April 5, 2019

Even though some votes in Chicago are still being counted (or “counted”) from Tuesday’s elections, it appears that there will now be far more socialists on the Chicago city council than there are Republicans.  And as we learned from Cuba and everywhere else it’s been tried, there’s no place on Earth where crime, poverty, corruption and injustice are so bad that they can’t be made far worse by adding socialism.


This should also give a boost to another rising political group in Illinois: those who want the rest of the state to secede from Chicago (yes, that’s really a thing.)


There was better news for Republicans (and common sense) in Wisconsin, where conservative Appeals Judge Brian Hagedorn won a close surprise victory over liberal Appeals Judge Lisa Neubauer (there will likely be a recount, but Hagedorn believes his lead is insurmountable, a phrase you’d never hear in a Chicago recount.)  The left won a court seat in 2016 with a 12-point victory, and visions of taking over the state Supreme Court in 2020 were dancing in their heads.  But the conservative majority is safe for at least another four years.


As Guy Benson at notes in the linked article, liberals can’t blame their loss on money in politics, because they outspent Hagedorn 3-1.  They also can’t blame low turnout, because turnout was up 16% over last year, which was the highest turnout since 2011.  They tried defaming Hagedorn as a bigot and a religious zealot because he’s a traditional Christian, but that didn’t work. 


The local GOP believes that what this signals is that after the “blue wave” gains of 2016, voters have seen to their horror what giving power to today’s radical-left Democrats means, and the conservative base has awakened and won’t let it happen again. 


Well, the left wanted Americans to be “woke.”  They’re wide awake now.  Thanks for the wake-up call.  

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