July 5, 2019

When a lie gets repeated so often that everyone thinks it’s true, it’s called “conventional wisdom” – maybe because it happens so often at political conventions.  These days, the conventional wisdom is that Americans are clamoring for European-style, cradle-to-grave Socialism Lite.  Don’t buy it.

Throughout the Bush-Obama era, the media kept repeating “failed conservative policies” until even a lot of so-called conservatives believed it.  Well, what a difference a few years make.  We tried leftist policies.  They resulted in a sluggish economy, depressed job growth, rising income inequality, reduced wealth and opportunities for minorities, and abroad, a decline in US prestige and leadership and the advancement and emboldening of our enemies, including a terrorist “JV team” spreading into a worldwide threat.  

Polls began to show that most Americans wanted the government to do less and spend less.  In France, where an actual Socialist was elected President, his huge tax hikes crashed the economy and made socialism as popular with the French as cheese in a can.  The media were shocked when voters turned right in the next election.  They should’ve known that nothing turns people off socialism like actually experiencing it.  (See “Venezuela.”)  The elites responded by doubling down on the arrogance, condescension and name-calling of those who dared to challenge their divine right to rule.  The people were forced to make their point even more clearly by shutting down large sections of the country with massive protests, demanding their culture and secure national borders back.

It is a shame that we have to keep relearning the hard way that top-down, big government solutions and leftist utopian fantasies don’t work in reality.  Young people can almost be excused for flirting with socialism, since they are empty vessels who get filled with whatever their teachers pour into them, and we’ve been remiss in allowing leftists to politicize our schools and fill those precious vessels with mental pollution. 

But Republicans who promised small government and fiscal responsibility should know better.  Instead, too many let deficits skyrocket, stuffed budgets with pork, and became cheerleaders for big government and disdainful toward the very Americans who put them in office.  These so-called “conservatives” slammed me in 2007 for not being a “real conservative” because I pointed out problems in the economy that were hurting working people and criticized the lack of oversight of Wall Street’s excesses.  Two years later, they wanted to spend $700 billion of our grandkids’ money to save Wall Street from its excesses.  They abandoned government’s rightful role as a tough-but-impartial referee and wanted to use its power to pick winners and losers in the market.  Is that “real conservatism?”

The truth is that voters didn’t turn their backs on conservatism, Republican politicians did.  Democrats didn’t sweep to power in 2008 by claiming to be government-bloating tax-and-spenders, but by swearing they’d changed and were now fiscally responsible.  Of course, once they gave Obama, Pelosi and Reid unlimited power, voters quickly realized their terrible mistake and gave the House back to the GOP.  But too many Republicans had already squandered their credibility, so when Democrats ballooned the deficit, they could deflect criticism by simply pointing at their opponents’ own record. 

From Jefferson’s belief that government closest to the people governs best to Reagan’s faith in free markets, from low taxes to fiscal restraint, conservative ideas work whenever they’re tried.  We’re now seeing the results with Trump’s tax cut and deregulation agenda.  Obama mocked Trump for saying we could bring back manufacturing jobs and strong GDP growth, saying that Trump didn’t have a “magic wand.” 

But the only magic needed was a simple disappearing act: getting government out of the way!  We now have record low unemployment and strong growth and job creation. Last month, the Dow rose by 7.2% and the S&P 500 by 6.9%. That’s the best June for the S&P 500 since 1955, and the best for the Dow since 1938 (the best in 81 years!) The Democrats running for President might whine that’s only helping “the rich,” but many Americans have investment and retirement accounts with stocks, and that strong growth helps everyone who wants a job or a raise. Does anyone seriously believe the economy would be improved now if we brought back the high taxes and regulations that Trump cut? 

Gandhi once said, "If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today." I think if all politicians really followed the principles they espouse to get elected, all of America would be conservative today.  Much of it already is. Look at the 2016 county-by-county voting map (a sea of red dotted by small islands of blue.)  Even among Democratic Party voters, only 19% identify themselves as “very liberal.” Our biggest problem isn’t that most Americans “are socialists now.”  It’s that party leaders and the media are wildly out of touch with most Americans.

What Americans need is fewer politicians who think they can tell us what to do and more who actually do what we sent them to Washington to do once they arrive there. 



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  • Diane Rowlands

    07/08/2019 02:23 PM

    Thanks for your article. I totally agree.

  • Michael Keith Garrett

    07/07/2019 07:02 PM

    If America and all its evangelicals can't convince the liberals to return to Biblical instead of political solutions to all our problems, the only event that can save this country is the second coming of Christ. No politician is going to solve what ails us.
    Mike Garrett
    Trinidad, Colo.

  • Janis Tobin

    07/07/2019 06:25 PM

    Congress has not represented the people for decades. Lobbyists, 'deep state' staff, big donors, and the media are the ones controlling the government. This is happening in BOTH parties. I don't know the answers, but serious political reform is needed starting at the top of the heap with Congress. I admire President Trump's tenacity to "Drain the Swamp", but this could be "Mission Impossible'. We need conservative value re-education starting in kindergarten and continue through adulthood. Paraphrasing Candice Owens "All it takes for people to accept socialism is to brainwash them into believing they are the victims." Also we need for 'middle America' to unite and connect with one another. Like they say, there is more power in numbers.

