February 2, 2019

I’m writing this on Friday night, as Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is vowing that he will not resign.  But were I a betting man, my money would be on him being gone by the time you read this.

Americans haven’t seen anyone pull such a spectacular crash-and-burn in public since the days when Evel Knievel was jumping motorcycles over large objects.

Northam first came to national attention last week when he attempted to defend a proposed pro-abortion law so extreme that even its own backers are now fleeing from it like cats that touched a hot stove.  His appalling description of the act of letting a baby born during an abortion just lie there and struggle for its life without offering medical aid sparked outrage even among some liberals (the infant would be kept comfortable while the parents and doctors have a discussion about what to do – if there even are any doctors: some of these new pro-abortion bills don’t even require that there be a real doctor present.) Let me settle that discussion: when a baby is struggling for its life, you CALL A DOCTOR or get it to a hospital!!!  That doesn’t require a debate.

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But then came the shocking surprise twist: a conservative blogger unearthed a photo from Northam’s 1984 yearbook at Eastern Virginia Medical School that showed two male students in costumes: one in blackface and the other in a KKK hood and robe.  One was identified as Northam.  National Review verified that the photo was real, and Northam admitted it (although he didn’t specify whether he was the one in blackface or Klan robe, if that really matters.)

Some Republicans pointed out that this was especially shocking, considering Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie by tarring him as a racist (he also tweeted about President Trump, “We deserve better than a President who won’t condemn white supremacists.”) It also raised questions of why Gillespie’s campaign didn’t find this photo.  Remember when I wrote yesterday about the Trump Tower meeting and said that all campaigns do opposition research?  Apparently, Gillespie’s didn’t.  If he had found this, he’d likely be Governor of Virginia today. 

Well, this was too much of a burning cross to bear even for Democrats who had no problem defending Northam on the whole “murdering babies” issue.  Soon, the calls for his resignation were coming from all sides, including the left: Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, the Congressional Black Caucus, Terry McAuliffe, Ted Lieu,, and even – brace yourself – Planned Parenthood!  

But then, Planned Parenthood has nothing to lose. As Sean Davis of the Federalist tweeted, Lt. Gov. “Justin Fairfax, who would replace Northam, is a former Planned Parenthood official who is even more radically pro-infanticide than Northam. There’s no downside for abortionists in calling for Northam’s head. They get all the baby-killing (without) the baggage.”

One wag also declared that Planned Parenthood just can’t stand to see anything survive through its full term.

One very telling sidelight: CNN, either from bias or force of habit, falsely identified Northam on screen as a Republican.

They probably didn’t mean to be misleading, since that was too obvious not to be noticed.  I imagine they just heard the letters “KKK” and assumed it was a story about a Republican.  To help them in case this comes up again in the future: The KKK was created by Democrats.  They were angry that a Republican President, whom they called an “ape” and other nasty names, wanted to stop them from importing an underclass of workers from poor nations to exploit by making them do their field and house work rather than paying a free American citizen a living wage to do it.  Some people claim the parties somehow switched positions since the 1860s, but I really don’t see how.    

Another sidelight of this media circus was an attempt by some Democrats to claim that their calls for Northam to step aside rather than excuse it as a dumb youthful indiscretion prove they don’t practice situational ethics because they also called on Brett Kavanaugh to step aside over something from many years ago in school.  But that overlooks two important points:  (1.) the accusation against Kavanaugh was from when he was a high school kid, not a 26-year-old medical school student, and (2.) Kavanaugh vociferously denied the charge, and nobody ever produced a scrap of evidence or a single corroborating witness.  Northam posed for a photo and admitted it was him.  If someone had accused Northam of wearing blackface or a KKK robe over 30 years ago with no evidence or witnesses, I would've defended his right to a presumption of innocence, too.  But that’s not what we have here.

Well, as we wait for Northam to read the writing on the wall and start packing his sheets, it’s worth noting that we now know what Democrats find unacceptable in a high public official (evidence of past racist behavior) and acceptable (condoning and enabling of infanticide.)  It would be nice if they were outraged by both of these abominations. 

I’ll give the final word to conservative comedian Stephen Kruiser, who had the best line of all to sum up Northam’s self-destruction:

“(Northam’s) career will be kept comfortable while the voters who gave birth to it discuss whether or not it should be terminated.”



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  • bob peters

    02/04/2019 03:16 PM

    The thing that kept coming to mind when I first heard about this was Herod and the killing of the Innocents.

  • Robin Durham

    02/04/2019 10:53 AM

    Re: Ralph Northam
    It wasn’t so much the annual picture that set me off (because it couldn’t be proven), but his attitude about full-term abortion that made me sick to my stomach. How could anyone with a soul think the brutality of abortion is acceptable? I have one question for all these left-wing abortionists: WHAT IF YOU HAD BEEN ABORTED????????

