September 6, 2017

The President’s spokesperson (who was obviously raised in a family where people read the Constitution) explains why he had to return it to Congress and the cynical manipulation of using personal attacks to stir up people’s emotions and fears as a fundraising tool.


Congress members reacted to the news that President Trump was dropping the DACA program back into their laps where it belongs like people going through the five stages of grief at having to do their job. First came denial (Trump can’t uncreate DACA, even though we’ve complained for years that Obama couldn’t create it!) And of course, plenty of anger. They now have six months to go through bargaining to craft an actual bill, depression at having to deal with the political consequences, and acceptance of the public verdict when they either pass it or fail to pass it. A few are already showing acceptance of reality, but they are few indeed.


Since it seems so hard for Congress members of either side to accept that the great and powerful Oz cannot save them from having to do their constitutional duty, I’ll try to put it in simple terms by channeling Glinda the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz”:

You may not realize it, based on your recent record, but you have always had the power within you to pass a bill. All it takes is at least as much courage as a cowardly lion, as much heart as a tin man, and the brains God gave a scarecrow. You have six months. Now stop name-calling and finger-pointing and get to work before Americans have to throw a bucket of cold water on you.


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  • Candy Tucker

    09/08/2017 11:15 AM

    DACA needed to go period. No 6 months to let the dems allow amnesty. There is the forgotten man who will be forgotten again to a bunch of illegals. They say DACA people aren't to blame because they were brought here by their parents....dumbest argument in the world. Forgotten man gets the blame for slavery....we didn't own slaves, but there goes our history and we're called privileged. We pay for illegal aliens and for all people who won't work. It is so wrong and I am having second thoughts about POTUS.