  • LeeMar Zarr

    07/07/2019 06:15 PM

    Census: Are You A Citizen question easy fix... "Are You NOT A Citizen?" if they don't like that question... then the other is "Did You File A Tax Return Last Year?" The census was originally designed to count the total population and tax its citizens.

  • Beverly Pingel

    07/07/2019 05:01 PM

    The last comment about politicians says it all. They need to do the job, that put them there in the first place.

  • Shelley Jordan

    07/07/2019 04:40 PM

    Agree. We need politicians to work for the American people and stick with what they agreed to do. To often they say certain things just to win but it is different from their agenda.

  • rodney burke

    07/07/2019 02:22 PM

    I agree, Mike, too many elected to congress, don't really understand their responsibility to the voters. I think there is too much "congress," and not enough of "we the people." The corruption in DC is so wide spread it can't be controlled except by very harsh means. When FB has politicians bragging about how long they can engage in selling us out with no recourse, there is something vitally wrong. I think it's time we the people must realize we have a corrupt government and it is time to remove it and get a new one.

  • Tom Robertson

    07/07/2019 02:19 PM

    Amen Governor.................

  • Nelda White

    07/07/2019 12:44 PM

    It will be along hard fight to undo the damage the democrats have done to young people. We need to put some of the recordings that you have been giving us in the schools for history lessons to show why capitalism is so great, and why America is still the greatest country in the world. History isn't even taught in so many schools, it is an elective and makes it easier for liberal teachers to brainwash our children. Forcing the schools to have assemblies to teach children the truth by showing them these CDs and DVDs with Sinatra, Skelton, Wayne and many others. Showing actual footage of what happens to people under socialism, nazism, fascism, marxism and communism will strenghten our country patriotism and resolve to not allow dictators to change our country from capitalism to one of the undesirable isms. We can't allow them to keep brainwashing our children and turning them into mindless zombies that march in the streets to socialism's drummer. JFK was the last true democrat, "ask not what the country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country". socialism produces homeless beggars, that is not progressive.

  • Joan Peoples

    07/07/2019 08:51 AM

    Great Read - Very Well Stated!!! Thank You Sir!!! JP

  • Marilyn J. Montgomery

    07/07/2019 01:30 AM

    I agree completely with you! But we still need to get Betsy to get moving and get rid of Common Core! And we need to prosecute all the folks (dems and rebs alike!) who have lied and slandered and tried to get rid of Trump; and especially Hillary and Bill - no one should get away with all they have - not to forget selling our vital uranium to Russia! And of course, "paying to play!" Not the least, allowing the poor ambassador to be tortured and killed! I never saw anything worse than that poor man being carried through the streets after his extreme torture! Such cruelty!! He looked dead, and probably was. Something needs to be done about all these things.

  • Philip Jackson

    07/06/2019 11:17 PM

    Great word and a whole lot of common sense!

  • Kate mcBride

    07/06/2019 11:12 PM

    Love, love, love your sense of humor. Always a great read and spot on.

  • Thomas Huelster

    07/06/2019 10:27 PM

    I fully agree. Once accountability, transparency and responsibility return to congress, both houses, this country will be a lot closer to what it should be. Well respected and a model for others. A government the public can be once again proud of. God bless America and the Trump family.

  • Don R

    07/06/2019 10:13 PM


  • Marcia Fraser

    07/06/2019 09:24 PM

    So well said as always! Wish you could just shout your messages from the rooftops all over America! We need the truth delivered on a silver platter these days!

  • Kenneth Nicholson

    07/06/2019 08:15 PM

    Amen to that! Republicans said give us the House and Senate and we will end Obamacare. We did , they didn't. Trump is doing it, so get off your duffs and help him. He needs strong Repulican support in Congress for immigration economy, correcting the judiciary, roads, etc.

  • Dot whitley

    07/06/2019 08:14 PM

    Amen, and amen.
    I hope people hear you.

  • Carl Smith

    07/06/2019 07:37 PM

    If I didn't know better I would think you were reading my Mind or at least My E-mail? Needless to say Great Article ! Now! HOW do we defeat the MEDIA to get the message out to the 45% that need a Brain Cleansing?

  • Victor Pomel

    07/06/2019 07:33 PM

    Thanks for you hard work sir.

  • De Ette Moon

    07/06/2019 06:26 PM

    The free enterprise system brought to us by our founding fathers has always worked when it's actually followed.

  • Delores van auken

    07/06/2019 06:18 PM

    If the Democrats pass Nedicare

    If the Democrats pass Medicare for all ( and I hope they dont) does this include the government employess including the Senators and Congressmen ? why hasnt anyone asked Bernie this Question.
    Delores Van Auken

  • Joyce Owens

    07/06/2019 06:06 PM

    What we must have is term limits!

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    07/06/2019 06:00 PM

    Amen !

  • Barney Flint

    07/06/2019 05:56 PM

    Great reporting Mike. Keep it going. We need you.