March 9, 2020

Here’s more on Mike Bloomberg’s epic bonfire of money burned for his failed Presidential campaign. It turns out that not only were his ground efforts ineffective but some of his alleged canvassers were actually taking his money and canvassing for other candidates (ahem-Bernie!) and even making up lists of nonexistent voter contacts they hadn’t really even made.

But hey: you can trust all those polls from liberal media outlets! That data is solid!


A large part of what has helped bring back the US economy has been President Trump removing the chains that the Obama Administration put on the oil and gas industry. It’s led not only to less expensive and more reliable fuel supplies for US consumers, but it’s greatly boosted fuel exports, allowed us to sell energy at a profit to allies who no longer have to buy it from Russia (a win-win) and weakened OPEC, leaving us no longer at the mercy of Middle Eastern oil producers.

Naturally, the left thinks that anything that’s helped America stronger must be destroyed, so they’ve targeted our domestic energy industry for extinction (as if they don't have enough to worry about now.) Leftist politicians and celebrities are constantly flying around on private jets to lecture us about how bad fossil fuels are. Joe Biden has promised to destroy US energy jobs and even jail fossil fuel executives for their crimes against Gaia (never mind that thanks to abundant US natural gas, our rise in CO2 output has decreased while those of the self-righteous nations that stayed in the Paris Accord haven’t.)

Well, it appears that the industry is taking this threat seriously enough that they’ve decided to start punching back instead of just being a punching bag. Last week, Pennsylvania natural gas executive Nick DeIuliis, normally the model of the quiet, reserved professional, gave a speech in Pittsburgh signaling that he’s fed up and ready to stand up against the demonization and ridicule of his industry. He stressed that he doesn’t mean all Democrats, some of whom are supportive of his industry, but “a cabal of misguided, insulated elites.” He called them an “extremist leftist elite whose common trait is that they are anti-capitalist, anti-middle class, anti-individual, and frankly, anti-American."

He also threw a punch at hypocritical tech companies and pension and hedge fund managers who badmouth and divest from the domestic energy industry while doing huge business with China, the biggest polluter in the world.

Pennsylvania is a crucial swing state that helped elect President Trump, and that the Democrats are desperate to win back. Can they do it while declaring open war on many Pennsylvanians’ jobs, offering nothing in return but vaporous promises of government handouts, “retraining” and “good-paying new green jobs” that seldom materialize? Trump is going to fight hard to win Pennsylvania and other energy-producing states. Mr. DeIuliis’ speech is a welcome sign that he won’t be fighting that battle alone, and that some Americans whom the left has gotten away with demonizing for a long time are at last finding inspiration in Trump and starting to fight back.


Former New York mayor and current Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was back before the cameras the weekend after Super Tuesday, stating bluntly what many have been thinking about Joe Biden’s rising number of inexplicable "gaffes."

On Saturday’s WATTERS WORLD, he said, “I think that Bernie was so frightening that they picked the man that is showing obvious signs of dementia, which is astounding. Because if you consider that what he’s displaying gets worse, what’s he going to be like three years from now? If he doesn’t know what state he’s in and can’t figure out who his wife is? And if he thinks 150 million people, which is half the population, roughly, in America, got killed, then what’s he going to be like two years from now when that illness gets worse? ...We’re dealing with who should be the President of the United States, and we shouldn’t pussyfoot around this. The man has something wrong with him, and it’s serious.”

(It should be noted that Biden’s campaign denies that he has any mental or health issues, and I don't endorse diagnosing people at a distance.)

But as for Bernie being frightening, the question follows, “Frightening to whom?” Sad to say, Bernie’s socialist and even pro-communist views aren’t frightening at all to some in his party, particularly the activists, many of whom are downright Marxist revolutionaries. It’s just that they know his increasing tendency towards outspokenness on the issue of socialism won’t help him in the general election. In other words, they lament that Bernie doesn’t realize he’s only supposed to praise Castro when he’s in a crowd consisting exclusively of far-left party activists who share that view. Oops!

