April 20, 2019

This might be a busy holiday weekend, but I hope you and your family can spare an hour for a brand new, Easter edition of “Huckabee” on TBN.  Country superstar Josh Turner will perform a classic gospel song that will lift your soul. Best-selling author and former investigative journalist Lee Strobel of “The Case For Christ” fame will tell us about his latest book, “The Case for Easter.”  I’ll welcome Ashley Bratcher, star of “Unplanned,” the new hit movie that’s changing (and saving) lives.  On the 20th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting, survivor Chris Scott will talk about a new documentary on how he and other survivors found healing, hope, faith and forgiveness.  From the political front, we’ll have part two of my interview with Bill O’Reilly, plus catch up with the latest developments in DC with Rep. Devin Nunes.  And toss in a few Easter eggs, like my news commentary and some crazy news “In Case You Missed It.”


It’s all coming your way tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and repeated at the same times on Easter Sunday, only on TBN. To find your local TBN channel and stream previous episodes online, visit

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Today’s Must-Read Column: It’s fashionable these days to try to blame all the bad things in history on the Christian religion, or to exalt other cultures and religions over it as equal or superior.  In this article, Jack Kerwick, author of “Christianity and the World,” provides a much-needed history lesson on what life was like before Jesus Christ, and how He and those following his teachings have made more changes for good than any other force in human history.  This first installment concentrates on how much better Christianity has made life for women and children.




Excellent article by Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept, summing up the key findings of the Mueller report and all the media “bombshells” it debunks, and making the irrefutable point that Trump’s rabid opponents in politics and the media spent two years promoting a “fictitious espionage thriller” filled with “unhinged” claims, none of which proved to be true. Greenwald contends that Mueller didn’t merely reject the conspiracy theories, “he obliterated them.”


The Trump haters got the prosecutor they demanded, and went ballistic over rumors that Trump might fire him (he didn’t; he also didn’t “obstruct” his investigation in any way.)  As Greenwald notes, “He assembled a team of prosecutors and investigators that countless media accounts heralded as the most aggressive and adept in the nation. They had subpoena power, the vast surveillance apparatus of the U.S. government at their disposal, a demonstrated willingness to imprison anyone who lied to them, and unlimited time and resources to dig up everything they could.”


Result:  No proof that Trump or anyone in his campaign (no matter how low-level) or even any American citizen colluded with Russia to influence the election. 


You’d think with Trump having been the most thoroughly investigated President in history, and having come through that unconscionably partisan investigation unscathed, we’d all be relieved to learn he’s clean as a hound’s tooth and let him get back to work.  But no, Democrats are now denouncing the investigator they hailed until recently as a savior and denouncing the very report they had previously touted as if it were the Holy Grail.  They insist that it must be wrong because the only alternative is to admit that they were.  To quote Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men,” they can’t handle the truth. 


And so, their ranting goes on, but I believe that most Americans are fed up with this never-ending tantrum and are ready to tune them out - and if they don’t shut up and get back to work, kick them out.  


The Democrats who continue to push the “Obstruction! Impeachment!” hysteria should take note that when the snarky jokes and memes start targeting them, it’s a sign that the jig is up.




From the very start, the whole “Russian collusion” story was just a feeble excuse to explain Hillary Clinton’s loss without admitting voters simply rejected her for darn good reason. But it also gave cover to NeverTrumper Republicans, who didn’t want to admit that their revulsion over Trump was really a class issue.  It had little to do with his policies, which were mostly mainstream conservative, but with his style.  He was a billionaire, but one who didn’t make his money on Wall Street but by building things.  He talked more like a construction worker than a banker.  He was more at home surrounded by factory workers or farmhands than at a big money fundraiser in Beverly Hills or Martha’s Vineyard.  He simply “wasn’t one of us.” 


(This elitist disdain for “flyover country” and blue collar Americans existed well before Trump: I wrote about it in my book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy” before Trump even ran for President.)   


Now, with the Mueller report having torn away the mask, some of the elites are finally looking down their snoots and admitting that, guilty of anything or not, he’s just “not the kind of man” who should be in the White House. 


Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has a great history lesson to remind us of “the kind of man” they think was just fine in the White House.





It’s said that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.  So I guess we should congratulate Buzzfeed for being the first media outlet to finally, at long last and way past the point after it had been officially debunked, kinda sorta admit that maybe one of their false claims about President Trump wasn’t exactly true.


Hey, it’s better than CNN, MSNBC, all the late night shows and every Democrat in Congress have managed.  They’ve been stuck in stage one (“Denial”) since Election night of 2016.





It’s nice to hear that despite the juvenile, partisan piffle coming out of the cable news channels and Congressional PR carnivals, someone in Washington is actually trying to take care of the people’s business and keep the nation and the world safe.





Democratic Presidential wannabe and California Rep. Eric Swalwell has made it obvious that his forceful opinions cannot be influenced either by the Bill of Rights (he wants to confiscate guns and “nuke” anyone who refuses to comply) nor by irrefutable evidence (he still insists there’s evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.)  So it’s hard to imagine anyone willing to take on the frustrating job of debating him, which would be like arguing with a cinderblock.  But NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch gladly accepted his challenge to debate gun control and the Second Amendment.  His response: no.


Swalwell claims that while he really, sincerely wants to debate NRA President Oliver North, he will not “aim down” and lower his magnificent self to debate a “mouthpiece” like Dana Loesch (as for “aiming down,” one Twitter commenter noted that more people probably know who Dana Loesch is than know Eric Swalwell.) Is his dismissive refusal to debate her born of arrogance, cowardice, sexism?  Or could it be that Swalwell knows the NRA presidency is largely a ceremonial position, and the person who really knows all about guns, gun laws and their effects is the group’s official spokesperson…Dana Loesch? 


Swalwell continues to insist that the NRA is “afraid” to debate him while Ms Loesch keeps openly taunting him to debate her. So which one is really afraid?  I doubt that the woman who packs a gun and knows how to use it is afraid of any blustery male on Earth – which is one of the best arguments for preserving the Second Amendment.  


But click here to read their tweets and decide for yourself which one would actually win a debate.  Personally, I think this would be the most lopsided fight since “Bambi vs. Godzilla.”





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  • Dusty

    04/22/2019 09:54 PM

    Scary what we all have been put through the past two years and this President. WHY? Not the Russians who created this monster but some terrible people in our govt today and our media? I am older lived many years and this has been about the worst I have ever seen. Who or what has allowed this to occur? That our FBI were this involved? Now we get 20 Democrats who believe they are the one to be President who are these people today. Time now to open the Pandoras box on who actually started this whole Russian lie and paid and kept it going. How did Mueller pick people who were backed by Hillary on his panel most Democrats WHY? So we wait and time to go forward and heard even Woodward say yesterday time to ck out who and what created this Dossier? Watergate will look like a fairy tale after this whole mess is exposed and who was at the top? Nixon did not plan or know about the break in he was stupid to help cover it up later.

  • charles E. Parkhurst

    04/22/2019 09:29 AM

    the sanctuary people say its not legal to transport immigrants to their cities so lets open immigrant courts there , then it would be legal! a court in each sanctuary city

  • Mark Carroll

    04/21/2019 07:34 PM

    I would like to purchase an autographed copy of your book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy” .
    Are there any copies available?

  • LeeMar Zarr

    04/21/2019 03:25 PM

    Happy Easter to ALL...Whose right or correct in statements/actions? The NM governor says there is no border crisis The people of NM see first hand what is happening, and a mayor is declaring a crisis emergency! Whose got the facts wrong... the government/politicians or the people. In my opinion it is always the people that know and feel the facts, and the politicians want to play Nation Needs be long as I get my fat pay-check for doing nothing to benefit the WE The People!

