June 28, 2019

Thursday night’s Democratic show (it wasn’t a “debate;” none of these things are) was at least more interesting than Wednesday’s if for no other reason than it featured more candidates who had poll numbers high enough that it would take more than the fingers of one hand to count them (listening to the math on display, I assume that’s how these Democrats count.)  It was also more intense because with frontrunner Joe Biden there, the other candidates had reason to go after one of their own, and Kamala Harris was the most aggressive at that. 

Quick impressions: overall, Harris probably did herself the most good.  She used her prosecutor’s chops to take down Biden, and she was pretty effective.  But all the candidates seemed to go after Biden and each other, with the result that the moderators were slammed for letting it devolve into a “food fight” at times.

Harris’ attack on Biden for opposing federal court-ordered school busing in Delaware decades ago was lauded by the media, but it was a typical tactic of the modern left: pulling something historical out of context. I’m not defending Biden’s ancient stance on busing because I don’t know what he thought.  But adults can hold more than one idea in their minds at the same time. Many people back then of all races opposed segregation but thought that forcing kids to spend 90 minutes a day in dangerous traffic, going to schools miles from their homes just to achieve some arbitrary racial balance was stupid, counterproductive and even racist itself.  As Biden suggested, many also thought it should have been remedied by local school boards, not federal courts.  But to the 2019 “progressive” “mind,” if you disagree with their solution, no matter how bad you think it is, that means you’re in favor of the problem. And a racist.

Biden did a pretty good job of defending himself and remained standing.  But he absorbed so many blows that by the end, he looked like a fighter desperate for the bell to ring.  His problem is that defending the quaint notion of even talking to, much less compromising with, people who disagree with you is totally out of the step with today’s totalitarian leftist mindset.  If you don’t agree with the current "progressive" dogma 100%, you not only shouldn’t be talked to, you shouldn’t be allowed to talk at all.

Back when Bernie Sanders was facing only Hillary Clinton, he couldn’t help looking better than he really was, even if he was a septuagenarian socialist who sounded like Larry David from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Three years older and against nearly two dozen alternatives, he no longer looks like your lovably eccentric uncle.  He now comes across like Arthur Spooner, the angry, 1950s-relic socialist father-in-law played by Jerry Stiller on “The King of Queens” who would fly into a rage over any perceived sleight.  I think his supporters’ enthusiasm is starting to be curbed.   

Pete Buttigieg earned points for humility by admitting that he just “didn’t get it done” when it came to hiring more minority police.  But admitting you can’t even get things done in South Bend, Indiana, is hardly an argument for making you President. Besides, being a “progressive” means never admitting you were wrong, but telling everyone else that they’re wrong (see "AOC.") And I can’t be the only one who’s tired of his pious lectures to Christians about how we must separate religion from government, then telling us that God would condemn our immigration policies. 

It also wasn’t a big confidence builder in his management abilities to learn that Buttigieg, at age 37, still has six figures’ worth of student loan debt.

At times, it was actually loopier than Wednesday’s reality show, thanks to spiritual guru Marianne Williamson.  She spoke about how she would use the presidency to “harness love for political purposes” and that the first thing she’d do as President would be to call the leader of New Zealand to say that America is a better place to raise children, “girlfriend.”  I kept thinking of Ross Perot’s running mate, Admiral James Stockdale, who famously asked in a debate, “Who am I?  Why am I here?!”

As on Wednesday, you could tell who had no chance of being the nominee by who tried to bring any measure of common sense to the table.  For instance, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet was cut off when he tried to bring up the fact that Bernie’s home state of Vermont started to introduce single payer health care but aborted it when costs “unexpectedly” spiraled out of control (that was the only abortion that didn’t get cheers.) Bennet was also the only Democrat who didn’t raise his hand when asked who wants to decriminalize entering the US illegally.  I think we can safely scratch him off the contender list.

Meanwhile, all ten raised their hands when asked if they would give free health care to illegal immigrants.  President Trump weighed in on that on Twitter, calling it “the end of that race.”

Overall, both of these debates provided frightening evidence of just how far left the Democratic Party has veered in a very short time. I doubt that even Barack Obama could win the Party's nomination now. Indeed, many of the “heartless, immoral,” “putting children in cages” and “mass deportation” accusations the candidates leveled at Trump were actually Obama policies. 

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The candidates painted a relentlessly negative portrait of a dystopian America of starving, oppressed workers that’s actually doing awfully well right now. Is that a winning campaign strategy: “Your life is terrible so elect me to fix it!”  Compare their dark, grim vision of a racist, sexist, homophobic, unemployed and oppressed America that needs to be fundamentally transformed with the Trump rallies that celebrate American greatness and exceptionalism, record low unemployment and rising wages. Would you rather ride on his bandwagon or in their funeral procession?  

