September 4, 2018

Defense funds

Recently, people have pumped tens of thousands of dollars into GoFundMe accounts to help the sleazy likes of Peter Strzok or Michael Cohen.  To be fair, some donors reportedly woke up with a hangover and asked that their donations to the hilariously-named “Michael Cohen Truth Fund” be returned.

On the other hand, there is a man who has been financially devastated by investigations by people who can’t get over Hillary losing.  He’s an American military hero who was pressured to plead guilty to lying to FBI agents, even though the agents themselves said they didn’t believe he was lying.  The partisan legal warfare aimed at him has cost him his job, his life savings, and his house. 

His name is Lt. Gen. (Retired) Michael Flynn, and if you’d like to read about the wringer he’s been put through for the unconscionable crime of helping Donald Trump and accepting a position in his White House, then you can learn more at this link.  The fact that it’s a fundraising page to help pay his legal expenses is entirely coincidental.


We’re used to Democrats these days trying to get elected by appealing to identity politics.  But what if the candidate’s identity is a complete sham?  Does that mean she’s pioneering a new liberal electoral strategy: “Secret identity politics”?  Or is she the first entrant in a whole new victim identity class: “Identity Fluid-Americans”?  I don't know, but maybe we need to expand Voter ID laws to make the candidates show an ID before we vote for them.


 California's legislature is out to lunch

The California Senate just passed a bill to ban as fraudulent business practices any services that purport to help people change their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Naturally, this is aimed at faith-based “conversion therapy” organizations that help people who want to overcome homosexual feelings. 

But while California politicians are pandering to the LGBTQ lobby, it seems to have escaped their notice that they're opening a huge, unconstitutional can of worms that could be twisted to cover everything from banning consensual psychological counseling for children or adults to banning books ( claims that’s false, but only if you believe what the bill’s sponsor says about it and think leftists never stretch the meaning of laws beyond what's written).  And what if someone professional help transitioning to a gay sexual identity?  Would that be illegal, too?  The bill’s sponsors say this ban is necessary to stop barbaric practices, such as trying to force people to stop being gay through shock treatments – even though they can’t seem to cite a single example of that actually happening, Christian counselors already condemn those practices, and there are laws and professional regulations on the books now to prevent it. 

At the link is a lengthy list of problems with this law, including how it might actually backfire on those who counsel children who want to become “transgender.”  It notes that the “Q” in “LGBTQ” stands for “Questioning,” and the bill would criminalize helping someone answer questions about their sexual identity.  The list of objections and unintended consequences is long, but maybe if a few leftist California legislators would read it, they’d realize that micromanaging every aspect of people’s lives is more complicated than they thought.  Perhaps it will persuade them to consider pursuits more fitting to their abilities.  I’d suggest whittling, but it involves handling sharp objects.

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Horrifying story

Horrifying story out of Brazil, where the 200-year-old National Museum in Rio caught fire last night, destroying many of its 20 million irreplaceable artifacts.  Looking at the destruction that wiped out so much of the record of the nation’s history and culture in one night, I couldn’t help wondering how many leftists in America wish they could wipe out all records of our history and culture that quickly and efficiently.

The crassness of Trump's critics

I’ll admit there are times when I wish President Trump would go take a long, hot bath before hitting “Send” on his Twitter tweets.  But I would contend that the accusation that he, personally, is responsible for the coarsening of political discourse conveniently overlooks an awful lot of nasty rhetoric that was flying long before he ever came down the escalator at Trump Tower, descending, appropriately enough, into the world of politics. 

We got an ugly reminder of the crassness of Trump’s critics, and the political world in general last week, when funerals for Sen. John McCain and Aretha Franklin were marred by anti-Trump political slams during what were supposed to be eulogies, and the media used their fulsome praise for McCain as a thinly-veiled excuse to make negative references to Trump.  This was especially rich considering they were the very same media outlets that attacked and slandered McCain back in 2008, when it was necessary to help elect Obama.  

It’s no secret that there was bad blood between Trump and McCain, but where I come from, when someone dies, you put aside the squabbles of this world, comport yourself like an adult, and focus on more important things.  Even though Trump is constantly attacked for being vulgar, pugnacious, inappropriate or unpresidential, last week, he came across like a cross between Winston Churchill and Emily Post compared to his critics. 

