May 25, 2018


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Today's Commentary:  Happy Anniversary Janet! --- Join me in Branson on June 12 -- Was the CIA spying on the Trump campaign, too? -- This Memorial Day -- Breaking news -- Evening Edition - May 24 - Daily Verse

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There is a lot of big news happening, but before I get into any of that, I want to make note of the most important story of all: Today, May 25, marks exactly 44 years since I married a strong, wonderful young woman named Janet McCain. We were both still a couple of months' shy of our 19th birthdays. On that happy day 44 years ago, neither of us two naive teenagers could ever have predicted the incredible roller coaster ride that lay ahead for us. It almost seemed over before it began when Janet faced a harrowing battle with spinal cancer in our first year of marriage. But she beat that disease, and we went on to share so many adventures together: raising 3 children; enduring changes of careers in broadcasting, the pastorate, then the brutal world of politics and ultimately back to broadcasting.

We’ve been so broke, we literally ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and canned soup every day. And we’ve been so blessed as to build a house of our dreams and be able to give away far more than we ever dreamed of earning. We are unbelievably blessed with six awesome grandkids that you will surely agree are beautiful, and two faithful and loving dogs, who do absolutely nothing. But they do give us joy and laughter. Janet has put up with a lot, but she has been a steadfast, loving, and wonderful wife and mother.

We got good advice at the beginning of our marriage—never consider divorce as a means of solving our problems. And in the 44 years since, we never have. We’ve considered murder a few times, but never divorce! So to my wife, here is the top headline of the day: I offer you my love, appreciation, and best wishes for another 44 years!

Mike Huckabee


Join me in Branson June 12

By Mike Huckabee

I'm coming to Branson at Silver Dollar City on June 12th.

Join me and a host of great guests including Tony Orlando, Irish Tenor, Anthony Kearns, Country singer Moe Bandy, the Shanghai Acrobats and much more! The show starts at 11 am at the SDC Opera House and ends at 1pm. You'll even get first entry and the best VIP seats in the house! Attending the show is free, but you will need to purchase an admission ticket to the park. You can enjoy all the attractions and other great Silver Dollar City shows the rest of the day. Just click here for all the details:



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Was the CIA spying on the Trump campaign, too?

By Mike Huckabee

In the United States of America, one thing that’s not supposed to happen is the FBI spying on a presidential campaign, which we now know they did. But do you know what’s really, REALLY not supposed to happen?

The CIA doing it.

The FBI deals with malfeasance within our borders, and it’s supposed to respect the rights of American citizens –- at least in theory, which appears to have gone horribly wrong. As for the CIA, it isn’t supposed to do domestic spying; it’s in the national security business and deals with intelligence gathering internationally. It doesn’t have to go before judges and get warrants to spy on people. It’s not intended to be weaponized against Americans here in our country, and to use it that way would be a serious abuse of power. When it comes to the investigation into the Trump campaign, though, there appears to be a disturbing blurring of lines. It’s way past time to take a closer look at former CIA Director John Brennan.

The first thing to say about Brennan is that he is out of his mind, as is obvious to anyone who has read his tweets since Trump settled into the Presidency and, item-by-item, started reversing Obama’s many executive orders, saving us from ridiculous agreements such as the Iran deal and the Paris Climate Accord, appointing judges who actually respect the Constitution, and otherwise dismantling the Barack Obama “legacy.” Brennan and his cohorts just can’t stand it. And Brennan’s unfettered tweeting gives us a scary glimpse into the sensibilities and political motivations that must have driven him when he headed Obama’s CIA. The man is so filled with hate for Trump, he makes Peter Strzok and Lisa Page look like FOX News contributors.

Speaking of FOX News contributors, Monica Crowley has a great column in The Hill in which she examines the role likely played by Brennan in the “Russia” investigation. She calls him “the apparent ringmaster of the ‘deep state’ resistance” and explains how the groundwork was laid for the CIA to be able to go after Americans –- indirectly, so whatever they turned up wouldn’t have their fingerprints on it.

In 2011 (before Obama’s re-election campaign), the U.S. intelligence community gave itself vastly expanded powers, allowing itself to surveil Americans who had even just once mentioned a foreign target. And all those communications by Americans that former CIA Director James Clapper said were “unwittingly” scooped up (lie) were saved in a searchable database, ripe for the unmasking.

Combine this with Brennan’s “modernization” program, which cut back on the CIA’s human intelligence capability and started depending more on relationships with foreign intelligence services such as Britain’s MI-6, and it’s easy to see how such outsourcing offered them more flexibility to obtain intelligence on Americans that our own spies weren’t supposed to be gathering. They could distance themselves from the actual spying and dirt-digging, just as Hillary did with her law firm and Fusion GPS.

Crowley notes the variety of foreign sources and contacts involved in gathering the so-called “intelligence” that was used against Trump: the imaginative Russian “dossier” put together by British former MI-6 agent Christopher Steele; the Kremlin-linked sources used by Steele; former MI-6 chief Richard Dearlove, who has a close association with “informant” (spy) Stefan Halper (who is a U.S. citizen but teaches at Cambridge in Great Britain).