Imagine how desperate Democrats are to defeat President Trump –- how much they must hate him. Given the choice of 1) a hardline, ranting socialist, or 2) a less outspoken “moderate” who is embracing every far-left idea in his party and who might be suffering cognitive decline, they would vote for either one in a heartbeat. The only reason they’re showing preference for Biden over Bernie is that they perceive the hardline socialist would have a harder time winning.

Of course, it’s not the real Donald Trump they hate, but a caricature that they themselves have created, with plenty of help from the all-too-eager media. They’re brainwashed into hating a fictional character: a racist simpleton who hates gays, Muslims and women, who puts children in cages, who cares only for himself and has never helped anyone else in his life, who has said all Mexicans crossing the border are rapists, who aspires to be a dictator and who is an agent of Vladimir Putin. Who wouldn’t want to defeat THAT, even if it had to be by someone of diminished capacity, as long as he had a sharp VP hovering close by?

That’s the way Democrats rationalize what they’re doing. The flaw in their argument is that none of this characterization of Trump is true. In fact, I could easily make the case that the opposite is true. They’ve created a huge orange straw man to hate and to take down.

To make this happen, the party machinery has obviously decided to choose Biden over Bernie, and that’s why the other candidates are falling into line now behind Biden. They’re looking at what they can get in the new administration should the Dems (shudder) win, and they know Bernie won’t be the one at the top of that ticket. Maybe they’d like to be chosen as Biden’s running mate. Poor things --- don’t they realize that Party leaders are already factoring in that any VP of Biden’s will have to be the person the Party intends to be the next “real” President? Sorry, failed candidates, Biden’s #2 won’t be any of you. With stakes this huge, it’ll have to be a superstar, a powerful hard-hitter: maybe Michelle Obama (the more palatable choice) or Hillary Clinton (the more pushy choice). How could you also-rans possibly believe you have a chance against either of them?

The DNC just has to keep Biden going a few months longer, while they use him. Adam Corolla, speaking on FOX NEWS’ THE NEXT REVOLUTION with Steve Hilton, had a great idea: The Democrats could borrow the idea from CYRANO DE BERGERAC and have someone off-camera, a real-life “Cyrano,” feeding Biden the words to say. I’d call it “Cyrano de Bidenac.”

Giuliani acknowledged that Biden has always been gaffe-prone but went to say, “...Right now, we’ve got something worse going on. What I see --- I mean, I’ve had relatives, and I think we probably all have.” Speaking to the media, he said, “If you can’t figure out what’s going on with Joe Biden right now, then you’re covering up. And if you can’t figure out that he was involved in the bribery, then you’re really so naive, you shouldn’t be covering anything...I investigated lots of crimes; this would be one of the easier ones to prove. Knock-down easy – documents, audio tapes, videotapes, confessions; you don’t need anything else.”

Giuliani suggested the one defense there might be: that Biden was “so out of it,” he was actually telling the truth when he said he didn’t know about his family’s under-the-table financial activities. Under normal conditions, any father would want to know how his inexperienced, addiction-plagued son made so much money.

"If he really doesn’t know that his brother and his son were selling him out for 20 years and became multi-millionaires, then he belongs somewhere else, not in the White House, and you know where he belongs,” said Giuliani. Of course, that argument is academic, as Giuliani claims to have witnesses who will swear that Biden was well aware of what he calls the “Biden family enterprise.” He says the only reason it’s affecting the presidential race now is that it wasn’t investigated when he brought it up in February. It was covered up “by the press, by the Democrats, with the lies that the case had been debunked.”

Democrats who would run a damaged-goods candidate for President in a scheme to get their power back, are, as Giuliani said, “completely corrupted by the coverage they get...You know, if someone’s not disciplined for doing something wrong, they do it again and again...Now, Biden and Hillary Clinton don’t believe in a million years that they’re going to get punished for the kinds of crimes they commit, for which all of us would go to jail. The press enables them.”

If we don’t change this, he said, America doesn’t have much a future in terms of equal justice for both Republicans and Democrats and getting politics out of the justice system.