While the anti-Trump brigades were politicizing the funerals, disrespectfully using them as excuses to bash Trump, Trump issued dignified condolence messages to both families.  When he was attacked because the half-staff flag for McCain was raised in accordance with the policy for all deceased Senators (something Trump had nothing to do with), he ordered that it remain at half-staff until after the memorial service.  He even arranged for military transportation and escorts and the use of Air Force Two to transport McCain’s body for burial.

And after he was assailed in subtle and not-so-subtle ways in the funeral speeches, instead of punching back point-by-point, he simply tweeted, “Make America Great Again!”

John Nolte at Breitbart had a similar take that’s well worth reading.  He notes that the McCain and Franklin funerals should have been unifying events, moments in which we set our differences aside and, to quote Meghan McCain, gather to “mourn the passing of American greatness.”  Instead, Nolte writes, “we watched those who piously lecture the rest of us about decency, decorum, and civility” drop their pants and spew divisive, partisan rhetoric at “the most inappropriate venue imaginable: a funeral.” 

Trump didn’t force them to act like that.  He actually looked like the restrained, well-mannered adult compared to them.  To those speaking at the funerals and the reporters covering them, I have to ask this old Southern question: Didn’t your mamas raise you better than that?


 Honorary Colonel

So proud of my daughter Sarah!  It isn’t every dad who gets to brag that his daughter is now Col. Sanders of Kentucky.  I guess she knows this means that from now on, she has to bring fried chicken every time she visits me.



 Second Man speaks out

Neil Armstrong’s sons are defending the upcoming movie “First Man” against criticism over the director’s decision not to show Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon because, according to star Ryan Gosling, they wanted to convey that it wasn’t so much something America did as a “human achievement.”  (Interesting side note: to this day, that US flag is the only flag on the moon because no humans from anywhere other than America ever made it there.)

Rick and Mark Armstrong issued a statement praising the film and seeking to calm the controversy.  It reads, “This story is human and it is universal. Of course, it celebrates an American achievement. It also celebrates an achievement ‘for all mankind’, as it says on the plaque Neil and Buzz left on the moon.”

Say, speaking of Buzz Aldrin, who was actually there at the time, what does the “Second Man” to set foot on the moon have to say about this?  He tweeted one picture that’s worth a thousand words.


 "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan"

In case you think that it’s an exaggeration to say that “Progressives,” “Social Justice Warriors” and the like are actively hunting 24/7 for something, anything, to be offended over, then take a look at their latest OUTRAGE target. 

Vanity Fair printed a review of the new  Amazon Prime TV series, “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” titled “Jack Ryan Is A Patriotic Nightmare.”  Writer Sonia Saraiya boils over in rage at the spy character’s “masculine American heroism” and “white male entitlement,” and writes that “both its protagonist and its plot are based on the foundational, unquestioned notion that American-military might — the best-funded killing infrastructure in human history — is helping to save the world”…it assumes “that we — Americans, and America — are doing a good job. Talk about a fantasy.”  She further huffs that “watching this show feels like falling down a Fox News rabbit hole.”

Okay, that does it!  I’m adding this show to my “Watch” list!  As for poor Sonia Saraiya, who thinks American military might hasn’t helped save the world, I couldn’t help noticing that she doesn’t write her drivel in German.  I will do her a favor, however, and suggest that she never watch a James Bond movie.  That might actually make her head explode.


In-N-Out boycott flops

After last week’s ridiculous temper tantrum by California Democratic Party head Eric Bauman, calling for a boycott of In-N-Out Burger because he found out the chain donated $25,000 to the state GOP (they say they make equal donations to PACs from both parties that support California businesses), reaction was swift, but not what Bauman hoped.  Twitter respondents blasted Bauman for being childish, and fellow Democrats quickly distanced themselves, leaving him to munch his locally-sourced organic tofu and sprouts all alone.

It also appears that calling for boycotts against popular fast food chains is the only way “Progressives” have ever found to boost the economy, since there were anecdotal reports of lines out the door at In-N-Out locations, a la Chic-fil-A Day.  Other reactions to Bauman’s burger boycott were equally negative for the Democrats.  California Republican candidate for Governor John Cox (possibly the only thing standing between the state and fiscal Armageddon in the form of Gavin Newsom) challenged his rival to a debate from in front of an In-N-Out drive-thru window.  One Republican State Senator showed his knowledge of red meat politics by posting a photos of an In-N-Out burger and fries feast for GOP legislators in his capitol office.  And some Republicans overreacted a tad by calling for a boycott of the entire state of California. 

