June 15, 2020


Sunday, June 14th, was Flag Day, which commemorates the date in 1777 when the Second Continental Congress adopted the US flag, with 13 alternating red and white stripes and 13 white stars on a blue background. But if you missed Flag Day, don’t worry: it’s the first day of National Flag Week, so you can feel free to fly your flag all week. In fact, feel free to fly it every day of the year, and don’t let anyone tell you that doing so makes you a racist, fascist, xenophobe or any other word that certain college graduates who can’t even spell those words like to call people.

Mostly, feel free to fly the American flag because it is the symbol of everything that makes you feel free. Although, sadly, these days, simply flying the American flag may be seen as a brave act that will require vigilance.

But then, keeping the American flag flying has always required vigilance against America’s enemies, which is why it’s so appropriate that Flag Day and the birthday of the US Army fall on the same date. June 14th, 1775, was the date when the Continental Congress officially adopted “the American Continental Army.”

And by coincidence (or maybe not), it was also President Donald Trump’s 74th birthday. Trump issued his Flag Day Proclamation, which this year honored the flag, the military and also health care workers for their sacrifices in fighting the coronavirus. Trump said that the flag represents the unity of our country and its people, and the sacrifices made by patriots from generation to generation to preserve our freedoms, and that “today, and every day, I am proud to join my fellow Americans in standing tall and saluting our great American flag.”

Did you ever think a day would come when it would be considered by some to be “controversial” to talk about American unity, honoring previous generations who fought for America, and standing and saluting the flag?


A new round of violent protests broke out in Atlanta over the weekend, following the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks, a black man who was asleep in his car in a Wendy’s parking lot when police were called to investigate. Body cam video shows that the questioning of Brooks was polite and professional. But after he failed a breathalyzer test (his BAC was nearly .11%, and he didn’t even know what county he was in), they attempted to cuff him and he suddenly began fighting them.

Police say that Brooks grabbed a stun gun from one of the officers and ran, and while chasing him, he turned and pointed something at them, and they fired and killed him. He had reportedly been pointing the stun gun, but the officers say they couldn’t tell that in the dark. In such a situation, police have a split second to decide whether to fire or risk death by hesitating. (Warning: the police video at this link is very disturbing and contains foul language.)

The police chief has already resigned, and an investigation is underway, but that didn’t prevent both peaceful protests and violent rioting. Someone even burned down the Wendy’s, which had nothing to do with it. There’s a $10,000 reward for the arson suspect, who is reportedly a white female, most likely part of the radical left agitators who claim to be seeking justice for black people. Except now the black neighborhood has lost both a business and eating place, and the employees have lost their jobs.

It’s terrible that such a thing happened, and at such a sensitive time. Our prayers for Mr. Brooks and his family (he mentioned having young daughters in the police video, which is heartbreaking) and for justice to prevail. But this is what I warned about recently when I said that the rush to indict the cops in Minnesota due to mob violence was a worrisome trend since a similar situation was bound to arise, but not so clear-cut. Now the mob will demand instant retribution. But a careful, thorough investigation doesn’t just protect the cops’ due process rights. It also protects the integrity of the system and prevents acquittal by sloppy prosecutorial work.

Burning down a Wendy’s is bad enough. Let’s not burn down the entire justice system while we’re at it.


(I think this is a very important message, so I want to share it with you in every way that I can, and I hope you will share it, too.)

Maybe the only news you’ve heard this week is bad news about armed Antifa terrorists taking over six blocks of Seattle with the local government standing around with their hands in their pockets. Or the disgusting video of some classless hooligans re-enacting the death of George Floyd by having a guy standing on the neck of another as the funeral procession passed by. Or the sheer stupid stuff such as HBO not airing “Gone With the Wind” anymore because it depicted a dark time in our history when the scourge of slavery still existed. Or taking the children’s TV show “Paw Patrol” off because one of the dogs was a police dog.

But getting less attention is the powerful story of a young white man in of all places, Selma, Alabama, who was randomly targeted as he was out for a run and was shot by a black man who had announced earlier that he was going out to kill some white people. As the young white man was taken into the Emergency Room, he told the medical staff that he hoped that his being shot would not lead to more violence or hate and that he was praying for the person who shot him to find forgiveness and God’s grace. That young man, who I talked to on the phone Wednesday night as he recovered in a Birmingham hospital awaiting another surgery to heal his wounds, showed that the battle in America right now is not political, economic, or racial. It’s spiritual.