  • Patricia P Calabrese

    02/04/2019 08:28 AM

    Talk about coming 'full circle'! I believe that most if the push behind Roe vs Wade and making abortion legal, aside from the whole "a woman's right over her own body" thing, was so that women would not be forced to use unethical or unlicensed, back ally 'doctors', which could be harmful, even deadly to women. However, this latest fiasco on late-term abortion may not even require that a doctor be present! Again the far-left shows it's true colors.

  • Kathy Shiffer

    02/03/2019 11:12 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee, I have not yet heard anyone point out the rank hypocrisy of those who are "outraged" over Gov. Northam's photograph invoking memories of slavery, while at the same time wildly applauding his support of partial birth abortion. Both issues spring from the same low view of the value of human life. Slaves were considered property, and owners had the right to do with them as they pleased. Slave states fought abolition because of the toll it would take on their economics. Proponents of abortion treat the unborn as property. An unplanned pregnancy may be a great trauma and crisis in a woman's life. Unscrupulous people persuade her that this unborn life has no intrinsic value and is at her disposal, to do with as she wishes. They help her "solve" the problem by helping her destroy her child. How can it be that people who are livid over Gov. Northam's supposed denigration of black people can be so wildly enthusiastic about destroying the lives of little people who have no voice? In both cases, the truth that all human beings are created in the image of God and have worth and dignity is being suppressed for the sake of convenience. The screaming masses are recognizing this fact in the case of slaves and their descendants, but they conveniently ignore it in the case of unborn babies. Seems to me that if those folks who are calling for Gov. Northam to step down were consistent, they would simultaneously repudiate BOTH his alleged racist views AND his support of partial birth abortion!

  • Dee

    02/03/2019 08:50 PM

    Wait a minute...the picture of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam wearing the KKK outfit appeared in his medical school yearbook??? Medical school??? Whatever happened to the Hippocrates Oath and wanting to do everything possible to preserve life? And yet now he wants to terminate life on the whim of a baby’s mother and doctor, moments after it is born??? Guess he must have terminated integrity and everything else he may have learned during med school, moments after it was taught to him.

  • william fuhrer

    02/03/2019 11:36 AM

    Are there second and third yearbooks available to show it isn't photo shooped. What do the pictures say about the editor and College

  • Marcia Standifer

    02/03/2019 09:53 AM

    Thanks again, Governor, for your precise and on-target assessment of this entire issue - including the rank hypocrisy the Dems are showing after the Kavanaugh debacle (which was my first thought when I read about the med-school photo.)

    Another jaw-dropping moment, to me, was the Fox News segment of Pelosi and 3 or 4 other Democrat “leaders,” who flatly denied knowing what it was that Northam said about leaving infants to die while discussing their future. Pelosi’s facial expressions while she did so, were priceless, like a dog caught with the canary in it’s mouth.

    But then, I guess it shouldn’t be so surprising.... They were caught flat-footed by Northam’s shocking support of infanticide, and just really didn’t have time to put heads together and come up with some lock-step “talking points” to deflect the situation.
    Praying for this nation and it’s leaders!

  • Carol Mathews

    02/03/2019 12:51 AM

    Give a democrat enough rope and maybe they just might succeed in hanging themselves. No reference to the KKK or anything this else other than an old saying.

  • James Glenn Hairston

    02/03/2019 12:03 AM

    Seems to me, there are numerous laws against the killing of a human being (at least one in every state in our country)! Some, if not most even have degrees of crimes which result in the death of a human being (1st, 2nd, Premeditated, Negligent, Manslaughter, etc). In MY humble opinion, Late Term Abortion is no less than Premeditated Murder. I also seem to recall my father's (a Physician) reciting to me when I was still a child, part of the Hippocratic Oath, wherein it is mentioned, "DO NO HARM." This malarkey about justification of such heinous acts such as, health of mother, rape, incest, etc. could possibly apply to EARLY TERM ABORTION, but even then, there is an abundance of Christian attitudes against abortion at ANY stage, for whatever cause! At any rate, God has a plan. I have serious doubts as to His accepting such acts as "justified"! It will ALL come out in the proverbial wash!