  • Carmine Fea

    04/21/2019 02:04 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, thank you for speaking up and telling off Mitt Romney. It makes me sick also to think I supported such a petty, untruthful, coward of a man for president. Romney not only "choked" in his debate with Obama, but he also was unable to explain himself when CNN criticized him for his remark about having "a binder of women" and he simply appeared foolish. Romney, along with other so-called republicans, we remember who they are, have attempted to destroy President Trump since Trump's campaign for president. We do not like it and we do not like Romney for misrepresenting the truth about Trump. I'm concerned a member of Romney's family runs the Republican National Committee and believe she should recuse herself until after the 2020 election based on Romney's disapproval of Trump as president.

  • Peter L. Hadley

    04/21/2019 01:11 PM

    T'was nice seeing former Mayor Rudi put Chuck 'simple one track minded' Todd in his place on the Meet the Press show this Easter Morning. Rudi wouldn't let Todd 'dwell on the minors' - the Democrat talking points on the Mueller report. Seems like they want to convict on 'thoughts 'n words said' and not on the point that the evidence didn't warrant a charge of a crime. Me thinks they have too big of a log in their eyes and are mad at the speck in others.

  • Chuck Walter

    04/21/2019 10:49 AM

    About Christians being blamed for every thing but good - if I recall my history didn’t this start about 2,000 years ago?

  • LTC(R) Tom Reiva

    04/21/2019 10:36 AM

    Super great Easter show last night.

  • Anne Turner

    04/21/2019 04:37 AM

    Dear Govenor,
    Happy Easter. I am in my hotel room in Bucharest, Romania. I have just been down the Danube to the Black Sea, soon to traveling to Transylvania. I have a message to America, and most especially my liberal friends who think socialism is the answer. I have been traveling in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and now Romania. You cannot believe what these people have been through. They love And respect America. I have not heard or seen the word Trump yet. We, as part of NATO bombed Serbia but they are okay with us. This part of the world is grateful for NATO protection, and they recognize that we are the main support. They are very happy enjoying the fruits of capitalism. Romanians pay 6% of their income for medical insurance. They say they have well educated doctors but the care is no where like America in the hospitals unless you pay for a private one. When the average salary is about 800 per month and you pay other taxes plus medical, the medical is a significant amount. They have a saying, that free medical is neither free, medical , nor caring. These folks, since finding freedom, have come so far, it is amazing. My friends, what you see as the awful things about our country are trivial, comparatively speaking. We are still the beacon of the world that these good people are trying to emulate. Please be woke, as you say and deal with reality. Would that all Americans could see and hear what I have heard and see. Oh, don’t tell me I have been brain washed. Ain’t true!

  • Geoffrey max mordecai spiro

    04/21/2019 02:28 AM

    I admire your activism. Let's not forget that Russia is acting very aggressivly and that it is appropriate to weed out the Russian trash that has infiltrated our precious land. No less of a threat than Radical fake Islam is Radical fake Rationalism (communism/ fascism/ bolshevism/ Nazism etc...(it s all the same)).

    People of Jacob unite. G. George Washington said it right: I shall not tell a lie. That makes him a child of Jacob. Period.

  • Floyd Kimmel

    04/21/2019 02:08 AM

    Happy Easter Mike
    I have listened to Dana Loesch, Oliver North, and Eric Swalwell So it's understandable that my money is on Dana Loesch and Oliver North.
    I get the feeling the end result of Mueller report should have a footnote sorry nothing found a waste of time but my bank account looks good.

  • Rebecca Holstine

    04/21/2019 01:30 AM

    First I want to say I can hardly stand the way the media has browbeat Sarah. She is so head and shoulders above anyone of them. Her intelligence comes through loud and clear. Second, I turn over to CNN and MSNBC off and on to see what they are saying...and I can't believe how crazy they have become. To quote someone else, Trump has broke their brains. Do you think the American people can go through another 18 mos. of this and not explode. Third, I have lost any respect I had for Mueller. The second part of the report sounds like a political report and a script for talking points. Thanks for letting me vent.

