December 9, 2020

What's Next, A Rain of Frogs?: I have immense sympathy for the suffering of the people of Los Angeles under the thumbs of their autocratic and incompetent leaders. So I hate to inform them that it’s about to get exponentially worse.

Like too many cities around the US, they foolishly elected a George Soros-backed district attorney, George Gascon, whose idea of “criminal justice reform” is to make crime legal. Gascon was sworn in Monday, and he announced what he immediately plans to do, as recounted at the link above: “his office won’t seek the death penalty ever, no more juveniles being charged as adults, no more use of gang or gun enhancements to put violent criminals away for a longer time, no more bail, resentencing of up to 20,000 convicted offenders (with hundreds possibly being released as soon as tomorrow), and more…”

A former Deputy DA from another county commented to, “This is going to increase violent crime in a way people in Los Angeles can’t even imagine. Full stop.”

The big question is, will the Democrat-imposed unemployment, depression, poverty and crime wave be enough to make the people finally stop voting for the idiots who are creating it? Or will they just move away to red states and vote for the same idiocy there?

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  • Michael J. Eyre

    12/11/2020 09:04 PM

    Hello, Governor. Here's one more thing George Gascon intends on doing: reopen four deadly police shooting cases dating back to 2013, which the previous district attorney, Jackie Lacey, refused to prosecute. (See, Keep in mind the "victim" of at least one of these shootings that occurred in 2015 (1) was engaged in criminal acts (trespassing and vandalism) when Long Beach police officers confronted him, and (2) turned toward the officers with his arm extended outwardly, as if pointing a gun at the officers. (See,

    I sure would not want to be a police officer during D.A. Gascon's upcoming tenure. I'm sure we'll see plenty of officers taking retirement -- but isn't that what the left wants?

    Yes, it is about to get exponentially worse. Please pray for for those of us out here in Cali who do believe in the power of prayer.

  • Sharon Johnson

    12/10/2020 06:59 AM

    I have been reading that China continues to purchase govt land and etc in Texas. That is a worry.

  • Charles Pennington

    12/09/2020 08:36 PM

    Well, well so they did elect a soft on crime idiot from San Francisco!
    Well we now know how that City turned out under this idiot’s tenure there!
    Well I’m hoping to Retire from LA sooner then later.
    We will see how much more worse it gets? Oh and who’s policies made the three strikes your out law anyway?
    Senator Joe Biden voted-for it!

  • Terry Coley

    12/09/2020 07:44 PM

    Maybe they will move into them big hollywood house next to the stars bc we don't need them in our red states red states carry guns ?? and you know these people never change there mines they just drag it to red
    states and so people with guns have to hurt these people ?? before they get the message. Can I go to LA and claim my house now that Dems owe me let's see I want Tom A place or let's say Joe Biden's house it has basement right so I can keep Covid 2013 down there you know like sars ,flu colds , EBOLA . I can set up labs there ???????????????? and invite china , Iran who knows I get to claim Joe Biden's son picture and teleprompter ... ????.

  • Esmeralda Coronado

    12/09/2020 06:35 PM

    What difference does it make if our votes to go to the people we want!!! This has to stop!!!’ Only when a full audit of California voting is done can we see the corruption in this state. Please don’t lump us all in one pot.....

  • Daryl Young

    12/09/2020 06:29 PM

    A great tragedy indeed Mike
    not only for the people of Los Angeles but for all Americans.

    This sounds more to me like the beginning of a preplaned all out invasion upon the Lives of all Law abiding Citizens, starting in L.A. I think this is closely connected with Defund the Police!

    This has all the Characteristics of Communist written all over it. This DA and any subordinates of his must be put under Federal Servalence and investigations immediately to Stop his plans from being enacted. And to Locate the Leaders he answers too. Very important!

  • Wanda

    12/09/2020 06:23 PM

    I’ve always been amazed that Californians kept electing these progressive lunatics despite their obvious disdain for their constituents. But what if they haven’t been? Has anyone ever heard of a company called Dominion??? ??

  • Jillian

    12/09/2020 06:09 PM

    I hope to see juveniles
    Adapt a new sence of urgencies to help their communities....

  • Cheryl Caruso

    12/09/2020 06:08 PM

    No, we didn't elect this thug. California has been the victim of voter fraud for at least 15 years. Dear Father God, please help us!

  • Alicia Dugan

    12/09/2020 06:07 PM

    It is incumbent on sitting elected officials and Republican/Conservative party leaders and members to speak up & loudly that “all are welcome to our ‘Red’ state but you newbies must reassess the way you vote if you voted for these leftist lunatics in the state you are leaving!! We don’t want the destruction in our state like that which is in the state you are leaving “

  • Kent Matayo

    12/09/2020 06:04 PM

    When L A votes for these people over and over again, they get what vote for. Don't come to Arkansas and vote that way.

  • Lisa Hamilton

    12/09/2020 06:03 PM

    I feel nothing for California!
    They voted, so they can put up with it...I’d be embarrassed to say I live in that bullshit up people, eat up!