July 19, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Comey and Brennan: We have had enough of YOU -- San Francisco police arrest "Rideshare Rapist" -- Democrats vote "present" -- California's Supreme Court block move-- Must read -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


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If fired FBI Director James Comey told you that you must forget policy differences for now and vote for Democrats this fall if you believe in this country’s values, what would you do? Laugh in his face, right? That makes me wonder just who was supposed to be on the receiving end of his ridiculous tweet. Does he think he’s influencing Trump supporters? If so, he has to be even more out of touch with reality than we thought.

“History has its eyes on us,” he said. Our history won’t be written for a long time, but I don’t think James Comey is going to come out looking very good. At least he didn’t say we as Trump supporters are on “the wrong side of history,” because that expression is getting really tired.

I hardly have to point out why a Democratic victory is so important to Comey and other current and former government officials, but here it is, anyway: If Democrats win, ALL ITS INVESTIGATIONS OF THE INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES WILL CEASE, AND IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS AGAINST TRUMP (NO EVIDENCE REQUIRED) WILL BEGIN.



Mike Huckabee


San Francisco police arrest "Rideshare Rapist"

By Mike Huckabee

San Francisco Police believe they have arrested the “Rideshare Rapist,” so called because he raped four women over five years while posing as a driver for hire.  The suspect is Orlando Vilchez Lazo, an illegal immigrant from Peru who pleaded not guilty and was ordered held without bail. ICE wants to deport him, but he might be sentenced to multiple life sentences first.

The case has brought even more criticism of San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy that protects illegal immigrants from federal authorities, but officials there insist this has nothing to do that.  Yes, I’m sure the fact that the illegal alien who was allegedly committing multiple rapes chose to live in the city that protects criminal illegal aliens entirely at random.  


Democrats vote "present"

By Mike Huckabee

How to Troll 101: Amid calls from the far-left to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, House Republicans brought a resolution to support ICE to the floor and forced Democrats to go on the record as to whether or not they support immigration enforcement. Democrats denounced the bill as a stunt and tried to make the issue about separating families at the border and “the children,” but it still passed.

For the record – and trust me, you will hear this record quoted from now until Election Day – the vote was 244-to-35 with 133 Democrats ducking the issue by voting “present.” But in a larger sense, when it comes to defending America from invasion by drug gangs, human traffickers and other criminals, are they really “present” at all?


POLL:  Should President Trump have met with Vladimir Putin?


California's Supreme Court blocks move

By Mike Huckabee

California’s Supreme Court has blocked the initiative to split the state three ways from appearing on the November ballot. The Court sided with a challenger that claimed it would alter the state government too much. Yeah, I think that was the entire point! But the challengers say dividing the state would require two-thirds of the legislature to call a constitutional convention, and good luck with that.

The really bad news for Californians: as long as you have those judges, you won’t be able to leave California without actually leaving California.


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Must read

By Mike Huckabee

Today’s must-read is from Rabbi Dov Fischer.  It is a big, entertaining and enlightening slap of reality across the smug faces of all the arrogant, Ivy League hothouse flowers who do nothing but criticize President Trump without having any accomplishments to compare to his or any of his real-world experience that they can’t even begin to comprehend.  It also contains some great explanations for what really happened between Trump and NATO and Trump and Putin.

It’s called “Everyone Is Smart Except Trump: That’s Why They All Are Billionaires And Got Elected President.”

This article reminds me of one of my favorite movie scenes.  In "Back to School," Rodney Dangerfield plays a self-made millionaire who goes back to college to get his degree.  Imagine him as Trump and the know-it-all business professor who's never actually run a business as all the arrogant elitists who are constantly sniping at him:


Evening Edition - July 18

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."

-Proverbs 2:6

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Comments 1-3 of 3

  • William Huver

    07/21/2018 09:58 PM

    This "must read" article should be labeled as an "absolutely must read." I thoroughly enjoyed this one. What a truly talented and informative writer! It would be extremely difficult to debate the points he makes so clearly.

  • Norma Blatz

    07/19/2018 03:31 PM

    I am surprised that there isn't more realization that Brennan is a Communist and trying to implement the philosophy

  • Mary Tomlin

    07/19/2018 12:03 PM

    Mike, The article by Rabbi Fischer was one of the best I have read. He explains the side of President Trump that few people really understand. This should be required reading for all journalists, and those who think they are journalists.