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    04/21/2019 01:18 AM

    While we are all happy L'il Bobby Mueller's report exonerates the President, we should not forget he was forced to this conclusion. He chose a staff that would have made torquemada smile, he worked the Obama judge circuit like a virtuoso, and at the end, he still snuck in some classic democrat snarkiness to let us all know how he felt. Oh, and although he was ready to write the report months ago he waited until after the mid-terms, just in case vindication gave the Republicans a bump in the congressional race. Mueller was cut from the same cloth as J Edgar Hoover - a sick but slick tyrant unafraid to flout the law, and uncerned with the constitutional rights of citizens. From the four Massachusetts men falsely imprisoned for a murder Mueller knew they were not guilty of, to congressman Kurt Weldon, Mueller has been more than willing to violate the law and abuse his power. Barr needs to make sure Mueller goes down along with the rest of the Clinton Cartel.

  • John Mark Tenney

    04/21/2019 12:24 AM

    God bless and have a blessed Easter Mike. Thanks for all you and your daughter,Sara do.

  • Don Crumbley

    04/20/2019 11:16 PM

    Gov: Following up on your previous Sen. Romney comments, Sen. Romney has always been a "snide remarker", always laying somewhere in the political weeds, always taking pot shots at others, who are up front leading the way, and now, as a "twice also ran" for the Presidency, is showing his true RINO colors in the Senate. He has always been sniping against President Trump, from day one and never supporting or advocating any of the needed policies to help "Make America Great Again". His "silver spoon" keeps getting him in trouble, as he is "always above the fray" of the battle for common folk and continuing to snipe on "how to be a proper President", but in real life is leading from behind and continuing to play the part of Brutus, always attempting to destroy President Trump.

    Why? Is it jealousy? Maybe, or is it, "It should be I, as the President" syndrome, or maybe shades of the Sen Kerry syndrome, in not knowing when to shut-up, go home and stay there? In calling out President Trump, as not being Presidential, he is only pointing out his own weaknesses. He is not a team player and can not be relied upon!

    Sen. Romney had his opportunity to "shine and win" the pivotal Presidential debate over the critical Benghazi issue, but he choked at the critical moment. He wouldn't go for the throat, to show President Obama was bluffing and lying his head off over Benghazi. Romney blew it, but could have carried that debate and the Presidential election, if he had the instinctive guts "to take out the other side" and pin Obama to the wall. Romney can always say, "I really didn't know the facts", but Obama did and bluffed him down. With the information available, Romney's instincts should have told him to go for it and let the chips fall where they may. He just wouldn't go for the win and backed down. It is better to have fought and lost the debate, than never to have fought at all.

    When he chose to not do so, the American voter saw that he would not fight for them, when the chips were on the line and he consequently lost the election again. His gut instincts are poor, is not worthy of being Presidential material, and only portrays instincts of a "gutter sniper", always sniping from within the weeds and using the "leading from behind" syndrome! The voters of Utah have been taken in by a "silver spoon", an "I am above it all" syndrome and "I am here to help you, the voter". Now he has been elevated and fostered on to the U.S. Senate for six years!

    May God help us all, another RINO!

  • william fuhrer

    04/20/2019 10:44 PM

    Robert Richie of AMERICA NEEDS FATIMA sponsors parades with banners MARRIAGE=1 MAN + 1 WOMAN. The one candidate will probably get to be president when hell freezes over

  • Maggie Faltskog

    04/20/2019 10:36 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    Firstly, I want to tell you how much I like you and enjoy your shows and news! Now I want to get down to real business! As you are aware, there is a REAL crisis on our southern border. There is a young gentleman who has been spending many hours of his time capturing video of the shenanigans going on down there! This young man goes by the name of Anthony. He is very intelligent, and so very concerned with the border problems. He has given much of his time and heart to this, but he needs help! He needs to get his video work to the president. Now, we all know that's almost impossible because President Trump, to say the least, has to be the busiest man in our country! But, this is REAL important information that he needs to see. It is first hand reporting and not watered down border crisis evidence that makes the President think that anyone involved with border protection is doing a great job. I will grant you, most are doing just that.....however, we are truly being invaded! Anthony needs help! I can honestly say I believe from what I am seeing, it will just be a matter of time before we start having Very unpleasant situations down there. You heard about the Gun Fight at the OK corral?...well this will be the gun fight at our southern border! It is WIDE open in many areas! And I mean like just walking across with no one there to stop them. Border patrol is OVERWHELMED! The other night alone in El Paso 1800 people were detained. And that was the ones they many got away.....we have no idea! Anthony needs the Presidents help here. He cannot do anything to stop this corruption on his own. Yes, I am asking for your assistance in helping Anthony and the few others trying to save our country. Here is his FB page..... He has all his videos there. So if you have a spare minute or two, perhaps you could guide this young patriot to where he will best be served. Thank you so much for your time. I'm hoping I can count on you.
    With love and God,