There’s even more to the story to reveal that God was working in the midst of an evil, Satanic attack. Two men who happened to be nearby in a pickup truck witnessed the shooting and hurried to assist the victim. One had been given a tourniquet three days before, from a friend who told him he ought to keep it in his truck in case he ever needed it. At the time, he just thought it a strange gift. Three days later, his having it saved a man’s life - a man who would be more concerned about the soul of the one who tried to murder him than for his own life.

Selma didn’t erupt in violence or riots as it had in the 60’s. It erupted in prayer and forgiveness. It was not led by a politician or an activist, but by a man in his 20’s who ironically is adopting a non-white child.

It reminds me of what happened in Charleston, South Carolina, when a crazed white man went to the historic Emmanuel AME church on prayer meeting night and, after being asked to be part of the gathering, took out a gun and murdered nine black people in cold blood as they were in the act of praying for him. Yet riots, mobs or mass violent demonstrations didn’t materialize in Charleston because the people of the church and even the families of those slain said they didn’t want violence but forgiveness and reconciliation. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who lives in Charleston, was on our show to discuss how God intervened to help heal the community. And a daughter of one of the black murder victims was also on our show and described how she came to forgive the evil white man who shot and killed her father. I sat in awe of her as she spoke of God’s grace in her life.

Neither of those stories from Charleston or Selma led to hate-filled mobs burning businesses, looting stores or increased violence. They led to Godly people leading their communities to ask God to intervene with grace and forgiveness. The solution wasn’t a racial re-alignment or “social justice” or economic intervention or political change. It was divine intervention in which healing came from hurt.

I’ve not shared the young man’s name from Selma out of respect for his family and his privacy, but I have his permission to tell his story and to urge people to not be angry or bitter, but to love, forgive, and exemplify the love of Christ.

So if America survives these difficult days, it likely won’t be because of the familiar faces of famous people who lead, but rather because loving, Godly people whose names and faces are not familiar to most of us led us by example. And we should all surrender to being THAT kind of Christian.


In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen the results of giving in to the rabid, Twitter-bred “social justice warrior” cancel culture. They have people so terrified of being branded as racist and cast out of society that it’s emboldened them to the fever pitch of medieval witch burners. Sometimes, it seems as if they’re just closing their eyes, throwing a dart, and whatever it hits gets mauled. They’ve attacked everything from statues of prominent abolitionists to the 33-year-old TV show “Cops” and the British sitcom “Fawlty Towers” to “Gone With The Wind” to Hawaiian shirts (yes, Hawaiian shirts.) And as I wrote last week, one of the top SJWs recently targeted Cracker Barrel restaurants, saying that something about the name just “feels racist.”

Well, here’s a story that happened in a Cracker Barrel restaurant. I’m sure that the SJWs won’t like it because it upends every divisive narrative that they’re trying to promote.

I suppose I should point out that this moving story of racial harmony and mutual respect between the police and the citizens did not take place in a big city run for decades by “progressive” Democrats. It took place in Moody, Alabama, so that makes it a lot less surprising to me.

If you’d like to see the fundraising page for the family of the slain police officer whose sacrifice prompted the act of generosity by the black citizen (and maybe to donate), it’s right here:

I have to warn you, though, before you read his obituary, to watch out for shattered pieces of liberal media narratives about evil cops.

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  • Judi Fey

    06/16/2020 10:46 PM

    The libs, D's, Progressives have gone absolutely nuts. They are like little children who, when they don't get their way, throw temper tantrums and melt down. Meanwhile, it was OK for hundreds of people to gather to protest, not social distancing, not wearing masks. Their rights were just fine. But the rest of us who just wanted a get-together for a wedding, birthday or party were limited to 10, 50, or whatever our state said was OK. Really? I will not apologize for being white. I will remember the quotas when qualifications were thrown out the door and black people had to be hired even though they were not qualified. Standards were lowered to accommodate them and the rest of us had to basically do their jobs (firing them took an act of God). So many programs were paid for by taxpayers to help pull blacks up - scholarships only for blacks, college entrance requirements waived, tutoring K-12 - I could go on and on. This assistance was not given to whites, Latinos, Orientals. Everybody counts or nobody counts. Organizations like BLM and other special interest groups are all dividing us. There needs to be one organization - ALL lives matter.