In addition, there’s Alexander Downer, an Australian diplomat who reportedly also has links to British intelligence (and also to Hillary); he’s the source for the tale of George Papadopoulos’ drunking bragging about Russia having Hillary Clinton emails. And where did that allegedly happen? London.

it’s easy to see that with this kind of international spider-web, the CIA can put itself in the domestic intelligence-gathering (spying) business when it comes to American citizens it wants to surveil (spy on). With Trump in the Oval Office, the whole contrivance is threatened with exposure, and we’ve probably just scratched the surface. You can bet that’s why they’re going insane trying to bring him down before we can find out what they’ve been up to.



This Memorial Day

By Mike Huckabee

This is Memorial Day weekend, and I hope you all have a fun, safe holiday. Enjoy the beach, pool, family picnics, sales or whatever festivities you have planned. But please don’t forget that this is much more than just the “unofficial start of summer.” Memorial Day is first and foremost a date set aside to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that all of us could continue to enjoy the freedom to celebrate this weekend in peace and safety. It’s a time to visit graves and memorials of the fallen men and women of the United States military, from the birth of America to today, and to offer prayers and thanks to all those veterans for what they did for us.

I’ll have more to say on this on Memorial Day, but I just wanted to start the holiday weekend off on the right foot, and that foot is wearing a combat boot.


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Breaking news

By Mike Huckabee

Prayers today for the victims of two violent attacks. In Mississauga, Canada, near Toronto, two unidentified men are believed to have set off a bomb in an Indian restaurant. Fifteen people are hospitalized, three with critical injuries. The bombers fled, and police are searching for them. At this writing, no motive is yet known.

Meanwhile, last night in north Oklahoma City, a young male entered a restaurant on Lake Hefner, took out a pistol and started firing. He struck a mother and daughter who were there celebrating a birthday. They were hospitalized, but fortunately are expected to survive. A third woman suffered minor injuries.

But then, something happened the shooter did not expect. When he tried to flee, he was confronted outside the restaurant by a passerby who was carrying his own pistol and who shot the gunman dead. The armed civilian who intervened is being called a hero by some. I’d call him a “good guy with a gun,” but we know from the anti-gun lobby that those don’t exist: criminals and killers are never stopped by a “good guy with a gun”…except for all the times when they are.

In many cases, simply displaying a gun is enough to scare away someone of ill intent and prevent a crime. By some estimates, this happens about 2.5 million times a year. But since most of those incidents aren’t reported to police, critics refute that claim. They insist on focusing only on the number of crimes prevented by an armed citizen that are actually reported and recorded by the FBI. By that standard, it happens only about 67,740 times a year.

If that doesn’t seem impressive to you, then I’m betting you aren’t one of the 67,740 Americans per year who would’ve been victimized if you hadn’t been armed.


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Evening Edition - May 24

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee." - Psalm 143:8

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  • William Schlumpf

    05/26/2018 10:52 AM

    Happy anniversary to you and Janet! And thank you for all your work putting together these commentaries. They are greatly appreciated.

  • Basil Kopey

    05/25/2018 05:39 PM

    Happy anniversary! My wife Elizabeth and I are also celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary today!

  • Bill Loessin

    05/25/2018 02:26 PM

    Happy Anniversary. You are one of the best people on this planet. Love your daughter.

  • Edwina Kreps

    05/25/2018 01:29 PM

    Happy Anniversary, Mike and Janet! God Bless your marriage for many more years! <3 <3 <3

  • Amelia Little

    05/25/2018 11:36 AM

    Happy Anniversary to you and Janet!!! May you celebrate many more.

    On the OKC gun story--since I don't watch msm, I only assume that this shooting got little to no coverage---perhaps the only reason the Waffle House incident got about 2 minutes one day was because there were only 4 dead, which actually I read is the amount of casualties to be considered a mass shooting. And, of course, because a good guy stopped the shooter before more could be done. I would have thought they would have been celebrating the see--no gun on the good guy--would have garnered a few more days of news. That being said, I don't suppose there will be any news time (one time, 5 second mention maybe) for the OKC shooting because--you know, no one died. There have been other incidents where a good guy or gal with a gun took down a guy robbing a convenience store with a gun, threatening the lives of those inside, or homeowners who took down the intruder into their home. And, allegedly, family members of the thug were angry that their loved one (choir boys, I am sure) were just doing what they do to make money, the one guy should never have gone into the store--he should have just kept walking by. Because, now, their thug son is dead instead of innocent clerks and shoppers. That type of thing (again, not a mass shooting with an "assault" rifle) isn't newsworthy. They have better things to report--like what water the President drinks, or what Melania was wearing. Heck, I'm betting there will be no reporting on President Trump stopping to greet and thank men and women in uniform--unless they can find some way to be snarky about it.