Giuliani also offered an interesting parallel: When he looks back on his encounters with Robert Mueller regarding the special counsel investigation, he recalls that Mueller seemed “out of it.” (And, of course, we all noticed this during congressional testimony on “his” report that he hadn't even seemed to have read.) Giuliani theorizes that Mueller was chosen to oversee that investigation precisely because he’d “let the animals run the zoo.” That could be what they’re planning for the White House as well.

Here’s the whole interview, which details some of the compelling evidence on the Biden-Ukraine scandal Giuliani says he has…

And we’re not the only ones to notice the fact that, since Biden has emerged as the Democrat frontrunner, the helpful media are focusing on defending Hunter by attacking any investigation of him as political…

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  • Carl "T" Smith

    03/11/2020 09:40 PM

    The POWER hungry Politicians [aka Democrats and RINO's] have no desire to Protect much less DEFEND the document they swore an OATH to. I have to compare them to the "Leaders" of the Boy Scouts of America being driven to bankruptcy while folding like a cheap card table to the demands of the LGBTQ MISFITS.

  • Ruby Howell

    03/10/2020 08:13 PM

    I agree with you that Biden is mentally suffering from a stage of dementia. If elected he would only be a puppet President in the hands of the Democrats&/or his running mate. This is as scary as Sanders winning the Presidency.

  • rodney burke

    03/10/2020 01:52 PM

    yes, The media is ultimately the problem and that needs to be cleaned up. Hunter investigation is NOT political, it's criminal. Rudi AND BARR I'm sure are more focused on what happened and the political side of the Ukraine and the players there in. Espionage and sedition, graft and corruption are not political, they are criminal in nature. So the press can shut UP.

    No, we do NOT need a leftist in any form anywhere NEAR the WH. It is apparent that Joe is not long for this world. Hilary who is a first class sociopath is not fit to be there. Michelle who is NOT michelle has zero qualifications to be president. None. We've had one faggot and a tranny in the WH and what a disaster that was and it's documented. Do we want the faggot in the WH again With someone who is NOT who they say they are and totally unqualified to even be there? I don't think so!

  • Melinda Long

    03/10/2020 11:36 AM

    very interesting read...American needs to wake up to the fact that Biden is NOT the will be his VP......Sad and scary

  • Jerry k

    03/10/2020 10:14 AM

    Thx for being on Fox this morning the network needs u on daily my question today is the only concerns for voting for one or the other nitwits is simply to beat trump the nit wits do not explain what their plans are they talk about the past and can’t explain how to pay for healthcare for all The voter and candidates make no sense the voter is blind to what they will get if their candidate gets elected irresponsible

  • Bernadette

    03/10/2020 10:11 AM

    Why are people buying up toilet paper and water? Do they cure the corona virus? Does this in some way protect them? I understand having an extra supply of stuff in case of emergency. More people die daily from cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, and the flu. I do not get the hysteria? People die everyday and the world does not stop because they died. We are cancelling college and students are having to take all their classes on line that were attending UCSD. Concerts and other events being cancelled. Are we all going to climb into bubbles until we starve to death? This is so stupid and ridiculous....

  • Jerry Korba

    03/10/2020 09:22 AM

    It is time for the us to bring back our production of all medical supplies and if we are to have high tech we have to make the parts here it’s time to take our deteriorating communities and put in new production plants for all industries this global and dependence on other countries is suicidal. Bring back companies that want to come back otherwise start up new companies the country has plenty of space if we need to demolish Buildings the infrastructure is there so to offset the cost of demolition the electric water sewer will be there for hook up we are independent of OPEC let’s become completely independent of most industries

  • David E. Miller

    03/10/2020 02:39 AM

    In fact, we have to be far more concerned with who Joe Biden chooses as his running mate than with Quid Pro Quo Joe himself. We also need to be concerned with the Left's mission to revitalize the Deep State, as well as the radicalization of the Left's vision for America.