  • Joyce Birch

    06/16/2020 04:51 PM

    We fly our flag 24/7, (1 in front & a smaller one in our backyard) except if we're going to have severe weather. There isn't much I can say, but, I'm so upset to see what's happening to our beautiful country & it extends around the world. Nothing but destruction of history & communities & there's no stopping it. I keep praying. Sometimes, I think I'm having a nightmare, but it's not. Since they're banning movies, TV programs, will they consider Alex Haley's book & TV series, Roots. This series was worst than Gone With The Wind!
    How about Amistad (1839), true story? How about Mississippi Burning (3 young boys murdered? There are so many movies & books, are they going to demand to destroy them. I guess the word is "demand", don't ask, don't say please, or say thank you. Thank you for another great read.

  • Dallas Gutacker

    06/16/2020 03:33 PM

    When is the news media (namely FOX since we won't hear it from anyone else) going to collaborate what Candance Owens has seemed to show that all contributions to the BLM goes directly to the Democrats chauffeurs? Nobody has addressed this issue or maybe nobody cares.

    The other issue is that I'm appalled that the Shreiff in Texas, and others, are upset that the vigilante group who helped to keep the statues from being torn down and probably a town or two from becoming torched as being unwelcomed just because one of the rioters got shot! The looter/rioter got what he deserved and the vigilante groups are well needed. There are just too many cowards in government who are allowing these jerks to take over. Who are we kidding! It's time to take back our cities and protect the citizens of the towns and not allowing these rioters get away with everything in the name of BLM. I mean, give me a break! And then to have the news media all claim that this is allowed since they're just having a "block party" or "expressing their frustration". I think a lot of us could express a lot of things to them if we wanted to. And then the pollsters claim that the majority backs BLM. Give me a break!! All who were polled were probably fearful for their lives if they answered anything else. I felt sorry for the nurse that was trapped and forced to kneel and confess her "whiteness". She was probably scared to death and just wanted to get out of that situation alive. When is our president going to move and take over? I, and many others, think this has been left out of hand for way too long. I know he's probably weighing the political fallout if he moves in too soon but this is way out of control. I agree with you, cut the utilities / services and jam the cell towers. It will all come to an end pretty soon if that's done. Followed up with some military or Police that actually care and lets boot the wimps out of office!

  • Vicki Kuhl

    06/16/2020 10:11 AM

    As I sit outside at a public restaurant that is struggling to survive, having a breakfast and being served by a waitress, I have tears in my eyes as to what this great country is struggling to survive. It's not the virus, nor the politics or the police. It is our heart that is the problem. What an inspiring young man that was shot and testified at the same time. He is the hero today and the way out. It is about forgiving and being kind and walking in each others shoes for just a small while that maybe our hearts can be opened and we can breathe and feel and see. Thank you for sharing the story and the good news we so desperately need. I raise my cup to you and to the good in life.

  • Janice Zebell

    06/16/2020 09:29 AM

    I've been flying American flag since 9/11 on my car. I've received only one overt negative comment from a driver in the next lane from me and one time when I was in a store, someone cut the flag off, leaving just the plastic pole. When I got home, I immediately replaced it.

  • June Slemp

    06/16/2020 09:05 AM

    This is not for publication but I would appreciate Gov.Mike seeing it. I had several relatives growing up who were alive during reconstruction. Some of our family experiences were far from good. Revisionist history is really horrible. The elements leading the current revolt can be truly seen for what they are. Extortion given in to only generates greater demands. There will never be enough concessions to appease this current thurst for absolute power.

  • Timothy Ward

    06/16/2020 08:22 AM

    Hello Mr. Huckabee
    I would like to share a moment to express extreme thanks to you, for posting the "Verse of the Day".

    For the past 3 weeks my wife and I have been on pins and needles as we had been waiting on the results from the tests of our only son's medical condition.

    Each day we read your chosen verse, and it was if through Divine intervention they hit home to our hearts. We received the final results yesterday evening, and combined with prayers from friends and family, your Verse if the Day, and a lot of time, talking with God, I am rejoicing to tell you Liam, our only son, has no brain tumor, or cancer Amen!

    It doesn't matter how old your child is, no parent, wants to go through that dreadful time of guessing, unknowing, and worry.

