During these last interminable days before the midterm elections --- I voted early for the first time because I knew I’d be out of town on Election Day --- it seemed like a good idea to get away from the mind-numbing stream of poll numbers and partisan spin and find something else in the news to catch up on.

I know!  How about the Brett Kavanaugh case?


That’s all people were talking about for weeks, from mid-September through the first week in October.  I wrote at length about it.  So did everybody else.  The news cycle was completely dominated; God knows what else was going in the world, because it wouldn’t have been on anybody’s radar screen.  The confirmation process ended with protesters losing what was left of their tiny minds, literally pounding on heavy, locked doors and screaming “Rapist!!” at the top of their lungs as Kavanaugh became the new face and judicial perspective on the Supreme Court.  It was horrifying, bizarre and embarrassing.



We’ve had a few weeks now to step away, focus on other issues and cool down.  So at this point it would be interesting to know what all those protesters are doing now (did they get some therapy?), not to mention the investigators and the accusers, in particular Dr. Christine Blasey Ford herself.  And where is this thing going?  The left had vowed to thoroughly investigate and –- with the outcome predetermined in their heads –- impeach Justice Kavanaugh and remove him from the bench.  Are they quietly going about the business of doing that?


After all, if the accusers were telling the truth as it actually happened, then Kavanaugh lied during his confirmation hearings and the case can be made that he should not be passing judgment as a member of the highest court in the land.  But if accusers were telling “the truth” as they remembered it but misidentified Kavanaugh, then the whole episode is just sad and should never have been allowed to unfold as it did.  (Thanks, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and you Democrats who exploited her.)  If the accusers doubted their own stories or told outright lies, then they deserve to be prosecuted --- and so do those who might have induced them to lie.  It would be good to have some kind of resolution.

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But a search of the news turned up precious few updates.  There was the expected punditry on the political fallout this close to the midterm elections, but I found nothing that could enlighten me on the merit of any of the claims.  I did find a column, though, by someone who had been similarly frustrated:  kindred mind Mollie Hemingway, writing in The Federalist.  She couldn’t find much, either.


Dr. Ford’s claims were taken extremely seriously at the time.  After listening to her (and Judge Kavanaugh) with an open mind, though, I concluded that she was most likely mistaken about the details of what happened to her at that party, including the identity of the boy who groped her.  This childlike woman was treated with kid gloves by the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee --- they wouldn’t even question her themselves --- but it seemed clear to me that she was being exploited for political ends by the Democrats.  This is what the left does when a conservative male is close to gaining power:  trot out some women.  Considering the cavalier way so many powerful men with a “D” next to their names have historically treated women (and let’s lump Hillary in with that powerful group as well), the hypocrisy fairly drips.


Anyway, Hemingway notes that if it was so important to investigate these claims against someone who was going to be appointed for life to the High Court, it should be just as important to have the answers now that he’s been seated on it.  She asks the same question that occurred to me:  Why did the media go from talking nonstop about this to dropping it like a hot potato?


She points out that although many Americans did not find the accusations against Kavanaugh believable, nearly everyone in the media and all the Democratic leadership did, especially the claims made by Dr. Ford.  (Remarkably, some of them actually still profess to believe Julie Swetnick’s tales of high school gang rape.)  So where are all those people now?


On the other hand, there is one piece of good news:  the Senate Judiciary Committee –- its Republican leadership, of course –- has just made a criminal referral of Julie Swetnick and her low-life porn lawyer Michael Avenatti with the Department of Justice for making false claims.  Good for them for not letting that drop.

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As for Dr. Ford, she got the most deferential treatment anyone could possibly receive, with the kind of special handling one would give a Faberge egg.  She was questioned by Democrats the way attorneys talk to a 10-year-old child on the stand, perhaps in part because she sounded like a 10-year-old child.  Most major media called her claims “credible.”  Of course, this depends on what the definition of “credible” is; “credible” usually means there’s some corroborating evidence; Dr. Ford had none.


