April 3, 2018

The reboot of “Roseanne” returns tonight, and I’m sure many liberals will be watching the ratings closely, praying (if they believe in such things) that viewership falls so that they can write off the monumental debut ratings to nostalgia rather than “giving the people what they want” – the first hour of network TV in over a year that didn’t relentlessly insult Trump voters.

But even if the ratings do drop a bit, it’s not going to harm the chances of renewal, since ABC already snapped it up for a second season. In fact, the ratings were so massive, they actually helped resuscitate a completely different series (Fox may bring back Tim Allen’s conservative-leaning sitcom, “Last Man Standing.”) Meanwhile, even a week after it aired, “Roseanne’s” ratings continue to expand in record-setting ways. Adding in all the people who watched it later on DVR, the audience rose by a time-shifted-viewing record of 6.6 million to 25 million. That means that even if tonight’s “Roseanne” audience drops by as many people as regularly watch Stephen Colbert’s nightly anti-Trump hissy fit, the audience will still be 22 million, or over 2 million more than watched the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics on NBC. And that doesn’t even count all the people who watched it on Sunday, when ABC reran it.


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You’d think that Hollywood denizens, who have been panicking over declining TV ratings and movie box office, might be thrilled to have hit on a formula for luring back the audience, but that would mean that they find staying in business to be more important than PC virtue-signaling. And so, the anti-“Roseanne” backlash has already begun. As the conservative showbiz site HollywoodInToto.com notes, liberal celebrities such as Debra Messing of “Will & Grace” and Emmy Rossum are launching Twitter attacks on Roseanne Barr and ABC as “reprehensible” for “normalizing” working class Middle Americans who voted for Trump.


And liberal writer Jared Yates Sexton, who wrote an Elle magazine article blasting “Roseanne” for “ignoring the very real racism of many white working class families” (with whom I'm sure he hangs out regularly), said he’s heard from many ABC employees that “there’s a real discomfort…with the propagandist nature of the reboot and a feeling that the project is meant to monetize Trump’s base.”

Let me translate that from leftist associate professor/Salon writer-speak into plain English: “ABC is worried that those awful 63 million Americans who voted for Trump (and whom we’ve never actually spoken to) might tune back in and boost their falling advertising rates! Oh, the horror!!”

News flash for the all the liberal writers, actors and network suits who talk only to each other, believe their own propaganda, and live in a bubble so thick, not even George Costanza could puncture it (a reference to earlier, better days of TV, when sitcoms just tried to be funny): Middle American working families who voted for Trump don’t need to be “normalized.” They already are “normal Americans.”

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I hate to break it to you, but if you look at polls on everything from support for the GOP tax cut to lack of support for unfettered abortion and open borders to how many people thought the country was on the wrong track under Obama to Nancy Pelosi's approval rating, you are the ones who are “outside the mainstream.” And sorry to trigger you with this news, but even after more than a year of non-stop media pounding, support for Trump in the daily Rasmussen tracking poll has risen to 50 percent. Wow, that’s a lot of sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic deplorables!


The old time Hollywood moguls such as Louis B. Mayer knew that Middle Americans were the target audience and got rich providing them with inspiring, patriotic entertainment. It’s a formula that still works (look at the box office success of faith-based films such as “I Can Only Imagine.”) But many of today’s stars and studio executives just see us as a target: a mass of filthy sub-humans to be scolded and lectured for our racism, sexism, etc., which must be the only reasons we didn’t want to coronate Hillary Clinton and continue watching ISIS expand while our economy didn’t (I have to laugh every time I see an article accusing Trump of “corruption” and wanting to get rich off his political office. Are they even aware of the term “self-awareness”?) It’s time for them to stop being “woke” and start waking up to reality.

The only way “Roseanne’s” ratings are likely to tank is if ABC takes the bubble chatter seriously and starts turning it into yet another boring, hive-mind Trump-bashing show. In the meantime, my condolences to all the disappointed liberals in Hollywood who might have tuned in the movie “King of Kings” over Easter and been disappointed to learn it was about Jesus and not Barack Obama.


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  • Cindy Auler

    04/04/2018 04:48 PM

    Well said! Couldn't agree more! So glad to have the heavy hand of politically correct bullies being removed from our entertainment! We are not Communist China, keeping silent to appease the power. We are free, mostly nice people and as such, just want a good sit-com and a few laughs every now and then! The second week illustrated one universal theme-we all want to hose down a smart-aleck teenager from time to time!

  • Mary Clark

    04/04/2018 01:50 PM

    Propaganda? It's refreshing to finally see a show that "gets" the main stream, conservative, non-protesting and non-tide pod eating America who support our President (Trump, NOT Obama). If I want propaganda, I would watch Will & Grace (which I DON'T).