Bulletin: Manafort indicted

October 30, 2017

As expected, special counsel Robert Mueller executed an indictment this morning in the probe of Russian collusion in the election, but there’s still some question as to whether it has anything to do with Russian collusion in the election. The target, again as expected, was one-time Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, plus a former business associate, Rick Gates.

It’s not yet clear what the charges are, but they reportedly involve alleged money-laundering relating to failure to report at least $12 million in prior payments for their firm to act as political consultants for the pro-Russia former Ukrainian president, news of which got Manafort fired from Trump’s campaign and replaced by Kellyanne Conway. How that allegedly helped Vladimir Putin steal the election for Donald Trump months later is something we’ll have to wait for the great minds of our age, like Chelsea Handler, to explain.

But it got all that talk about Obama, Hillary and selling one-fifth of our uranium to Russia out of the headlines. So there’s that.



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  • Anita David

    10/30/2017 08:30 PM

    Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Hillary, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Eric Holder, Obama & members of FBI & DOJ who were complicitous - & the only indictment we get is Manafort for some ambiguous, undisclosed connection to the all-elusive "Russia Collusion" which has clearly become Hillary/DNC/Russia collusion?