  • Douglas Pinckney

    03/09/2020 11:10 PM

    Governor Mike,

    I can't help but thinking how people who call themselves Americans and yet hate everything America stands for, believes in, fights for and has stood for since it's birth, like Bernie and All the leftist extremists. For an immigrant to become a citizen of our great country, they have to study, be taught some of our history and learn to recite our anthems and pledge of allegiance. I doubt any of these leftist extremists could become citizens in their beliefs and stature. There's no way that even Bernie whispers under his breath "under God" when he recites the pledge. When they become elected officials like Senator or Representative, don't they have to swear to uphold the constitution?
    Shouldn't all of their citizenships be revoked and have to resign from any administration status even paid public service, but in fact, be given a one-way ticket to their choice of one of the communist countries...and quit trying to turn our country into one.
    Either live here and love it, or leave.

  • Darwin Drake

    03/09/2020 10:47 PM

    To my way of thinking all far left demorats have mental shortages beyond normal. Put any one of them in the white house and this country will be lost. Just listening to their debates was frightening! If any one of them get elected it will show the mental status of this country. I will then understand why the USA is not mentioned in the Bible, we won't be here. The Christian population of this country better get out and vote this coming election year if this country is going to have a chance surviving the next 8, maybe even 4 years. If the Christians all do vote and we still lose, by by USA.

  • Michael Murphy

    03/09/2020 09:21 PM

    Biden is not the issue. He's not capable nor qualified to take on the job. The issue is the VP pick as he/she will be president shortly after Joey takes office (hypothetically that is, he won't win). Joey is just a well qualified marionette, whose strings are pulled by his old boss, Obama. He may pick Hillary, in which case I give him about 6 weeks to live post election; he'll just be another friend who committed suicide, #57 I think. If you count non-friends it's about twice that . It's still not too late for Mitt to switch and throw his hat in the ring. He has disgraced himself as a Republican so he'll fit right in with the Dems. He'll run on a "I've seen the liberal light" jingle and attempt to be their new golden boy. He'd be more appealing than Joey and just as easily played.

  • Tara Walsh

    03/09/2020 09:03 PM

    Thankyou, Governor Huckabee. This has to be the most comprehensive, accurate synopsis of the Biden, corruption, poisoned media and twisted left all in one piece. Brilliance, that every American should be required to read. I don't think it could have been said any better, and you covered it all. I look forward to you every day, you never disappoint.

  • Arlene Mathews

    03/09/2020 09:02 PM

    It is concerning that no one questions Jill Biden’s intention whe she does not seem concerned about her husband, JOE Biden’s health. Quite to the contrary she answers questions for him, makes excuses, and defends any memory “slips” he might make. Is it not obvious to anyone that she seems to be driven to make it to the White House? She remembers the taste of being Second Lady. She seems determined to be First Lady. She would have the title and the power while the selected Vice President fills the vacancy for an incapacitated President.

  • Eva Woods

    03/09/2020 08:37 PM

    I truly believe that the reason for the rabid frenzy of hate that is coming from the Left/Democrats is spiritual warfare. The Enemy hates President Trump’s bold pro-life stand, his pro-Israel stand, and his stand for religious freedom. Thank You for all that you do to encourage “We the People” and keep us honestly informed. You are a blessing.

  • Charles Simmons

    03/09/2020 08:14 PM

    We still are waiting to find out whether USA will return to an objectively administered “justice system” or continue with a bifurcated “all for ‘just us’ lawless democrats -- undue penalties for lawful conservatives” system.
    For many recent decades the dismally lawless democrats have been ascendant.
    The long-expected report from U.S. Attorney Durham should help illustrate likely path forward.

  • Kay DeWitt

    03/09/2020 08:12 PM

    While your newsletters are filled with such valuable information because it exposes the insanity of non-realities for the lies that author their often, as I've expressed to you before...there is something you state that inspires what I write because it relates to my particular "mission" to try and do MY part in taking a stand for the TRUTH that can set this country free from the lies that have put it in bondage to the father of lies....the end-product of which can only BE insanity!

    SO....the statement you made that is inspiring me to make a response to is:

    "Nick DeIuliis, normally the model of the quiet, reserved professional, gave a speech in Pittsburgh signaling that he’s fed up and ready to stand up against the demonization and ridicule of his industry."