And of course, they are battling to see who can stake out a position furthest to the left:

Free health care!  Decriminalize illegal immigration!  I’ll see that and raise you “free health care for illegal immigrants!”  Free college!  Cancel student loan debt (especially mine)!  $93 trillion Green New Deal!  Raise tax rates to 70% to take money out of “the wrong hands” (those who’ve earned it) and give it to people who vote for us!  Seize guns!  Break up corporations! Repeal the Second Amendment!  Abolish the Electoral College!  Improve health care by making research into new drugs unprofitable! And provide taxpayer-paid abortions up to and beyond the moment of birth, even for men who identify as pregnant women! (Because they still have to cover up the ugly truth of abortion with an ever-changing string of euphemisms, they now call this “reproductive justice.”  If they think that executing innocent children is “justice,” then keep them far away from the court system.) 

I speak to a lot of people across America, many of them rank-and-file, working class Democrats. I can’t imagine they actually want this sort of big government, open borders, socialist lunacy as the future of America for their children and grandchildren. That’s why so many analysts said the big winner of both of these debates – and I have to agree -- was Donald Trump.   


Friday is my daughter Sarah’s last day on the job as White House Press Secretary.  Here’s what she had to say about that unique honor and experience before clocking out, and what her bosses had to say about her.


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  • Michael K. Garrett

    07/01/2019 01:19 PM

    As I've responded before to your keen insights into the Democratic manure-pile, all Trump has to do is sit back and watch all those leftist lunatics destroy themselves to see who can tell the biggest likes and hope enough voters are dumb enough to believe them.
    When it comes time for Jesus to separate the sheep from the goats as stated in Matthew 25-40-45, he will place the sheep on his right for righteousness sake and the leftist lunatic goats on his left to be shipped first class into the lake of fire. The Democrats keep starting fires they can't extinguish and all that smoke is starting to become hazardous to their political health. If you breath in enough smoke into your lungs and turn them black, can lung cancer be far behind? Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. As a confirmed non-smoker and retired Christian journalist, I refuse to breath in any more leftist lunatic smoke. It's a lot easier to turn my TV off whenever any of them is blowing more smoke and no other fire extinguisher is around. Smoking will truly be hazardous to all of their healths because they can't see the light beyond the end of their noses.
    Michael Garrett
    Trinidad, Colo.

  • Martin R Levine

    06/30/2019 10:14 AM

    May God bless you and your daughter, Sarah, (and your entire family) for your unswerving support of true American values in the face of unrelenting attacks by the radical, socialist oriented, democrats and media.

  • Ellen Long

    06/29/2019 12:31 PM

    Kamala Harris said she was bussed but Tucker Carlson said she came from a wealthy family & wasn’t bussed. If that is true conservative commentators should get that out there to show she lied. Would appreciate if you could verify that. Thank you for your good influence and common sense approach!

  • suzanne Schwartz

    06/29/2019 11:58 AM

    BTW--i pray that GOD might lead Dan Crenshaw to run for President in 2024. He is brilliant and wise, and we must have someone like him in government to keep this nation on the track to decency, godliness and compassion. GOD Almighty must be the center of our country in any capacity. May HE help us in every capacity now and in the future. Would love to see Congressman Dan Crenshaw on Huckabee!

  • suzanne Schwartz

    06/29/2019 11:47 AM

    So sad to see Sarah go, but understand completely why she is leaving to spend more time with her precious family. What a beautiful example of a godly woman who seeks her Father's will. Her earthly father and mother are a big reason behind the godly woman that she is today. i pray that she will find the next endeavor with God's leading that will enable her to use more of her talents and skills to serve Him first, then her family and her country. She did a magnificent job for President Trump and our country.

  • Anne Fledderman

    06/29/2019 11:35 AM

    I am a conservative, and to me, these people are so far left that they aren't even on my planet! I agree with you 100% to all you've said. I just can't believe what would happen to our country if any one of them won the Presidency; our country would not be our country any longer. I'm glad I am older, as I don't think I could stomach it happening.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    06/29/2019 09:43 AM

    And...I am in my early 60's caring for a disabled Veteran husband with VA Healthcare and cannot afford healthcare for myself. Who is going to take care of my husband if something happens to me? They are witching about the children and the illegals getting healthcare but, DANGIT, I CAN'T GET IT FREE and I am a citizen (oh, but I can get it free if I pay the $20,000.00 deductible 1st). I say CITIZENS 1ST, then we will see who we can help when the money runs out...ignorant sods.