    You sadly report on a lot of hatred spewed by leftist, domestic terrorist, and a deceitful, vile press, but you need to know, that this simple verse you share, means so much and I am sincerely thankful for it! God Bless you Mr. Huckabee! You made a huge difference.

  • Dale Hardy

    06/16/2020 07:12 AM

    Please put more stories of racial reconciliation on this post. I wish you could get your program back on network TV so that more of us could watch. They don't show here over the air in INDY.

  • Lisa Ford

    06/16/2020 04:48 AM

    When I grew up, we had full respect of our flag. Knew the rules for displaying the flag. But then the 60's hit, dr joyce brothers & dr spock. How to ruin a society. The woodshed talks were replaced with timeout. And mothers having to be bread winners, mom & dad, cause whoops; dads went MIA. What happened to our culture that worked? When everyone is doing the God appointed tasks they were called to do, it runs like a well oiled machine. Multitasking is not good to do, when at a time in your life, is calling for parenting 101. God's ways do work better. We weren't perfect at it, but society was a lot safer. And when a child does wrong, instead of babying them & giving a timeout, cause that's easier on the adult, be a parent. Teach right from wrong. I am not talking abuse, just proper discipline. Now we are stuck with a bunch of brats, that truly don't know which end is up & have no respect for anyone. Thanks a lot parents for letting tv & computers parent your kids, while you shurked your duties. Only Jesus can help us out of this mess. It really is a sin issue. Sin of disobedience of not being parents & fighting for the safety & well being of your families, which in turn keeps our country safe.


    06/16/2020 03:40 AM

    Love your show and your news letter, Just wanted to say,I hope the scales fall from their eyes soon,before its too late(the trouble makers). A country divided cannot stand,but then again that's what they want. God Bless You

  • Katheen Flanagan

    06/16/2020 03:15 AM

    Brooks had been IN PRISON for beating his children. He was released early due to the corona virus. He was NOT the innocent victim the media is portraying him to be. He BEAT HIS CHILDREN SO SEVERELY HE WENT TO PRISON FOR IT. Had he NOT been released early by liberal idiots, this would have never happened....

  • Leo Draegert

    06/16/2020 01:20 AM

    It is said to watch and wait! Gods plan is being unveiled right before our eyes. All of this can be found in revaluations in the Bible. Which was pointed out to me one time as basic instructions before leaving earth! Yes things are out of hand by the people, but not by God. Just so many people who don't love them self or share with others a love of fellow man. God will settle this sooner than we think.

  • Twyla Welty

    06/16/2020 12:52 AM

    With only 5 months to go, when will the presidential debates begin? I am looking forward to hearing Trump and Biden discuss views on issues.

  • Terrie O'Neal

    06/15/2020 11:50 PM

    Thankyou Mike for the wonderful story of the Black man who picked up the 4 Coppers (as they say in England- smile) breakfast tickets and of the hugging going on. You bring a lot of balance to the out of balance traitorists in the 'regressive' movement. Boy howdy have they brainwashed a lot of people on their 'regressive' ideas. BUT GOD!!!!!!!! Still praying, and standing up and speaking up!
    Siccum!!!!!!! Terrie O'Neal P.S. - the small town of Snohomish, Washington had some 'constitutionalists' who were - armed - stand up to the 'thugs' who threatened to terrorize the town. The 'thugs' backed down! Praise you Jesus. I had the privledge of meeting one of those young people today - as I was working in my upper pasture - pulling nasty - sticky ball weeds - and we got to talking (she worked in the clinic where I had PT this past winter on one shoulder that has carried way too many 22 ft. ladders- smile.) I told her it was delightful to meet someone of the younger generation who actually knows what the Constitution says AND is willing to stand up for it as well as defend the town! (We both live in the county- but its 'our' town) Thought you might want to hear some good news. The Gov. in our State and the Mayor are -leftists to the core! I called Attrny Gen. Barr's comment phone when Gov. Dimslee (Inslee)- said if the churches don't do as he says, he will shut them down permanently. Our Pres. referred to 'Dimslee' as a 'stick'- that is about it! I can't remember what he called the Mayor of Seattle - but I can tell you it was priceless! Stay tuned from - as the world 'churns' in Wa. State.- Terrie O'Neal (smile)

  • Bonnie R. Parvino

    06/15/2020 11:30 PM

    I did not write an angry ---full of hate----letter to our duly elected President.>>> Yet, there is one with signature on (not mine) that was sent to me that I supposedly wrote. What do I do ---Perhaps someone can tell me what to do with this misinformation on my computer. >>>> I wish you well, Mike Huckabee It is not easy to remain nice to people that are not being nice but you do a great job. God bless. Bonnie Parvino

  • Donald Endicott

    06/15/2020 09:46 PM

    We usually fly our flags, one in the front yard and one in the back yard.