Do progressives still care about what Dr. Ford has to say?  Since the “attack” was thought by Dr. Ford to have happened in Maryland, where there’s no statute of limitations on sexual crimes, are the Maryland police investigating, as they said they were willing to do?  Will we ever find out the truth about these accusations?  One would hope that if there had been an attempt to smear a man and destroy his life, then everyone on both sides of the aisle would want to find that out and see that justice is done.




Seeing women trotted out and then having them disappear after the show is over reminds me of what happened to Herman Cain.  I liked Herman Cain then and still do.  (Hard to say from that if he would have become President; my choices for that job over the years have included Steve Forbes, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee.  But I digress.)  But just when Cain was getting to be a really popular black conservative within the Republican Party, the women were trotted out as if on cue.  (There was also a woman who claimed to have had a long-time, on-again off-again affair with him; I’ll not get into that, because that’s his life and I just don’t know.)  After Herman’s political trajectory was halted, the women had served their purpose and were trotted away.  And the story went away, too.


I found a very thoughtful article by Woody Zimmerman from 2011 (republished a year ago, and even more timely now in light of the Kavanaugh travesty) that offered a retrospective of the Herman Cain episode.  He looked at it from all the angles and made some excellent points that, in a way, foretold what was going to happen with Kavanaugh.  “At the end of the day,” he said, “people of ill intent have gained new assurance that they can destroy a promising political campaign just by making salacious accusations.  The People are not well served by this.  I don’t know how to stop it, but I hope someone smarter can figure it out.”


“The sex card has replaced the race card,” he concluded.  “Watch for it to be played against every Republican candidate from now on.”  Indeed.







The Washington Times did run an interesting update to the story about Kavanaugh.  He has turned down the more than $600,000 that was raised for him on an unauthorized GoFundMe page, asking that it be donated to charity, though for reasons of judicial ethics he is not allowed to direct it to a particular one.  It will be going to the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.




Meanwhile, Dr. Ford is the recipient of $840,000 from two GoFundMe accounts, though her lawyers have said they were working pro bono, she owns millions in real estate assets and she would have needed only an estimated $55,000 for added security, etc.  Don’t think she needs it; she is currently remodeling her Santa Cruz beach house.  Perhaps she'll give some of it to charity, but this was enough to make even a writer for Slate Magazine who believed her story “squeamish.”





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  • linda e lombardo

    11/05/2018 07:29 AM

    Isn't Feinstein going to be prosecuted? Her office was asked to guard the privacy of the letter and her office leaked the information.

  • Steve Clabo

    11/05/2018 05:20 AM

    How did Dr. Ford get home? Car, Boat, Train, or did she fly?

  • Steve Clabo

    11/05/2018 04:44 AM

    How did Dr. Ford get home? Car, Boat, Train, or did she fly?

  • Clifford Losee

    11/05/2018 01:23 AM

    One good thing all of this is finally bringing out is what I have been trying to tell people for the last 50 year, and everyone has been calling me an idiot. A great number of politicians are nothing more than show business (actors or hypocrites, whichever you choose to call them) based on lies. It really pleased me when Kavanaugh took the stand to deny and fight the lies. That is the same reason I supported Trump from day one. He was not afraid to draw the line.

  • Bridget Johnson

    11/04/2018 04:34 PM

    So well written! So many great points. So are people only passionate about these issues when it politically suits them? Thanks for sharing this piece, it really made me think and gave me perspective.

  • Jim Ruby

    11/03/2018 08:48 AM

    The tide is sloowwwwllllyyy turning. It used to be it only took an allegation to de-rail a conservative's political career (See what happened to Tom Delay and Rick Perry), but democrat politicians have only experienced a mild bump in the road after trials and prison term (Marion Barry). Fortunately, this time there was a display of backbone, and Justice Kavanaugh and President Trump did NOT let the lies speak for themselves, putting up an admirable, successful fight against the dirty dealings of the left.

  • Rita Gipson

    11/02/2018 10:28 PM

    Great read!!!! Thanks for all you do to stand for the TRUTH!

