October 27, 2020


October 27, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


I’ve always said that, in general, it’s best not to vote early because you never know what might come out that would make you want to change your vote. Voters should have as much to go on as possible before they cast a ballot. This, time, though, Janet and I were so sure nothing would change our minds that we went ahead, so we’ve already voted.

Heck, I figured that if I died between now and Election Day, I’d want my vote to count as much as those of all the dead Democrats who’ve already voted. (Rim shot!)

But seriously, folks...

According to the NEW YORK POST –- you know, that venerable paper suddenly being dismissed as a “tabloid” –- some people are sorry they cast their ballots early after seeing the Hunter Biden laptop stories about corrupt foreign businesses and even the Chinese Communist Party buying influence through the Biden name. That’s right: even though the mainstream news and social media have ignored the story and even shut down the POST’s reporting, damaging their own reputation in the process, voters are finding out anyway and getting a big case of buyer’s remorse.

Incredibly, over 58.5 million people have already voted. But according to Google Trends data, searches for “Can I change my vote?” have been trending over the past few days, linked to searches for “Hunter Biden.”

So, CAN you change your vote? It depends on what state you’re in. The most interest in vote-changing seems to be coming from Arizona, Tennessee and Virginia, but voters there are out of luck, as those states –- and most others –- give them just one shot at not screwing up. Hey, they should’ve realized they were supporting a habitually lying, feeble-minded, touchy-feely, hair-sniffing, sold-to-foreign-corporations-and-the-CCP, corrupt politician BEFORE they cast their ballots. Now, it’s too late. I sure wish they’d waited.

But good news for absentee voters in New York State: you actually can change your ballot. (That doesn’t hold true for just regular mail-in ballots, which is another problem with mail-in ballots as opposed to absentee.) The rules state, “Even if you request or cast and return an absentee ballot, you may still go to the polls and vote in person.” But that doesn’t mean you can game the system to vote twice, even if you’re a Democrat, ha. The rules continue: “The Board of Elections is required to check the poll book before canvassing any absentee ballot. If the voter comes to the poll site, on Election Day or during early voting, and votes in person, the absentee ballot is set aside and not counted.”

But if you voted early in person, forget about changing your vote. You cannot go back and vote by machine again.

Michigan, Minnesota, Washington and Wisconsin also allow absentee voters the chance to re-vote. For some reason, the voters of Wisconsin have THREE chances to get it right. Gee, maybe people who are that indecisive on candidates as different as Trump and Biden should just stay home, or enter a mental institution.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission says they’ve been contacted by “many voters” to see if they can revoke their original absentee ballots. By all means, yes, do it! You couldn’t possibly be wanting to change from Trump to Biden. After what we know now about “the real Joe Biden,” who on earth would do that? One thing about Trump, he’s always been just who he is. Plus, he’s been investigated six ways from Sunday and we know he hasn’t sold out to ANYONE.

If you live in one of those states and, by some chance, have just started reading the HUCKABEE newsletter or some other trustworthy source of news and opinion, and you’ve had that “Aha!” moment and know you need to change your vote to Trump, please get in touch with your state elections commission and see about doing it. (Sorry, Minnesota voters, you could have changed it earlier, but they won't let you now.)

In the vast majority of states, you’re stuck with your early-voting choice, and that’s why the DNC really has been pushing for Democrats to vote early (and often, ha!). Their strategy is just to get Biden across the finish line, which is hard enough for a man of his frailty even without all the baggage he’s carrying. There’s so much scandal weighing down those bags, he still might not make it. But Facebook and Twitter are doing all they can to help him.

As we’ve noted, the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter are scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee in November –- but this won’t happen till AFTER Election Day. Between now and November 3, they apparently will be unencumbered in their efforts to shut down reporting on 1) election fraud, 2) anything they deem “disinformation” and 3) the very real, non-Russian-disinformation Biden family scandal. The best way to handle this situation for now: stop using Facebook and Twitter as sources of news! They’re not your gatekeeper. Leave them in the dust. If Twitter shuts you down, go to Parler and get your friends on it, too.

The Hunter Biden emails should make anyone but the most radical, beyond-hope, Trump-hating leftist want a fresh ballot. No one denies these are real. As Mollie Hemingway told Laura Ingraham on Monday night, “We have an eyewitness [former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski] to Joe Biden talking about Hunter Biden’s business...he has evidence in support of the claim, and it matches with contemporaneous evidence about where Joe Biden was on a particular date back in 2017, and the media are pretending like there’s no need to cover this, even though Joe Biden is caught here in a lie about whether he ever discussed foreign business with Hunter Biden.”