  • Claudine C Hale

    06/29/2019 07:58 AM

    Good morning Mike! There is a great reason for our Electoral College in our voting system! We must be viligant in not letting our US Constitution be changed by over-zealous misguided leftists who would use ANY way possible to win in the next presidential election! I hope the idea of giving illegals drivers licenses is just an idea....illegals are still illegals and should not be given drivers licenses. Stand up Americans and let your Congressmen know Not to allow this! Make your voices heard....there is a proper way of doing your Congressmen! Stand up for our nation......1 voice can do so much! Thank you, Ms. C. Hale, Thomasville, GA

  • Georgina Molnar

    06/29/2019 06:56 AM

    Hello Mike:
    I wouldn't waste my electric bill on watching the debate, I only have heard about it from Fox news, reading your news letter and Bill O'Reilly. But what I can say is that it was all a waste of time and money.
    I have no time for people that I feel are trying to change our GREAT COUNTRY into something that I believe Obama tried to do, thank GOD he didn't make it.
    I feel that Trump has NO competition for the general election after the two debates. looks like clear sailing for him.

  • Rita Neselroad

    06/29/2019 05:23 AM

    What a bunch of losers!!! I didn't watch it but just seeing some of the high points makes me glad I left the dim party several years ago. I am a Trump supporter and am proud to call him my President !!!! GOD Bless AMERICA and GOD Bless President Trump !!!!!!!!!!


    06/29/2019 12:03 AM

    Please try explaining about politicians running for office making promises to the moon. I hear so many voters on tv talking about their promises as though they are really going to fulfill them.

  • Dusty

    06/28/2019 11:49 PM

    Let Sarah know she will be missed and what a superb job she has done for the President. That was her job to do what he wanted not what she might have said on her own. Not what her job description was meant to be. Say to her go home now and have fun with her kids and cook for her hubby and relax for awhile take a year off and then decide what she can do to help Pres Trump win again. God Bless and thank you so much Sarah.

  • bj melton

    06/28/2019 11:26 PM

    Thought for the day June 28, 2019

    Hate for Trump

    The two nights of debate only confirmed what we have known
    since 2016, Democrats hate Trump. I looked at the faces standing
    on that stage, and most were obviously hate faces. The more
    President Trump has done to make America great again, the more
    intense their hate becomes.
    Not one of them is fit to sit in the Oval Office chair.
    However, their hate is not what concerns me the most,
    it's their hypocrisy!!
    The incident this week, spread around the world, of the
    father-daughter drowning in the Rio Grande, was a terrible thing.
    As intended, it generated sympathy for the plight of some deserving
    people seeking freedom and a better life.
    And the Democrats played it to the hilt, feigning giant tears,
    and blaming Trump for the death of a small child.
    THEN, not just defending Roe vs Wade, but at the same time,
    verbally promoting abortion slaughter for any reason, or no reason.
    Seeing that little girl lying dead in the water was sad, very sad.
    What if you could see a picture of a baby, jerked from
    a mother's womb, head smashed, then cut apart in pieces,
    and thrown in the garbage? Would you feel sad, very sad,
    or would you feel disgust, horror? Would you be angry?
    Think about it.
    It is happening thousands of times every day, and it is not
    just a non-event for Democrats, they are screaming their
    lungs out promoting the slaughter.
    These people are sick-AND THEY WANT TO RUN AMERICA!!!
    Only God can help us if one is elected.
    Sic 'em Donald!!!

  • Anne Turne

    06/28/2019 10:14 PM

    Small correction, Governor. Not that is in any way defensible, but I think they meant pregnant women who Identify as men and have not had the surgery who find themselves PG. so, picture this: nurse A to Nurse B, “have you prepped Mr. John Smith for his abortion”? Have to be careful to be gender correct, of course. Have we gone totally insane? I am afraid that enough people will see the Dems providing what they need, student loan payoff, medical coverage for those without it, disgruntled unemployed or low wage earners, those resentful of big money earners, except of course entertainment stars and pro athletes, plus the never .Trumpers, to sway election. If we get a Dem and a Dem Congress this country will go down the tubes really fast. I am not sure we can recover. Health care willl be rationed, particularly for the elderly, imperfect babies will be murdered, the elderly urged to commit suicide, churches who don’t marry gays taxed, long lines for health care, drug company’s stopping expensive research , unemployment lines as companies contract for lack of capital and high taxes, consumer consumption down, floods of illegal immigrants taxing schools and other resources, power outages from shut downs of carbon and nuclear based resources, fewer medial students, why work that hard, robotic, mindless, brainwashed children, persecuted Christians and Jews, increasingly filthy and high crime ridden cities, hidden guns, the Constitution torn to shreds and no one but Dems elected in the future because of erasing the electoral college. I know this is pessimistic but ot is what will result from the things that Dems are proposing. They know nothing about competition and how wealth is generated. A few in positions of power will enrich themselves, three houses, Bernie, hi there Clintons, and waste and corruption rampant. What a shame. God, who gave us this great gift must be crying.