Personally, I’m not a fan of boycotting businesses whose products I like just because I don’t like the politics of the people who run it.  That mostly harms the lower level workers, and it would deprive me of things I really like, like Apple products or Starbucks coffee.  However, if the people in charge are actually crazy-partisan enough to throw paying customers out of their restaurant just because they disagree with their politics, then boycott away. 

Oh, one more thing:  In-N-Out is now getting invitations from red states to come open restaurants there.  While they have no plans to open in Alabama, they are currently looking at Colorado.  Maybe they figure Colorado Democrats will prioritize their munchies over their politics.

OUR TOP STORY:  Of funerals and forgiveness: recall that McCain gave Trump "dossier" to the FBI

Texas cheerleaders get a decision

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is an atheist group that scours the nation, looking for people who exercise their First Amendment right to freely express their religious beliefs in public, usually in ways that are inoffensive and that the FFRF would never have even known about if they hadn’t gone hunting with binoculars for something to be offended by.  Then they claim that these tiny actions from places a thousand miles away are causing them grievous pain and suffering, and file or threaten to file expensive lawsuits, abusing the court system to silence free religious expression.  Sadly, this often works because the institutions threatened, such as schools or city councils, would rather save the cost of fighting the lawsuits than defend their people’s religious rights. 

But the FFRF (doesn’t that just sound like someone blowing a raspberry?  How appropriate) didn’t know what they were getting into when they tangled with some Texas high school cheerleaders.  The cheerleaders in the Kountze school district would decorate paper banners, sometimes with Bible verses such as, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  They’d then burst through the banners during pre-game pep rallies. 

Well, naturally, this is the sort of deadly serious offense the FFRF couldn’t just ignore (imagine the suffering of any atheists in the stands who might have to read those phrases before the cheerleaders popped through them), so they sent the usual legal threat and the school district folded, ordering the cheerleaders to stop it.  But those girls apparently really were strengthened by Christ, and they refused.  The district sued them to force them to stop.  They stood strong, and the First Liberty Institute took up their case. 

Now, after six long years (!) of wasteful, expensive litigation – and long after the cheerleaders graduated and stopped popping through anything --  the Texas Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of the cheerleaders.  A First Liberty Institute spokesman told Fox News’ Todd Starnes that this should end the scorched-Earth litigation tactics (although knowing the FFRF, it probably won’t.)   He said the Court agreed it was private speech that can’t be regulated, not government speech, and the cheerleaders had a religious freedom right to write anything they wanted on banners they created with paper and paint they bought themselves.   His message to the meddlers at the FFRF who started this money sink of a lawsuit: “Stop harassing cheerleaders and accept that they are free to have religious speech on their run-through banners.”  They'll probably just move on some other microscopically picayune “offense” to get outraged about, like suing bakeries because hot-cross buns have crosses on them (not to give them any ideas.)



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  • Steven Peet

    09/05/2018 11:14 AM

    I really appreciate your articles, but do have a question regarding your thoughts on frequenting businesses that openly support political or social causes that I disagree with. My stance has been that such businesses have lost sight of the market niche that their business was created to fill, preferring to alienate some segments of their customer base by so doing (witness Burger King and it's "Black Burger" and "Gay Burger" promotions). I have no problem if a business chooses to support these causes behind the scenes, but when they flaunt that support in communities that disagree with these causes, they inadvertently tell their customers that those customers really mean nothing to them. We frequent businesses every day that support causes we disagree with (and that is their right), but by not publicizing that, they don't tacitly ask us to help in that support. Have I missed something?

