August 10, 2017

“Bloodless coup.” That’s the term I’ve used to describe what’s being attempted by anti-Trump forces through the special counsel’s Russia-and-related-matters investigation. And today, something that happened in July –- but that we’re just now hearing about –- goes a long way towards reinforcing that view.

In the pre-dawn hours of July 26, the home of Paul Manafort, who briefly held the position of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign manager last summer until being investigated for work he’d done on behalf of Ukraine, was raided by the FBI. According to Manafort’s lawyer, he had been cooperating fully with requests for documents and had, in fact, voluntarily appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee the previous day. In order to obtain a warrant for the raid, the special counsel would have had to make the argument that it did not trust Manafort to hand over his financial records and other documents. In effect, they’d be accusing him of planning to obstruct justice.

The warrant has been described as “wide-ranging.” If investigators turn up anything that puts Manafort in legal hot water, they can always try to bargain with him for information pertaining to their REAL target, and we all know who that is. And if they feel inclined to kick in somebody’s door to get to the big prize, they’re more than happy to do that.


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  • Ricci Henry

    08/12/2017 07:58 PM

    I am convinced that is what the left, liberal media and dems are attempting to do; a coup. They had plenty of evidence Hitlary and her cohorts obstructed justice. Yet, what did they do there. nada. I am convinced this goes much deeper than is on the surface. Doubt it will ever float to the top. Hope so! But doubt it. This is same old, same old. Basically good against evil. They want to write their own rules and bow to no one. Not even God.