  • Tania Larson

    06/15/2020 09:40 PM

    Thank you so much for your writings. I am a 73 yr old woman who has always maintained an interest in government. But my most treasured moments of my life have been walking with Jesus since a teenager. Your writings bring truth and Justice to the forefront, while allowing for the grace of Jesus to shine through. I truly appreciate all you have done for our country in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord...Thank you and may the Lord bless you during these trying times and always...

  • Darrell McKinnon

    06/15/2020 09:15 PM

    You are so right on target as usual Governor, it is a spiritual battle right now with spiritual wickedness in high places. I wish every man called “reverend” in this country would realize it too instead of twisting God’s word to try to stir up more wickedness as Al Sharpton did. The BLM movement is getting a lot of press and it seems our politicians are bowing down in hopes to defeat President Trump. The mayor in Seattle is trying to make it a love fest and lying to everyone about how wonderful everything is in Seattle to provoke our president into doing something so they can use it against him to defeat him. Hopefully, our president will ignore it and let her deal with her problem on her own. She’ll tire soon enough and then they can cut off all their comforts and the occupy folks will disperse. It sure looks like the world is in preparation to receive the Antichrist as all these rioters need a leader. Very scary times that we live in. If only the National guard had been called the first day in Minnesota. We might be in a better state now.

  • Clinton McClure

    06/15/2020 08:52 PM

    Rayshard Brooks was not asleep in the Wendy's parking lot, he was passed out or asleep in the Drive thru line and blocking traffic.

  • Barney Flint

    06/15/2020 07:45 PM

    Gov Huckabee, Again I do not know what or how to begin. Your daily briefing is a light in the darkness of the daily news that attempts to take all of America down the path to the darkness that it appears that the socialists/demonrats want the world to descend into. I truly fear that there has already been so much discord that there is not going to be any way out of another civil war. This one will not be the same as the first one however. It is my belief that this one will see the near extinction of the black communities as well as the demonrat socialists. I just hope that I can manage to stay out of the way during the fight. Not that I am afraid of fighting, just now being in the "older" group, fighting might not be what I should be doing. I am ready however to stand and fight for the USA as I have known it for all my 74 years. On another subject, this covid-19 scare is way out of control, in my humble opinion. The main stream media is pumping out all the fear, unless the people are "protesting" then it is fine so, which is it folks?

  • Jerry Korba

    06/15/2020 07:34 PM

    Nobody understands due process; again quick to fire the policeman was wrong, at least wait for the investigation to finish. I am hope a wrongful dismissal is filed and the policeman wins a huge settlement.
    Maybe he can tell Atlanta stick this badge where the sun don't shine. I say this only because due process is ignored. To bring law and order back is necessary now. The population is drunk, on drugs operating vehicles on public highways and when they encounter the police they fight resist turn violent the criminal gets hurt, incarcerated, fined, now they become members of a closed society locked up, desperate full of hate and self pity. I feel badly for people that just don't give a dam maybe Former President Obama can find the magic wand and wave this behavior away. People need to hold on for a few more months Trump will get America moving forward again this downward spiral needs to stop getting back to work; forget about the media driven Racism there is no Racism just people that want to work and put some money in their pockets for positive ideas and dreams. MAGA stop drinking and getting drunk in public stop wandering around high on drugs while driving you endanger yourself and others that alone is a violation.

  • James Drury Jr

    06/15/2020 07:33 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.

  • Gregory George Keller

    06/15/2020 07:20 PM

    Awesome so awesome love the flag and what it stands for.

  • William Fuhrer

    06/15/2020 07:14 PM

    I would have a tendency to get ris of all the memoria stuff after Wendys was burnt down

  • Fire21

    06/15/2020 06:46 PM

    Thank you for your comments about OUR Flag. I want to remind everyone to read the U.S. Flag Code, and to fly OUR Flag with proper respect, including having it lighted if you fly it at night. God bless America!