  • Patricia Young

    09/05/2018 10:20 AM

    Re: Woodward's book and his quotes about Pres. Trump (and idiot, acts like a 6th grader). It reminds me of the story of the man born blind who receives his sight in John 9. The Pharisees were enraged because this healing had taken place on the Sabbath. They kept asking the man born blind how Jesus had done this. They said to him, "Give God the glory! We know this man (Jesus) is a sinner." When the man said, I already told you. Why do you want me to tell you again? Do you want to be his follower too?." At this they reviled the man. He said to them, This is a marvelous thing, that you do not know where He is from; and yet He has opened my eyes! Since the world began it has been unheard of that anyone opened the eyes of one born blind." With that the Pharisees excommunicated him.
    Pres. Trump has caused our economy to grow, caused unemployment rates to drop drastically, caused other nations to pay their fair share, made better trade deals with other nations and worked to reign in nuclear threats and a myriad of other good things for our nation and declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and according to Woodward's book he has done all this while being and idiot and acting like a 6th grader. If that is so, what would you say about the previous presidents who were unable to do any of these things? Were they actually insane? Were they actually acting less that one with a 6th grade education? It would seem so as you listen to their own words. We know the Pharisees were jealous of Jesus; perhaps that is the problem with those who opposed President Trump.

  • Thomas R Petricka

    09/05/2018 09:48 AM

    I like your comment about Hot Crossed Buns as a potential target of the ffrf (lower case intended).
    Heres another organization for them to target: The Red Cross.....
    Enuff said.
    God Bless you.

  • Jerry & Donna Hale

    09/05/2018 09:15 AM

    I want you for my president!!!

  • Marie Frances Coppola

    09/05/2018 08:06 AM

    Please pass this info to all Republicans running for office and ESPECIALLY to our President at election time.

    Seniors are counselled to NOT give out their credit card information. Many would like to give contributions but not cash or credit cards.
    Please add PAY PAL to the choices for sending contributions. Many more of us would contribute. Thank you.

  • Becky Aheren

    09/05/2018 07:54 AM

    I am in catch up, in regard to politics. I am in my mid 70's and never followed politics, until Trump got involved with politics. I did not know what a conservative, or liberal, was or what it meant. My family, mostly, not political, but leaned to democrats, so most my life, I heard the stories they said of Republicans. For the rich, not for the working class, etc. 2 years ago, I started researching all these things, and found, to my surprise, I agree with conservatives 100% on policies, and view of life. Found out , they are not racist, rich lovers, etc. But have all the principles I admire. I get many newsletters in my e-mail, yours is my favorite. I read every word, sometimes twice. Your honesty, high principles, and ability to see things with such clear vision, has made you my favorite read. Thank you so much. I was not following politics when you ran for president, but reading your wisdom, I think you would have made a wonderful president.

  • Lance E Brown

    09/05/2018 04:05 AM

    a must see: C-SPAN 3
    Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference
    Discussion at the Steamboat Institute’s 10th Annual Freedom Conference focuses on reforming the FBI, school safety, and the next generation of conservative leaders.

  • F. Donald Parsons

    09/05/2018 01:19 AM

    Texas cheerleader bit - 6 years of effort, time, money and frustration. So much waste. Hope it will set a precedent that other courts will use!!

  • John Emmi

    09/04/2018 11:49 PM

    FYI: Tried donate to Gen. Flynn but website would not accept my legitimate phone number or contribution.

  • Barbara J. Raley

    09/04/2018 10:36 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, being an "ole" Farmer's Daughter from Holly Grove, ARK, but transplanted into Casa Grande, Arizona in 1959, your commentaries are home fodder for me, great love and respect for your amazing humor, candor, intelligent perspective on today's issues, AND your "Honorary Colonel Sanders" Daughter (amazing she is!!!) please keep doing what you do so beautifully. You inform, keep us current and never fail to leave an ear to ear grin on our faces! You are LOVED, GOD bless!!!! from gorgeous Vail, AZ....come see us sometime...I'll cook us up some black eyed peas, salt pork, fresh garden thick slices tomatoes, green onions to much on, crispy on the outside Polenta Cornbread, and dessert of YOUR choice! SINCERE invite Gov! Bring Sarah too!!! (would appreciate a couple days notice tho... ;~)) GOD's love, Barbara Raley