  • Anita Mae Barker

    04/20/2019 10:14 PM

    Happy Easter, Mike.

  • Jan St Anne

    04/20/2019 09:57 PM

    I am an Independent. I have always tried to vote for the person I believe has the best integrity. I haven't seen any integrity in the Democrats for many years. They have shown their interest in the welfare of this country is totally lacking when balanced with their lust for power and wealth. Anyone who opposes them is a target for destruction and many are remaining silent...waiting for the next election so they can cast their votes for President Trump once again.

  • Brian Younge,MD

    04/20/2019 09:52 PM

    Mike, I am a devoted follower of you nightly diatribe, and love it! Can you tell me what you know about Judge Janine Piro and the reputed attempt to ouster her by Brett Bair? Did he and his colleagues make some sort of deal to get her out of Fox?
    She is very outspoken, and undoubtedly ruffles Dem feathers all the time, but she is spot on every time!

  • Brian Younge,MD

    04/20/2019 09:51 PM

    Mike, I am a devoted follower of you nightly diatribe, and love it! Can you tell me what you know about Judge Janine Piro and the reputed attempt to ouster her by Brett Bair? Did he and his colleagues make some sort of deal to get her out of Fox?
    She is very outspoken, and undoubtedly ruffles Dem feathers all the time, but she is spot on every time!

  • Jerry Korba

    04/20/2019 09:44 PM

    Happy Easter to all I really look forward to Sunday as I reflected on Good Friday It took me back to the mid 50s we held sessions of the way of the Cross 2 times on Friday afternoon and evening session I got to be at both as a student and the son of two religious parents. As I figured out Good Friday I got angry and sad to what they did to Jesus. It stills bothers me today I still have strong emotions about it and I am 70. I have since figured out WHY. It is powerful what the nuns can do to a young mind. So tomorrow morning Its Thank You Jesus I can't do over the wrongs but I can stop from doing them again. How many tax dollars did Mueller take for this illegal investigation the whole thing is estimated at 35 million how can we find the bill for all his services for the last 2 years including per diem and expenses. They must have ground up 50 acres of woods to print all the baloney on that paper where is AOC and the tree huggers now. WASTED RESOURCES TIME AND MONEY. Does any body wonder why the taxes to the federal government is so painful to pay. Look at the liberals boy Sanders he wants 60 to 70 % of our money People on the Left please drink a quart of 5 hour energy in the morning WAKE UP look how Sanders and his knock offs are expoiting you when you get a littler wiser you will thank us!!!!!!!!! PS it should't take much Sanders idea is really Stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carl Smith

    04/20/2019 09:44 PM

    Dear Huck! Quit giving the Dim Wits Advice--They might sober up and listen. BTW I will donate to the organization that Buys Gold PAINTED Shovels engraved with KEEP ON DIGGING FORREST, and distribute to the leftist media and the NEVER TRUMPERS.

  • Doug Drinker

    04/20/2019 09:41 PM

    Why doesn't someone do a program about the history, origins , etc. of the true progressives and their goals?

    I watched videos today of a couple of the military bands and choruses singing patriotic songs. Made my cry thinking of what is/has happened to us. Morals, division, loosing freedom!

    Thanks for listening.

  • Joe Jones

    04/20/2019 09:09 PM

    I read them. And I pray that you and your family have a wonderful Good Friday and a blessed Easter, for Jesus the Christ has risen from the grave and is alive!!!