July 17, 2017

To judge from all the hyperventilating over “Russia, Russia, Russia,” you’d think the Red Army had just crossed the Potomac River. Frankly, I’m tired of all the attempts to inflate this hole-riddled balloon with hot air. About 90% of the stories in the news are “shocking new blockbuster revelations” (“Trump Jr. failed to mention there was another person in the meeting: the Russian translator!”) that are as yawn-inducing as a Michael Moore film festival.

If anyone can point to any evidence of any actual crime committed, then let’s see it. Until then, I’m tired of wasting time, brain cells and pixels on manufactured selective outrage over the election being affected by Russia (the government already admitted it wasn’t – Hillary Clinton lost because she’s Hillary Clinton), collusion (the only collusion that affected the race was the media colluding with the Clinton campaign to undermine Bernie Sanders), or seeking dirt on opponents (which all campaigns do, the Clinton campaign more than most – as newspaper cartoonist Finley Peter Dunne wrote in 1895, “Politics ain’t beanbag.”) From now on, I’m only going to write about stories that mention Russia if I think they contain something that actually newsworthy. I have too many other things to do of greater importance, like rearranging my sock drawer.

Meanwhile, here’s some actual news that you might not have heard: Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit its 25th record high closing since Trump took office, and its 42nd since his election. Overall, the Dow is up 3300 points since Election Day. It might be a good time to remind you of New York Times “economist” Paul Krugman’s Election Night declaration that the falling stock markets would “never” recover from Trump's election. That turned out to be a preview of all the New York Times coverage of Trump to come.

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  • Jody Maas

    07/17/2017 06:20 PM

    So enjoy Mike Huckabee's articles. They are succinct and always understandable. He and several other conservative writers give those of us who proudly declare we are Deplorables hope in our country's and childrens' future. Thank you.