Feeling sorry for the media

December 2, 2019 |

Maybe it’s just the charitable spirit of the holiday season, but I almost find myself feeling a little sorry for liberal news media people.  The economy’s booming, jobs are plentiful, paychecks are rising, Christmas bonuses are arriving, the stock market just set its 100th record high since 2017, and our troops are gradually coming home and not getting sent off to new endless wars. No wonder people are filled with more holiday cheer than they’ve felt in years.  They showed it over the past two days, with Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales shattering previous records.


And yet, the poor schlubs in the media have to get up every day – even on major holidays – and try to find ways to convince us that the President is evil and incompetent, everything is awful, and the world is coming to an end.  Well, they don’t HAVE to…they could just report the news…but sometime during the last Administration, they decided that their job was to be a propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, and now they’re seemingly stuck with it.  It’s put them in the awkward position of having to put a negative spin on everything President Trump does or says, and that often makes them look, frankly, idiotic.

For instance, last week, they had to find some way to put a negative spin on Trump honoring Conan, the heroic military dog who helped chase down the world’s #1 terrorist.  Give them credit, they tried to make petting a dog and killing terrorists sound bad. They looked like absolute fools, but they tried.

Most people take a day off on Thanksgiving, but the poor reporters who have to generate anti-Trump fake news couldn’t even take a break for some tofu turkey with faux soy sausage stuffing.  Several outlets slammed Trump just for taking the day off, as you’d expect he would, with the snarkiest being Jessica Kwong of Newsweek.  She tweeted out a Newsweek article titled, “How is Trump spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, golfing and more,” and added, “As with any other day of the year, Trump will probably be tweeting, or expressing his opinions in another way.”


Her attempt at slamming Trump went awry when it turned out Trump’s “golf trip” to Florida was actually a cover story for a secret flight to Afghanistan, where he and First Lady Melania Trump visited American troops in a war zone.   

Ms Kwong admitted her error and deleted the tweet, calling it an “honest mistake.”  But it really wasn’t; it was a negative assumption based on political bias and personal animosity, which aren’t “honest mistakes” for a journalist, but failings that should never be allowed to influence your work. To her credit, she at least deleted her incorrect tweet.  Newsweek simply did a little rewriting on their initial false report and left it standing.  

As usual (and one of the reasons the media hate him so much), Trump had the last word, with a tweet juxtaposing Newsweek’s claim that he spent Thanksgiving tweeting and golfing with photos of him with the troops in Afghanistan, and this observation:

“I thought Newsweek was out of business?” 

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  • David Berry

    12/02/2019 04:28 PM

    And then - she was fired. 1 more down and more to go...