September 29, 2017

Despite the defiance of liberal states and cities, “sanctuary” spots for illegal immigrants are not proving to be very safe sanctuaries. Thursday, ICE announced the results of a surprise four-day sweep dubbed Operation Safe City (an obvious rejoinder to the term “sanctuary city.”) The crackdown came in areas that refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in rounding up criminal illegal aliens, and it netted 498 of them.

That included 310 who were targets of the raids and another 188 “collateral” arrests of illegal immigrants encountered while going after the targets. Los Angeles and Philadelphia accounted for over 100 each, and dozens more were busted in Chicago, New York, Denver, Baltimore and other self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities.”

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ICE officials said they’re seeing an increase in the targets resisting arrest. For instance, one gang member tried to run over the officers with a vehicle and was later found to have a loaded weapon. Whether that’s due to a general lack of fear and respect for the law or the perceived protection and anti-fed rhetoric of local officials isn’t certain.

One thing that is certain is that the sentimental narrative spun by liberal officials that ICE is targeting poor undocumented immigrants who are no threat to anyone is just so much organic compost. Aside from that violent gang member, the Washington Times reports that ICE also nabbed a Salvadoran woman in Baltimore who had an assault conviction and an attempted murder charge, and a man in New York who had a conviction for sexual abuse of a minor on his record. Both had been released by local officials rather than turned over to ICE. So if you are a law-abiding citizen who lives in one of these cities, now you know who your elected officials think are more worthy of protection than you are.

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I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot of outraged complaints from local officials about the ICE raids on their turf. They’ll probably demand to know why ICE came into their “sanctuary cities” to look for dangerous criminal illegal aliens. Probably the same reason why fishermen go to a favorite fishing hole instead of a rain barrel. Because that’s where there are so many of them waiting to be caught.


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  • William Childress

    10/01/2017 12:09 AM

    Amen. The law is being enforced. If don't belong here you need to be picked up and removed from this country. I want to see some of these people who release these people put into jail for not following the law. No one is above the law.