May 8, 2018

You’d think that if any state actually reflected the liberal narrative that Obamacare is now working great and too popular to get rid of, it would be Maryland, the Lobbyists’ and Lawyers’ LaLa Land and major suburban residence of so many well-heeled Washington, DC, heels.

But yesterday, insurers on the Maryland Obamacare exchanges sent consumers reeling by requesting 2019 rate hikes that average 30%, with a top hike of a staggering 91% for an “extended network” plan – which we used to call “choosing your own doctor” back when that was standard procedure.

And what is the Democratic excuse for these whiplash-inducing rate hikes on Obamacare policies? It’s Trump’s fault, of course! These are examples of how Trump’s health care policies are causing hikes in premiums!

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Note that according to a study by, from the year before Obamacare arrived through 2016, the average individual health insurance premium in the US rose by 99%, and family policy premiums increased by 140%. I have to tip my hat to the insurance companies’ actuaries for having the remarkable foresight to predict Trump winning the election and taking office in 2017 when they asked for those massive rate hikes during the four previous years.




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  • Amelia Little

    05/12/2018 03:21 PM

    All the rich lawyers, politicians, etc in Maryland don't care, because they are not subjected to obamacare. Plus, of course, if you are a politician in congress, you don't have to worry about anything, because the taxpayers are paying for your top-of the line insurance. Probably no co-pay, no deductibles to meet. And no concern about exactly WHAT your insurance will cover, because it will cover everything. Oh, and no worry about whether or not the hospital you go to, or the clinic/doctor you go to will accept your plan. the obama group has gone from blaming everything on GWB (I'm sure there are those who will still find somewhat to give him "credit" for skyrocketing rates/failure of obamacare) to NOW blaming it all on Trump--who wasn't even a blip on the political horizon when all this obamacare stuff was being designed. And there is the little problem (and all of congress is part of this problem) that people, not even congressmen voting on the issue, were not allowed to read the details (those that had been written, anyway) until after they voted it in. A pox on all of those people, too. NOTHING that is a negative can be attributed to obama--all economic, social, and world problems through the last 8 years were left over from GWB....and anything from Nov 8, 2017 is, of course, stemming from the fact that Trump was elected President. Plus any other thing pre-Trump they can "trump" up (pun intended.) Of course, of the economic recovery we have experienced, there are those who claim this is all due to the hard work (cough cough) done by obama during his 8 years. Bad outcome--GWB or Trump. Good outcome--obama, of course!!!!

  • Karen Kempf

    05/10/2018 10:11 AM

    Obamacare was a failure from the beginning. Here’s my story I was paying $230.00/monthly premiums when Obamacare was implemented. Over the years my premiums rose to 5 times the rate I was paying. This is because the insurance companies don’t loose money so they hike our premiums to supplement those covered under Obamacare. Within 3 years my insurance company got out of Obamacare but never lowered my premiums. Luckily I’m now on Medicare and no longer have to use my 401k to pay my premiums. And they wonder why we the middle class want Freddie the freeloader off our backs. Don’t mind paying my own just don’t want to be forced to pay for others that are lazy. I believe in a hand up not a hand out.