    I can rewrite that statement: "Christians, who are normally the model of the quiet, reserved Sunday church goer, are beginning to give speeches during their church services, signaling that they are getting fed up and ready to take a stand against the demoniztion of the biblical values they so cherish and the ridicule (rather than support) of the President they...and their love!"

  • Judy McGlothlin

    03/09/2020 08:07 PM

    Someone suggested that if Hilliary is Vice President to Biden or Bernie, neither one of them has long to live.

  • Ellen Klapperich

    03/09/2020 07:53 PM

    I took a poll recently, the question asked was if you believe the media to report honestly. This poll breaks down by sex,age and political affiliation. When I polled, 50.4% of democrats polled that yes they believed the there's that.

  • Roger F Zelinsky

    03/09/2020 07:44 PM

    Mike, you need to remember (and wonder about) who Biden's supporters are. Anyone who cannot recognize the signs of early dementia would be the answer.

  • Jody Price

    03/09/2020 07:43 PM

    Why isn't Hillary in jail? We all know that she's killed more people than the plague.

  • Anne Turner

    03/09/2020 07:37 PM

    Dear Governor,
    I heard today that a middle “spirit day” where kids are allowed to wear anything they want as long as it is not profane, or racist, or sexist, reasonable rules. No one said anything about politics. So some of the kids wore MAGA hats. They were made to remove them. One boy was singled out in the lunch room publicly. He was taunted. One teacher was heard to say that if you wear one of those hats your a racist, etc. no other children were forced to take off anything. The parents of these kids are not pleased. They said the kids must have been brainwashed by the parents. This boy’s father said that is his son is a mature 14 year old who is perfectly capable of thinking for himself about such things. No wonder people are homeschooling or putting their kids in private schools. Okay, I can see why administrators might be.
    Concerned about these hats causing friction in our highly charged culture, but in that case the rule should be, no political adornment at all.
    I am coming up on eighty this year. While I forget names, or why I’m in a room occasionally, that is not so different than I’ve always been. No one has accused me of losing it or even suggested it. However, there is no way men the age of these DNC candidates have the energy to sustain the life of a president. Think of what that person has to think about everyday, changing subjects all day long, then do some public speaking and host numerous people. Biden and Bernie would be easily manipulated by staff. The VP would be chosen based on anticipating ascending to the Presidency rather quickly. Michele or Hilary are apt choices, although I think most Dems want Hilary to go sip some Chardonnay and be quiet.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/09/2020 07:22 PM

    The day of Pelosi sitting in the sun while disrespecting our President are numbered the sun is sinking on her let her stand in the shadows and let her rip the hate mail she receives everyday while our President works to Make America Great and Keep it Great The best thing for old nancie to do is watch how to build a country watch our President and grind your teeth to the gum line we got the video on how to destroy the country by watching you old Nancie, it may look a little like your winning now enjoy yourself while the country works its way out of this difficult time and we will, old nancie by Nov 3 rd your teeth will be gone and so will you and your new heading Loser of the House title.

  • George Curl

    03/09/2020 06:55 PM

    The DNC just needs Biden lonf enough to broker the convention. Hillary is waiting hoping to be drafted along with several others. We have to concentrate on the down ballot candidates and not get complacent about Trump winning in a landslide.
    While all this is going on, the media is screaming "We're all going to die" and The Saudis and Russians are in a spitting contest trying to put each other out of the energy business. We all need to step back, take a deep breath of fresh air and relax for a moment.

  • Lawrence Foster

    03/09/2020 06:51 PM

    If the democrats continue and nominate bloviatin' Joe Biden, it will be the second time in a row they have tried to foist a candidate on the electorate who displayed obvious diminished cognitive abilities.

  • Ken Johnson

    03/09/2020 06:31 PM

    Dementia is a sad condition. My mother-in-law has a severe case and is in a locked unit of a care home. I have to admit with no disrespect, she is entertaining. I find Joe Biden’s gaffs entertaining as well. It beats anything late night tv has to offer for comedy.