January 2, 2019
- January 3, 2019

A new report from the Census Bureau shows that in the competition between the liberal “blue state” model and the conservative “red state” model, red states are winning big among people voting with their feet. 


Over the past year, the biggest population losses were in blue states, led by New York and Illinois, and the biggest gains were in red states, led by Texas and Florida.  As one former Illinois resident explained, “It’s taxes.  It’s corruption.  It’s politics.” 


This is no surprise, and nothing recent.  Years ago on my radio show, I started judging the popularity of California’s far-left government by comparing the cost to rent a U-Haul truck from L.A. or San Francisco to Dallas or Houston, and vice versa.  U-Haul provides a substantial discount to anyone who will drive one of its trucks back from Texas to California, since there are so few customers willing to move in that direction.  (FYI: the current rate for a 15-foot truck for six days from L.A. to Dallas is $1895; for Dallas to L.A., $910.)  It was a metric that I believe our show did first, but I see it in many places these days. 


Of course, the biggest downside is people from failing blue states moving to successful red states, then voting for the same kind of liberal politicians and policies that caused their last state of residence to fail.  I second the long-standing proposal by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit that red states establish a “welcome wagon” service for new arrivals fleeing from blue states, to explain to them exactly why the last state in which they lived made them want to move here, so please don’t vote to turn here into there.

And here’s why the “red state” model works so well:  A new study by the Competitive Enterprise Institute found that in President Trump’s second year in office, the executive branch issued the second-fewest government regulations in history.  The fewest were issued during his first year in office.



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  • Marie Kennedy

    01/03/2019 05:41 PM

    Governors may say come but the people in their state say stay the hell out, Don't need their drama or their views.

  • Jodi Mossoni

    01/03/2019 01:53 PM

    You hit the nail on the head with this story! A Colorado native I have watched my conservative state invaded by California and with them came the politics they escaped. At the current rate of things in Colorado it may mean I have to head for Texas or Florida too.