  • Barbara J. Raley

    09/04/2018 10:35 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, being an "ole" Farmer's Daughter from Holly Grove, ARK, but transplanted into Casa Grande, Arizona in 1959, your commentaries are home fodder for me, great love and respect for your amazing humor, candor, intelligent perspective on today's issues, AND your "Honorary Colonel Sanders" Daughter (amazing she is!!!) please keep doing what you do so beautifully. You inform, keep us current and never fail to leave an ear to ear grin on our faces! You are LOVED, GOD bless!!!! from gorgeous Vail, AZ....come see us sometime...I'll cook us up some black eyed peas, salt pork, fresh garden thick slices tomatoes, green onions to much on, crispy on the outside Polenta Cornbread, and dessert of YOUR choice! SINCERE invite Gov! Bring Sarah too!!! (would appreciate a couple days notice tho... ;~)) GOD's love, Barbara Raley

  • Orpha M. Hirst

    09/04/2018 09:39 PM

    I love your sense of humor and I really appreciate your common sense. I enjoy your commentaries. Glad to know there is someone sane in the govt left. I'm so grateful you are a Christian and you have a WONDERFUL daughter. I ask God to Bless her all the time.

  • Shirley J Peterson

    09/04/2018 09:34 PM

    Love your commentaries, Governor!! Keep up the good work. And, by the way, your daughter is way awesome also!! Tough like her dad!!

  • Mona Lisa Killion

    09/04/2018 08:36 PM

    As I read about the controversy surrounding the movie “First Man”, I couldn’t help but wonder about the controversy some skeptics have aroused by saying that the American, and only, moon landing, was faked. I think Hollywood has debunked that belief by making a movie about the landing, without stating it is mere scientific and historic conjecture. The landing must be true if it bothered Hollywood so much they had to change the ending.

  • April Allison-Garlow

    09/04/2018 08:19 PM

    I truly enjoy your insight and commentary on the news of the day. Every morning I can guess the news headlines--Trump talked. tweeted or did something -the press's opinion of the negative effects of it--Democrats outraged, protests begin. It's tabloid journalism, fueled by immaturity, ignorance, hatred, and the never ending tantrum, because they didn't get their own way. Without you I might lose my sense of humor--Thank you for keeping it real!

  • Anne Turner

    09/04/2018 08:09 PM

    It occurred to me that if the atheists and other free from religion folks were really secure in their unbelief, it would not be necessary to bash expressions of religious affiliation. If they had no doubts they would simply regard those who are religious as misguided and not a threat. They protestith too much.

    Sarah is an interesting mix of tough and feminine. She demonstrates that women can be tough without being like men. She seems comfortable in her identity as a wife, mother, AND professional in an extremely tough job. Kudos to your son in law also, as I am sure he must share the load and is shoulder to lean on when needed.

  • Amelia Little

    09/04/2018 07:53 PM

    I pay no attention to boycotts--no matter which political party calls for one (and, yes, Democrats and Republicans alike call for them.) And, demands to remove this show or that. Conservatives had a cow when there was a call for Duck Dynasty to be removed. I don't know if it happened, as it wasn't a show I ever watched. But, they turn around and (for several years at least now) call for the view to be removed. That's another show I never watched, but by fb posts, I think it's still on the air. I would think after all this time, folks would get the idea that network isn't going to can the view, so how about just moving on. I buy the products I like, at stores that sell those products, I eat the food I want, (don't tell me what nasty things are in some foods--if I like those foods, I'm not going to read someone's opinion about how it's made.) If I eat out, it will be at places where I LIKE the food, I don't go there for political reasons, and frankly, have never had anyone working in the eateries (or the owners) preach to me about their political views. Of course, I am lucky enough not to be a high profile figure that would lead people to accost me in that way, encouraged by say, congress people. It is easy enough to just pass on those things (shows, shops, movies, restaurants, radio programs, etc etc etc) that one does not like, and let those who do enjoy those things enjoy them. The people boycotting different things would be quite offended if I tried to make them boycott something they like, but I don't.

    I also figured out some time ago that those who are so "offended" by whatever little thing, are really people being paid to, as you say, check everything over with binoculars to try to find some miniscule thing, so they can make an example of the wrong-doers. If no one in the stands are offended by the cheerleaders, someone who probably lives across country should just stay home and not go to the game. If the local people have no problem, the (paid) agitators should go to some safe space and vegitate. Such as the person (and I'm betting there was only one) paid to raise a ruckus about toys at target. First, one would wonder why Target would be targeted? (Pun intended.) After all Target was one of the first places to jump on the bathroom issue and let anyone in the women's bathroom just by saying he identifies as a woman that day. Anyway, ever since I can remember (and I'm 67) there have been traditionally boy toys and girl toys, and some are color coded as such, in all the stores, and all the aisles are arranged the same in all stores. So, how come Target was the only one named in the ruckus? I also have know all these years that any kid can select any toy, whether it is for his/her gender. Who's going to follow them home to see who plays with that pink tool set? And, I've never seen an employee hovering around to question shoppers what gender are they buying a toy for--nor have I heard a cashier asking--because, frankly, they don't give a rat's patooty--A purchase in their store is a good thing.

