and there’s no evidence of deliberate wrongdoing or partisanship by FBI leaders. 


That’s from a CNN report, and it’s definitely what CNN wants us to think (note that it’s filled with their favorite buzzwords like “no evidence” and “discredited conspiracy theory”), so I’ll take it with a grain of salt for now.  But if those are kind of reeking mule muffins this report contains, then it will just be another infuriating, dishonest insult to our intelligence.  Most Americans will rightly see it as nothing but further confirmation of Washington’s double standard that’s been staring us in the face since 2016, when Hillary Clinton was allowed to skate for things that would’ve sent anyone else to prison for decades, while Trump and all his staffers have been put through a relentless investigative ordeal for three straight years, some facing bankruptcy and prison time over minor “process crimes.”   

For now, I’m willing to wait-and-see.  But if the IG report does turn out to be yet another one of those CYA documents in which “mistakes were made” (but by nobody specifically), and nobody had any ulterior motives (despite mountains of evidence to the contrary), then they might as well just toss it in the shredder. If that's the case, then I’ll wait for the Durham investigation, which I hope will lead to some serious and well-deserved indictments. 



The House impeachment hearings may not be over yet, and the final day might be the most interesting of them all, not that that’s a high bar to clear.

It appears that in his chainsawing of the standard rules of House procedure, impeachment proceedings and due process, Adam Schiff overlooked a rule and forgot to specifically rescind it. It’s Minority Witness Rule (Clause 2(j)(1) of Rule XI), which states that the Minority is entitled to one additional day of related hearings at which to call their own witnesses if a majority of the Minority Members make their demand before the committee’s hearing is gaveled closed.” 


Republican Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy has fired off a letter to Adam Schiff, demanding the Republicans’ right under that rule to at least one more day of hearings at which they can call any witnesses they want.  So at long last, these hearings might get good.

This is an appropriate end to this week for Schiff, since the events of this week should have taught him that whether you’re trying to impeach a President or just destroy all the standard rules of proper House procedure, you’d better make sure you do a really thorough job or it will come back and bite you in the end. 



After a week of bad court decisions, here’s one worth celebrating: a judge has ruled that Covington Catholic school student Nicholas Sandmann’s defamation lawsuits against CNN, the Washington Post and NBCUniverisal may all proceed.




After a week of watching allegedly mature adults act like pathetic children in Congress, this is the perfect palate cleanser.  Meet a Huck’s Hero who’s raised over $50,000 to help thousands of homeless veterans…and he’s only eight years old.  Could we possibly elect him to Congress 


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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • Virginia Anderson

    11/24/2019 09:46 PM

    Just when I actually heard the witness say he just PRESUMED what Trump meant, I see the following headline in bold letters in the Chicago Tribune: "C'mon People, Trump DID IT". How can the press conveniently disregard what was actually said in favor of a hateful assumption? Doesn't matter what the truth is, the just keep bloviating about Trump's "guilt" Thank goodness for sites like yours which put out the REAL news.

  • Michael K. Garrett

    11/24/2019 06:19 PM

    I hear that Devin Nunes has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Cartoon News Network, which should start featuring old roadrunner cartoons instead of trying to report the news they think is fit to show viewers. The liberal Democrats and CNN "news" hosts are represented by Wily the Coyote and Republicans and President Trump are symbolized by the roadrunner. How many times is it going to take Wily before he finally realizes he can never catch the roadrunner and will crash and burn every time despite all his devious schemes?

  • Dusty

    11/24/2019 03:12 PM

    Rev. and Gov wish you could go and meet with the President and his kids sit and talk over his tweeting? Got to stop and today I saw where Rev O'Steen brought up the subject on let God be your vindicator keep doing right and he will in time take you to where you are to be? I say this to his White House when I write back off and only be positive talk tweets positive let the rest of us take care of the negative . He is no William Buckley in his use of words or what he may actually mean to say. This whole investigation of the Ukraine is the biggest scam yet? Only if the people who are listening to you get on with Glenn Beck can they get the real truth and the whole Ukraine mess per VP Biden and others? He has the evidence. Many are ignoring not sure why even Fox at times. Even Guiliani has a lot of the evidence that he has kept quiet per the ongoing Congress debacle. Loved when Sondland said he only was using what he presumed or guessed. WHAT? Sounds like subjective not what is the truth? This is our State Dept? Scary.

  • Jerry

    11/24/2019 12:29 PM

    The wife had Fox news on I stepped into the room and lasted about 90 seconds one guest they had on talked about Bloomberg and Trump about who had the most billions of dollars and he went on to say Trump was given some money and used the bankruptcy laws( that Congress set up) to build his business not sure why that is grounds for Impeachment or Hate the guy he was taking advantage of the laws set by Congress perhaps the guest is jealous of our President he berates him at every moment. That is what happens when you are almost wrong on every opinion you have about the President you are inferior to his mental capacity you are lucky U are able to read what others have written for you on your own U are just stupid.

  • s short

    11/24/2019 10:48 AM

    I'm glad you started doing the Sunday newsletter again the last few weeks. I also look forward to the Bible Verse of the Day in it!!

  • Pam Junkersfeld

    11/23/2019 07:50 PM

    Gov, good descriptions above. I just cannot believe all of this is happening in America. Other countries but not here. How in the world are the Dems continuously allowed to spew such hate and commit such hideous crimes in America and get away with it? I pray continuously for our President and country.

  • Ken Truell

    11/23/2019 07:20 PM

    I am hearing conflicting viewpoints on the decision Chick-Fil-A made in regards to the Salvation Army. Franklin Graham spoke to the Cathy family and believes their deciding was not caving to LGTBQ. What is the real deal here?

  • George Borys

    11/23/2019 06:45 PM

    If the GOOD GUYS don't save America now , we along with the rest of the world are TOAST .
    Drain the swamp after all these decades !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Greenwell

    11/23/2019 06:38 PM

    Saw this on a church billboard today: Thanksgiving is not a day, it is a lifestyle! So true.