  • Renee Tucker

    11/02/2018 08:13 PM

    Thank you for your article. I am glad to know I am not the only one thinking along these lines. My president pick that never went anywhere was Alan Keyes. He actually warned people about Barak Obama and how people were cultivating him.

  • Sheryl Willcockson

    11/02/2018 08:07 PM

    As someone who barely made it through incest, I was rescued by a man who lives, his life everyday, just as Jesus showed us, by his example: Love. Unlike miss ford, I can still recall EVERY detail, and I often relive the memories in my dreams. I have learned to put the past in a “pandora’s box” in my mind. I am sometimes forced to open the box, due to things that I encounter in my everyday life. God, in his infinite wisdom and grace, and my wonderful husband (of 39 years) thru his love have made my life better. God is so good.

  • Rev. Sam Martin

    11/02/2018 04:20 PM

    They dropped it like a hot potato because they were being to look kike real fools when the evidence wasn’t there.

  • John Mathews

    11/02/2018 03:15 PM

    It is rather amazing how they just come out of no where and once used, return to no where to never be seen nor heard from again.

  • Sue Borchers

    11/02/2018 03:04 PM

    I watched and listened to Dr. Ford very carefully. She had a compelling story but the more she talked (whined) and looked pitiful with hervhairvfalling in her face the more I realized I was watching a choreographed and rehearsed melodrama designed to make her look wounded and vulnerable. And when she couldn't name the date or the year, I knew that i was exactly what in was watching.
    Oh thank God for our president who didn't cave to the left's false claims and pressure from the media and the overly dramatic protesters. I just wish this never happened to the judge and his family.

  • Charles Teachout

    11/02/2018 12:31 PM

    I am very fond of your "down to earth" comments on the scene that comfort this Christian soul each day. I would have half the confidence to walk forward as a conservative in the public schools I work in here in SoCal without this! I fondly recall my late neighbor in Flushing MI a twenty-five years ago who helped me as if she was my mother to attain a position on the City Council, and kept me there with her many friends and advice. I recall that she clearly supported Mike Huckabee for President in those days, something I did not do. My mind has grown wiser over the years since then.

  • Elaine Thompson

    11/02/2018 12:11 PM

    I recall that Tawana Brawley, 1987–88 falsely accused four white men of having raped her. And other indecencies.
    Recanted her story and admitted to lying. This sort of false accusations should be severely punished. She was never prosecuted for her lying.
    A “gofundme page” is absurd.

  • Christie Noe

    11/02/2018 12:08 PM

    My thoughts exactly!!! And if a lowly housewife can figure this out, and figure out what the Democratic ploy was from the get go, how can anyone believe it?? The democrats and most news stations/ reporters have become so irrelevant that they're grasping at straws and desperate enough to try anything these days. It's disgusting!! I was born and raised in Michigan, registered as a Democrat when I turned 18, but let took party lines depict who I was going to vote for!! Having been bullied by friends and family for posting my own thoughts, and FACTS, I now call myself a Republican and will not vote Democrat again unless a candidate proves beyond measure, his or her accessibility and agenda. Which I don't see happening any time soon!!I do find it sad, though, that because of the bullying and outright hated projected by democrats, myself, and most of my friends, won't post anything political any longer. BUT I will still get out and vote and continue to do what I think is best. I know I should post what I want, so others can see what I see, but i think democrats and they're vile followers are doing a fine job sabotaging themselves and anyone with half a brain can see it (even though they may not admit to it, I believe they see it as well)!! I fear for the future of my kids and pray my children don't procreate as I'm terrified what this world will come to if and when democrats take power again, or the violence they'll create when they don't get their way again!! It's a sad world we're living in, and I pray God will always intervene!
    God bless,
    Christie Noe

  • Linda Orf

    11/02/2018 11:28 AM

    Sure would like Project Veritas cameras on Blasey-Ford sometime to hear the truth, would she be saying , "That was so humiliating having to rehash my past on national TV". Or would she be saying, "Phew, sure glad that's over, hard to keep talking that childlike speak, hard to remember the lies I told last week makes it hard not to contradict one..."