Oh, and there’s so much more to this. My staff and I have been going through other emails and feel like sparing you some of the especially sad and sordid ones. They reflect not just sleazy and illegal behavior –- which Joe apparently was aware of –- but also a kind of desperation, as Hunter tried to peddle White House influence with other wealthy foreigners. The Biden name was really all he had, and it seems he was aware of that.

Though I’m not a family therapist, I did counsel troubled families when I was a pastor, and it seems this family has been in need for a long time. Hunter apparently has had some professional help, but this family’s ongoing story is still such a sad one. There seems to have been a lot of denial and covering up, from Hunter’s needs to his father’s slowly fading mind. We may never know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hunter, in some part of himself, meant to leave that laptop behind. Joe Biden is a candidate with a lot of problems –- personal, ethical, and potentially legal –- and we are dangerously close to having these problems become America’s.

It’s too bad more of those early voters can’t change their votes.


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Here’s a refreshing change of pace: a Hollywood celebrity spoke out on social and political issues and made a whole lot of sense. It was Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, who condemned “cancel culture” and talked about being a Christian in Hollywood and the defund-the-police movement. I hope that making this much sense doesn’t cost him his career in show business.


The documentary “The Plot Against The President” that lays out the details of the Russia collusion hoax/coup attempt is now viewable free on Amazon Prime for members or for anyone on YouTube. It’s especially interesting to be reminded of how all the media outlets that now claim to be so scrupulous about not reporting any “unverified” stories about Joe Biden went hog wild telling us it was proven fact that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Better hurry and watch it before Amazon and YouTube realize that they’re carrying it.


The satirical site The Babylon Bee weighs in on all those liberals who think President Trump meant that four-legged coyotes smuggle people across the border:

And in other “Bless your heart” news, one of the same Democrats who was baffled by the “coyote” reference also reacted to Trump’s comment about leaving the minimum wage up to the individual states with this clueless tweet: “Minimum wage is left up to the states? How does that even work?!”

You’d hope the writer would already know how it works, considering she’s an attorney and the Chief Deputy Whip of the Georgia State House Democrats. As Sean Hannity put it, setting the state’s minimum wage “is literally your job.” I’m assuming it’s a minimum wage job, or should be.


In the Arizona Senate race, Democratic challenger Mark Kelly is making much of his background as an astronaut. But several of his fellow astronauts have endorsed Republican Sen. Martha McSally, who was the first American woman to fly a combat plane. Now, she’s picked up the biggest NASA endorsement of them all: Buzz Aldrin, one of the first two men to walk on the moon.

Aldrin’s endorsement came in the cool form of a tweet in coded fighter pilot lingo that he was nice enough to translate for us in a follow-up tweet. Check it out at the link.

And be sure to watch my interview with Sen. McSally from this weekend’s edition of “Huckabee” on TBN:


In a story that deserves a lot more attention, President Trump last week signed an executive order to make at least some federal employees more accountable in their jobs.

Noting a study that found less than one-fourth of federal employees believe their agencies address poor-performing workers effectively, the order creates a new class of positions called “Schedule F.” It covers “employees serving in confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating positions that are not normally subject to change as the result of a presidential transition.” In short, entrenched bureaucrats who make rules that are like laws with no input from the voters and little if any accountability.

These people are notoriously difficult to replace, with the process taking up to a year or more. The order would give managers more flexibility to hire and fire them, while also declaring that reclassified employees will be protected from retribution against their political affiliation.

That didn’t stop Democrats from immediately decrying the order as an attempt by Trump to force federal workers to bend to his political agenda (you know, instead of plotting to overthrow him on the taxpayers' dime.) But I don’t think entrenched federal bureaucrats are going to get much sympathy from Americans who largely sent Trump to Washington because he was so good at saying, “You’re fired.”

One liberal commentator who posted a screed against the order on Twitter received a flood of comments that ran about 20-1 along the lines of “Great” or “It’s about time” or “Why shouldn’t people in government be fired for watching porn, sexting on the job or trying to undermine their bosses? Anybody in the private sector would be!”

It garnered about as much sympathy as the media sob stories about how horrible it was that under Trump, there are thousands fewer federal employees. The reaction to that from most quarters was like the punchline to the joke, “What do you call 10 lawyers on the bottom of the ocean? ‘A good start.’”



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