Joy Behar apologizes

March 10, 2018

Good for Joy Behar of “The View” for calling Vice President Mike Pence to apologize for her offensive comments about his Christian faith (she said that people who think Jesus is talking to them have a “mental illness.”) Pence accepted her apology, but she is still refusing to make a public apology on the show, despite ABC receiving over 30,000 angry calls from viewers.

I have certainly had my differences with Joy over the years, but I usually enjoy our on-air sparring matches, so I say this with love and sincerity: swallow your pride and apologize publicly. If you’re truly sorry for saying it (maybe it was just an ill-conceived bad joke), then say so. The truth shall set you free (I believe I read that in a book during one of my stays in a mental ward.) Otherwise, it will just sit there, staining your reputation, while the people you insulted will likely forgive you anyway, because that’s what people who talk to Jesus do.

And if this helps: before you call people crazy for listening for the voice of God, remember that Oprah Winfrey said she would only run for President if God told her to. You might be okay with insulting Mike Pence and Christians in general, but do you really want to call Oprah mentally ill?


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  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    03/17/2018 02:40 PM

    Jesus did say that the world will not only hate Him, but His followers as well. We live in a world of Jesus haters, so I rejoice being a Jesus lover! Be of good cheer when the world mocks us because great is our reward in heaven.

  • Pat S

    03/14/2018 07:22 PM

    Who cares about Joy Behar? You would think her ridiculous remarks are of some importance!! I think Mr. Pence is taking the comment by understanding the source it is coming from - which is Behar is of NO IMPORTANCE and is a totally insignificant individual.

  • L Webster

    03/13/2018 06:03 PM

    Joy Behar is in the same class as Hilary Clinton....arrogant, self-absorbed, rude and irresponsible. You are "deplorable" as your off-handed remarks put people off, especially since you don't know what you are talking about. You have only confirmed that the view on "The View" is like watching a wrestling match...some want to see a knock out, while others find it demeaning, me included. Joy, you DO owe an apology to the public and you know it. So "woman up," apologize and I'm sure if you try real hard, you can do it! And, please, leave your opinions to yourself about religion in the future.
    From Riverview, Florida

  • Ruth DeLeon

    03/13/2018 02:25 PM

    She needs to take responsibility for her words. She should have remembered before opening her mouth, she was broadcasting it to the world. Didnt her parent(s) teach her respect and how to say shes sorry and plz forgive me. She sent a message about herself to the world. They all did. We talk to God, Jesus and Holy Spirit and they speak to us. And its our privilege.

  • R. Harris

    03/13/2018 12:22 PM

    There are two women on the View who are totally classless and their comments and beliefs prove this daily. I am talking about Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg. They always take the negative side of things from what I can see. Whoopie has only one opinion and that is that anyone who speaks out about anything a black person says or does is racist regardless of what was said or done. This show in and of itself is an insult to the intelligence of most Americans and I'm quite surprised it is still on the air. It does nothing but promote liberal ideas and the occasional conservative who is invited to be a guest is usually shouted down by the entire panel. Idiotic!