  • Charles Nicholson

    06/28/2019 10:00 PM

    I want a "copy" of The Evening Edition in which you,Governor, named all the things wrong in America which had Democrat lawmakers as sponsors! This was in an issue last week I believe!
    Charles Nicholson
    (I want to give this to a Democrat "friend"!)

  • Nancy A. North-Gates

    06/28/2019 09:29 PM

    There is a difference between de jure and de facto segregation. Taking the busing crisis of 40 years ago into the debate was wrong. My family lived in the San Fernando Valley is the city of Los Angeles back then. Those kids would have had to ride on buses 3 hours or more daily so they went to private school. LA did not have de jure segregation. Kids of all ethnicities went to their neighborhood schools. Trying to fix the problem in such a huge city through busing was absurd. BTW Maxine Watters was a big deal involved in the mess.

  • Gordon and Dolores Miltenberger

    06/28/2019 08:30 PM

    “Sarah says” as she is called in our family was a beacon of light at her press conferences. We will miss her in her absolute calmness, her intelligence, her knowledge of things past, her command of the English language and her no nonsense in charge and her just being Sarah demeanor! Job well done. Enjoy your children Sarah come back to the political world when you wantvtoo.
    Thank you!

  • Phyllis Murrell

    06/28/2019 07:38 PM

    I was sorry to see your daughter leave as press secretary because I enjoyed her ability to take on even the worst of the reporters, but I totally understand her desire to take more time for her growing family. And perhaps get some relief from the meat grinder atmosphere in DC. Wishing her the best.

  • Jerry Korba

    06/28/2019 07:30 PM

    I didn't think I could find humor when that little runt Putin sitting next to my President was told not to interfere with the upcoming election I still chuckle when I think of it. What the 2 of them must think when the yehoo reporter ask the idiotic question about election interference I am sure Putin is going to say ok Don I promise not to interfere I am sorry if you thought I had something to do with your last election they both are enjoying a belly laugh over that one. Imbecile reporter not every one is a stupid person like you.......Grow up you nitwit

  • Charlotte Brees

    06/28/2019 07:26 PM

    I support President Trump & his decisions. However, I am tired of being asked to vote on his stuff because all the polls always ask for money. I am 76, live on a very low fixed income, & am at the entrance of the "coverage gap" which I cannot even begin to afford. I would love to see polls that do not ask for money from me, & until then, I will take NO MORE polls.

  • Walter Maude

    06/28/2019 07:24 PM

    Heaven help us...we have almost a full year of this nonsense ahead os us. That coupled with the non stop drivel emanating in the House of Representatives means that the methane gas generated by all the BS should be able to heat all the homes in New England for years to come...

  • Jerry Korba

    06/28/2019 07:15 PM

    Sarah's farewell left me with a bit of emotion I think Donald felt it also. I wish her the best in all she does. No phrase could be any more truthful then the phrase YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!!!!!!! 2 nites in a row indicated how many SPUPID people can u fit on a small stage?10. As if Weds. was for the ignorant my my Thurs. brought to mind Dumb and Dumber WOW This act leads me to believe a time machine is real 40 years or so they looked ahead and saw this show the DEMS. trying to debate and came up with the movie Planet of the APES. I think one of the nitwits wanted Abortion rights for a man who thinks he is a woman better get back in the time machine in the future men will be able to have babies? 1st men couldn't handle the pain that's a stopper right there. I can only hope our Educational system hasn't got to this point where 1 of these misfits could actually win how they got to where they are now, will remain a mystery.

  • Stephen Russell

    06/28/2019 07:05 PM

    Gave No Vision, hope just the same GIGO.
    Loved how Biden got hit by own side on issues & now the Dems should feel our wrath too.
    For Mods id ask these questions :
    Hey Bernie who will PAY for Medicare For all?
    Hey Joe explain your China deals with son?
    Hey Harris how was your bed with Willie Brown??
    Hey Joe why didnt U hire more police?
    Will U Dems pay into Medicare for ALL & have all DC under Medicare for ALL.
    Whose backing Antifa?
    Who will break up Big Tech? When?
    Who will expand EV production? When
    Who will Tax: sugar, salt, snacks, sodas, sweets,cereals??
    Whose on the Cartel Payroll?
    & more, add your own

  • Carl Smith

    06/28/2019 06:59 PM

    IF HALF the country was not out of tune with politics and actually studied what's occurring right under OUR noses the Late Show circuit and Hollyweird would not have an audience for one and 2nd watching the first two days of debates( ???) any reasonable person would declare Game Over and who cares if Routten ( soccer mom) attends the 'F' ing WH or NOT. Venezuela needs her more than America does.

  • Peggy S Nelson

    06/28/2019 06:57 PM

    Good comments. The democrats running for election are just as crazy as Pelosi and the rest who seems to have lost all sense of decency