  • Linda Guzman

    02/02/2019 11:30 PM

    I get what is being said about Halloween costumes. Without this incident in Northam's past, HE STILL SHOWS A GREAT DEAL OF RACISM JUST IN HIS PATHETIC AND GRUESOME VIEWS ON ABORTION AND INFANTICIDE. Given that 19 million black babies have been denied the right to life since Roe verses Wade, and have died at the hands of their mother and their abortionist, I still say he is practicing racism. In Michigan as recent as 2013, as many as 12,789 black women out of 25,757 women had abortions. This is very close to nearly half of all Michigan abortions resulting in the death of a black life. Consider that African American women are more likely to have twin births than other races of pregnant women, and the individual number of deaths will rise. Look at the statistics. 444 African American babies are aborted per 1,000 live births. Of all abortions nationwide, the statistics for nonwhite babies aborted are about 63%. In 2014, Georgia ended the lives of 65% of black babies by abortion. The same year, Delaware -44%, Arkansas 46%, Alabama 60%! Halloween costume or not, the extreme views on the murdering of innocent children, a high percentage of them being black tells me that not only do black lives NOT matter to this barbaric man, but NO life matters TO HIM. Resign before some other disgusting truths are dug up about you, Mr. Northam. Either way, the infanticide charge is all I need to go on to realize this man is not fit for public office.

  • Rose Howell

    02/02/2019 09:40 PM

    He also accepted almost $20 Million in campaign contributions from, wait for it, Planned Parenthood. KIck him out.

  • Rebecca Overton

    02/02/2019 08:02 PM

    I made some quite harsh remarks regarding Northam. Frankly he deserves far worse the what I said. Genteel has never been my manner....
    I'll make these further comments regarding the embarrassingly dishonourable Northam, then be done with him. What an embarrassment he must be to the honour bound VMI that I knew well years ago and he certainly is to his profession! This disgusting bastard has defiled his own history, lied to his state and deliberately and with malice spit on his Hipocratic Oath of "first, do no harm". MURDER of an indefensible infant absolutely should cause him to forever lose his license to practice!

    Whether he voluntarily resigns or is physically driven out makes no difference to me but should be of critical importance to all Virginians! To BS people with his lie of I don't know who was in that picture is insulting! Nothing goes in a yearbook the person did not authorize!!!!! LIAR ... Bald faced liar is a disgrace! TY for reading.

  • Tershia Lambrechts

    02/02/2019 08:01 PM

    It is very comforting to know that these abominable people will fall into the hands of the living God!

  • Yvonne Carson

    02/02/2019 06:07 PM

    I don't understand how this "law" to kill born human Americans can pass! When a person is born in America, are they not American citizens? And are they not protected by the U.S. Constitution for their unalienable rights to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? So, these little babies, born alive, are or should be constitutionally protected for their right to life! How can they pass a law that violates our Constitution? Should this not immediately be a case worthy of the Supreme Court? And of course they are morally, ethically protected by the higher authority of God himself. He will not leave American unpunished who do this great evil of killing a full term infant human being (which we ALL were at one point!!) And a baby born can be adopted out by a mother & father, right? If a woman has not yet "decided" about a pregnancy, the birthing is WAY too late to be changing their mind. This is a totally depraved evil, topping anything else we have done as the American Holocaust of 60 million murdered babies in our country. Disgusting and abhorrent. I hope the whole country rises up in opposition.

  • Alice Claar

    02/02/2019 05:53 PM

    What if someone had the guts to film an adoration and show it on media. Let them see what really happens. Hoping they can stomach it. They just might rethink how they feel.

  • Amelia Little

    02/02/2019 05:31 PM

    Love Stephen Kruiser's remark--bet he gets a bunch of hateful twitters, etc, for it though. I had been thinking--pull another bed next to "mom's" and put the doctor in it. Let him and "mom" lie there getting "comfort care" until they can no longer tolerate it and cry for relief. Of course, there are people who would maintain that the baby wouldn't be having the same feelings, sensations, etc, being just a baby (a baby at this point, having been born and all.) And, is anyone going to be WITH the baby, maybe hold him/her, rock the baby, sing some lullabys or will people just walk off and let the "comfort care" take care of the baby. And, for those not in the know--the baby isn't going to die within seconds or minutes--it would take some time. Okay, maybe less if there is NO stimulation of the baby once s/he is born--which does not seem to jive with "comfort care."

    I just read (from FOX news) that northam is now DENYING he is in that picture. Didn't take him long to backpeddle on his admission he was in the pic once he realized that he was going to railed against, not only by Republicans, but fellow democrats. Maybe he thought he would get away with his "lapse of judgement" as a 26 year old because, after all, he's a democrat and they are above reproach and censure. It seems that, if he wasn't in the picture, he would have denied it from the get-go.

