January 23, 2019

This is a story that will get little coverage in America, but it’s one that every American should hear, so that when we’re told that we must engage with Iran’s government and respect their views, we understand exactly what we’re being asked to compromise and deal with. 

In Tehran, two Iranian Christians were convicted of “spreading propaganda against the regime.”  Translation: they were convicted of discussing Christian doctrine inside a house church, which was deemed to be an attack on Islam. While Iran’s constitution claims to recognize the right to hold the Christian faith, the legal system in effect criminalizes it.  One was sentenced to a year in prison, the other, who was already serving a 10-year sentence in a notoriously awful prison for the similar charge of “promoting Zionist Christianity,” got 18 months in prison and two years of internal exile.

However, the two were offered their freedom if they would publicly renounce their Christian faith.  They refused.

There is international pressure on Iran to stop persecuting Christians, but there needs to be more.  While the rise of radical Islam across the Middle East has terrorized and slaughtered Christians and destroyed their churches, God is once again showing us that the Holy Spirit cannot be squashed.  An underground Christian movement is growing organically in Iran, in defiance of the threat to believers of arrest and imprisonment. 

Read the article to learn more.  And please pray for these brave Iranian Christians and for all the Christians of Iran and across the Middle East who are targeted for persecution and even extinction. 



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  • Richard Maxfield

    01/23/2019 07:16 PM

    Sir, I want to thank you, on behalf of so many Iranians who have left Islam and are coming to Jesus Christ. It is an enormous movement of God. I lived there a long time ago. One of my Iranian friends has a ministry called Destination Ministries I think you can find it on Facebook under Destination-USA. His name is Mohamad Amin Faridi. He also likes to get out and share in churches, etc. He would appreciate you speaking up for all in his sitiuation. You can find it on Facebook and can look through his posts. He has his testimony there, as well as many other things. Again, I appreciate you tremendously. Your brother in Christ--Rick.

  • Deborah Hooks

    01/23/2019 06:28 PM

    I have read your comment

  • Surf

    01/23/2019 04:38 PM

    Dear Sir,

    As much as I enjoy reading your stuff, and I’ll defend your daughter. I’ll tell you Mr. Huckabee Islam is not the Christian enemy. There is a spiritual warfare on all our faiths. On faith period. Christians, Jewish, And Muslims need to stick together. I’m just here to help! I don’t read the Quran, I go to Friday prayer and I listen to Christian radio. Love you both get it together!