August 8, 2020

And the great turning continues, as liberal institutions that went all-in on supporting lawlessness and anarchy realize it’s going over with voters like a punch bowl full of manure. First, the mayor of Portland – PORTLAND! – admitted that people who throw incendiary devices into occupied buildings with the intention of murdering the people inside are not “peaceful protesters” (I’m sure that was a difficult concession for him to make.)

And now, the New York Times (!) has actually printed an in-depth article about the living hell inflicted on the people whose businesses were inside CHOP, the area of Seattle that the mayor turned over to violent leftist, Antifa anarchists, some armed, and tried to pass off as the new “summer of love.” Those businesses are suing the city for the massive costs inflicted upon them when officials failed to do their most basic duty of protecting public safety and private property. None of this is news to you, of course, but for the Times to suddenly wake up to reality is massive.

(The Times is behind a paywall, so I’m linking to a lengthy excerpt at Instapundit. There’s a link there to the full story if you are a Times subscriber. I also wanted you to see the comment by Instapundit founder, Prof. Glenn Reynolds, that all this abrupt backpedaling away from supporting rioters by leftwing politicians and media suggests that the Democrats’ internal polling on this issue must be truly awful.)

Between this lawsuit and others like it in similar blue cities, Nick Sandmann’s lawsuits against the media outlets that slandered him, all the lawsuits against leftist college administrators who denied students due process and First Amendment rights, and the countersuit the NRA just filed against New York’s Attorney General…

…it appears that conservatives have learned from the lawfare that liberals have been waging and are turning the left’s favorite weapon against them. It might even be more effective than expected, thanks to all the Trump judicial appointees who actually respect the Constitution -- one of the top reasons why it's so important not to believe any johnny-come-lately "law and order" rhetoric from the left and instead to reelect Trump.

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  • Richard Meade

    08/08/2020 12:39 PM

    I would have been happier if the left had waited until about October 31 to realize their mistake

  • Pamela Nassauer

    08/08/2020 11:06 AM

    we've been waiting for the sh*t to hit the fan and now it has! Hooray!!!

  • Richard Sessions

    08/08/2020 10:48 AM

    I don’t buy it! These people are not having a change of heart! It’s just that elections are less than three months away an they know AMERICANS are angry! While the loathsome mayor of Portland admitted the rioters were guilty of attempted murder, he also blamed President Trump in the same breath! They are simply trying to make it appear that the leftist democrats are concerned about what is happening. That’s the same stuff you step in when in the barnyard! They will say whatever they think it takes, wear whatever hat they think looks best, etc. But they are still America hating communists! VOTE RED! Our very existence as a free country depends on it!

  • Jackie Campbell

    08/08/2020 09:05 AM

    And no federal money to bail them out.