September 20, 2019

A surprising new poll found that despite the relentless promotion of climate change (or “chaos” or “catastrophe” or whatever the current media-approved scare word is), only 51% of Britons, 38% of Americans, and fewer than half of people in many European countries think that humans are mainly responsible for climate change.

For young people (especially the very young) who think their elders are crazy for not panicking over our imminent demise, maybe the problem is that we've lived long enough to have passed several dozen certain deadlines for extinction by now. The Competitive Enterprise Institute was helpful enough to compile a list of dozens of failed environmental doomsday predictions going back 50 years.  Click here for a nostalgic reminder of the many apocalypses that all of us over 50 have miraculously managed to survive.

And as if to prove that apocalyptic environmentalism is not science but a substitute for religion, NBC News has created a web page called “Climate Confessions” where they encourage people to confess their “sins” against the environment.

Most of these are pretty minor sins, like eating meat or using plastic bags instead of paper.  But where are the people confessing the real sins, the ones that brutally violate the most sacred tenets of the environmentalist Earth-worshiping religion? For instance, where are the confessions reading, “I took a private jet to a four-star resort in Europe for an environmental conference” or “I spent millions of dollars I made from my climate change scare movie to buy a huge ocean-front mansion when I’m the only one who lives there”? 

I guess those aren’t considered sins since they’re committed by the high priests of the religion, and they just absolve themselves.


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