  • monica Lane mimier

    11/02/2018 11:27 AM

    I am frustrated bt Grassley only going after Avanetti and that gang rape woman and not Fordwhen her story had just as many holes as the others...which gives her cedenceto many...I hope he is not protecting Feinstein...This reallymakes me angry..... also, please addme back onto your Facebook pg...you blocked me when I sent you a message also being frustrated by your position of Trump over Cruzduring 20016 and I was blocked.... PLEASE ADD ME BACK AS WE ARE REALLY ON THE SAME SIDE...THANK YOU SINCERELY,MONICA MIMIER!

  • Margaret Bilandzia

    11/02/2018 11:03 AM

    Thank you for the great article. Not many will read it or CARE about Kavanaugh these days, but I do. I also supported Cain back in the days when he was running for president. What was done to him was HORRIBLE, but really has led the way to what is happening today. I feel that democrats in particular are responsible for these types of attacks, but SOME members of the GOP will line up with them every time. People like Avenetti are going full tilt to get as much publicity as they can.....for the MONEY. Too bad that the majority of politicians will NEVERR clean up their acts. I pray a lot for this country, especially our leaders. With God's help we can put decent people in power here!

  • Aleksandr Sukhitskiy

    11/02/2018 10:48 AM

    I think the bigger problem is that the lie became normal. If you can not be sued, then whatever you say is fine.
    Now, if think deeper, the problem is bigger. It is an absence of moral values in modern society. Maybe because the religion is not so strong any more?
    Any way, democratic party became a symbol of a lie. And half of the country is supporting this policy. THAT scares the daylight out of me.

  • Lisa Ford

    11/02/2018 10:47 AM

    I was saying this all along to my neighbors & friends. Democrats move on & leave their used & abused victims behind. If they were really concerned, they would have handled this privately. Their behavior never changes. They get away with murder literally. And everyone thinks Camelot is wonderful. Not enough praises, for that family. They lie always. No one can distinguish lie or truth? Do they know themselves. And they always throw big bucks on it. Boy have they got a bunch of dumb millionaires & billionaires willing to empty bank accounts for them. After the midterms, will these rich folk be jumping out of tall buildings too, like in the Depression? That's an awful lot of money. I think it will be funny, when red pops up all over the map of the country & watch them cry their eyes out. Anyone want to help Barbara Streisand pack, for her move to Canada? We'd be happy if they had a Hollywood Caravan hit the Canadian border. Democrats are funny people. They don't like dealing with facts.

  • Linda Cosby

    11/02/2018 10:47 AM

    I am glad someone pointed out the similarity between what the left did to Judge Kavanaugh and Herman Cain. I thought the same thing. It’s what they are becoming good at.

  • Kristi Warren

    11/02/2018 10:35 AM

    Judicial Watch is trying to uncover some details. Dr. Ford claimed under oath that she was not advised the someone(s) would travel to California to take her testimony. Her attorneys, however, claim she was notified. Either Dr. Ford lied which discredits her entire testimony or her attorneys lied about having told her in which case they pre-planned the political stunt and failure to inform their client could and should result in them being disbarred.

  • Ben Ferguson

    11/02/2018 10:33 AM

    thank you for that refreshing bit of sane observation. I am a fan of anyone who appreciates Mike Huckabee!
    greetings from Fayetteville, GA and Camp Southern Ground!

  • Mark Bongard

    11/02/2018 10:13 AM

    Wonderful article. Follow ups on all the claims need to be made. If they are true, then impeachment would be appropriate. I happen to believe they are false, but I am open to real and credible corroborated evidence. If they are false, as I suspect, then the perpetrators of the falsehoods need to face consequences. I also liked Herman Cain a lot and was perplexed about how quickly the claimants disappeared from view once he dropped out of the primary. Thank you for your article.

  • Heidi K DeLaughter

    11/02/2018 10:12 AM

    Brilliant!! I love looking at your page for sound and balanced truth!

    God Bless You!