  • Teddy Woodward

    02/02/2019 05:26 PM

    If you ask ME, (no one did, but I NEVER let that stop me), this is one more instance of Americans being INCAPABLE of understanding WHAT MATTERS and WHAT DOESN'T. First of all, to any of us that were old enough to be around in the eighties, those costumes WEREN'T A BIG DEAL THEN. They were Halloween costumes. People dress up ALL THE TIME as Count Dracula, ghosts, witches, etc. Does ANYONE really think that because of THEIR COSTUMES they want to drink people's blood, be DEAD, ride broomsticks and put children in cauldrons? OF COURSE NOT. These days, SOME people want to MAKE TROUBLE wherever they can. Personally, I couldn't CARE LESS what kind of COSTUME ANYBODY wears, then or now. But when you are talking about MURDERING babies, and CHOPPING THEM UP and SELLING THEM for PARTS, THEN there is a GENUINE REASON for OUTRAGE. Talk about APPLES and ORANGES. If a picture of someone in blackface or KKK COSTUMES from THIRTY FIVE years ago triggers you THAT MUCH, my advice is to NEVER watch anymore television of today or go to any movies or MUSIC performances, because at least as far as I am concerned, about 98% of them are FAR MORE OFFENSIVE than a THIRTY FIVE year old picture. GET A LIFE, people. As Abraham Lincoln so WISELY said, "if you look for the BAD in people, you will MOST CERTAINLY find it". We Americans need to GROW UP, learn how to EVALUATE what we see and hear, and BEHAVE with DIGNITY, COMPASSION, and COMMON SENSE. Is that SO HARD, or TOO MUCH TO ASK? I don't think so, and I don't think Jesus would either. TW

  • Robert Quinton

    02/02/2019 04:55 PM

    Well, what a difference a day makes. Northam must have met with his consultants and spin doctors into the night. Today, he came out denying it was him in the photo. Yesterday, in the middle of the firestorm, he quickly admitted one of the people in the photo was him. I'm thinking the discussion went something like this: "Well, neither person in the picture is recognizable. I'll just deny it. I'm a Democrat, so it will just go away." Either way, he was lying then or he's lying now. My bet would be he's lying now. He's still a liar and hypocrite. He fits right in with the rest of the Democrats.

  • Janis Tobin

    02/02/2019 04:46 PM

    Follow the money. Planned Parenthood donates to Northam's campaign...he he 'returns the favor' by supporting a bill that would legalize abortions to full-term so that baby parts can be sold for lots of money. People get rich and everyone is happy. The leftist Dems could care less about human collateral. It's all about the money. I just hope these type of barbaric politicians fail the 2020 elections.

  • Lydia craig

    02/02/2019 03:41 PM

    Not only leave office but he should lose his license to practice medicine for violating the Hippocratic oath which says Do No Harm to any patient

  • Donna Yates

    02/02/2019 02:06 PM

    Go to the below website to see this video. Micheal Lindell CEO of My Pillow Co is backing a new movie that comes out in March. Only 800 theatres across the country are showing the movie "Unplanned". It is about a woman working for PP who is asked to witness an ongoing abortion procedure. She is horrified as to what she sees and realizes she and others who work for PP have been lied to about the truths the high up execs have hidden from Joe Q Public.
    Kudos to Micheal Lindell!!

  • Donna Yates

    02/02/2019 01:42 PM

    What's even more appalling is this man went to medical school. What kind of doctor who is sworn to protect and preserve life is so willing to commit murder of an infant in or out of the womb. What also is appalling Kathy Tran believes preserving the life of a caterpillar has more meaning than preserving human life. She also believes that anyone who presents women with the knowledge of a baby in the womb should NOT be allowed to give, show or present this information to a woman prior to the abortion because it might change her mind. Oh God forbid if we allowed anyone to change their minds or to think for themselves especially if it goes against the liberal, socialist, democrats agenda.
    At the rate we are going it won't be the bees we have to worry about disappearing from Earth it will be human life period.

  • Joan Asbury

    02/02/2019 01:07 PM

    I knew there was more to Northam being a democrat for the reason I didn't vote for him....He just needs to resign...esp since he can't deny anything on the picture and abortion comments he has made. I don't see how anyone (especially Mothers) can be for abortion at all.

  • Marilyn Reed

    02/02/2019 01:05 PM

    Should one be punished for what was allowable in another era. I am 80 so I have been around for awhile and watched many things change, most notably racial things. Incidentally change for the worse during and after the Obama. I am white, have a mixed child and 6 mixed grandchildren. She is 44 so I went through much prejudice myself but also as a younger person I would not want to have to answer for some of the things I did pre Jesus. Now how much he has changed I do not know, maybe not much considering where he lives and his willingness to let babies die. But still one must consider the mores of the time before condeming.

  • David Arthur Kosinski

    02/02/2019 01:04 PM

    The Democrats and Media once again demonstrate their irrational thinking. They "get it right" on condemning Governor Northam's hateful Yearbook photo, but (seemingly) remain blindly unaware concerning the Governor's horrible comments on a delivered-alive baby that "comfortably awaits" the verdict on whether it might yet die. There's a term for this kind of thinking.... schizophrenia!