    Too bad not everyone can get the services of organizations that take up the cause of defending against the (paid) agitators or ACLU or southern justice (they really need to get a name that better describes their mission.) But I am glad they are able to help some people. Too bad the (paid) agitators and organizations and financial backers can't be hit with frivolous lawsuits. If they had to pay through the nose for idiocy, maybe they would find other careers.

  • Stephen Russell

    09/04/2018 07:50 PM

    Boycotts: still wont buy from Starbucks, even in grocers.
    Use Amazon when I have 2 since retail wont carry products I need.
    So Yes boycotts work but one must Boycott Store & product line too.
    In & Out is NOT in grocers.
    Starbucks products are.
    & wont buy Ford or GM products, IF so USED like a 2008 Vette.
    Never New since I pay for Union dues.
    & Yes Boycott CA State, make Official & see Leftists cry

  • Pamela F Barton

    09/04/2018 07:44 PM

    Hi Governor I really enjoy your comments and look forward to them, I briefly lived in AR, vacation there many years and heard lots of stories about AR politics, some were from a senator (Dem) funny thing most all those Democrats I knew, voted Republican last election and the one before. and these were some pretty hard and true Democrat, so maybe that party's antics are turning them away and by the way you were my pick in the primaries

  • Rick Jackson, MD

    09/04/2018 07:37 PM

    Just wanted to say thanks for the person of character you are, and for what you have done to raise a family, and promote the values that made America a truly great and good nation, both in your private and your public life. Some things I have in common with you and your family (in addition to our deep love for and dependence on Jesus), would include politics (I ran for Congress twice in the late 1990s), music (I play bass guitar and write and sing music, playing live on Fox and Friends n 2010 to try to warn folks about the coming ObamaCare debacle), and my daughter Candice Jackson is part of the Trump administration! (for a year and 1/2 recently was the Acting Director of the Office of Civil Rights for Education, designing and spearheading a total revamping of the awful un-American Obama-era Title IX rulings etc. - with the new final Trump administration policy recommendation being leaked by the "deep state" to the New York Times last week!!). There may be quite a few of us that share these similarities, but perhaps not!
    Again, thanks so much for who you are and what you do, and God bless you and your family always!
    Rick Jackson, MD (Battle Ground, Wa)

  • Sue Sneath

    09/04/2018 07:30 PM

    Gov. Huckabee,
    Your evening edition brings some sense to me on what has happened during the day. The news is too much and yours brings it into perspective.
    Thank you and God bless.

  • Renata E. Melone

    09/04/2018 07:21 PM

    It's a shame the McCain turned so political - and the afront to have Bush and Obama there and not the President is absolutely not Christian! A funeral is to keep it personal about the other things in his life other than politics; however, when most of your life has been politics I guess it's hard not to delve into subjects that really should not have been brought up. Since starting to read "Killing the Deep State" I am ashamed of the Bush men but not surprised about Obama - I still do not understand why treason hasn't been sought out against Obama, Hillary and their group, including Mr. Soros who is now making headlines again!! Mr. McCain had many sides to his life - like all of us - may he rest in peace and may God have mercy on his soul! We all have to answer for our lives some day! I wonder how many at that funeral ever think about that!

  • Joan Mangum

    09/04/2018 07:20 PM

    Uplifting and informative

  • Janet Mathies

    09/04/2018 07:18 PM

    Thank you for all you do in getting information to us, and having such a respect for our nation and how we should be treating one another - even when we disagree. I also appreciate your high regard for the TRUTH!

  • Darlene F. Donston

    09/04/2018 06:59 PM

    I said on FB the other day that In and Out should come to TN. We lived in Southern CA for 53 years and our Grand-daughter and my Husband love In and Out. Me, not so much! lol But the owner was born in CA so I doubt she will come all the way over here.