Oprah for President

January 9, 2018

NBC, Hollywood and some liberals already have Oprah Winfrey elected President in their heads, but Oprah might already be feeling some reservations after getting a taste of what it’s like to stick your neck out in the political arena. Like the photos at this link that were already circulating before the final credits even ran at the Golden Globes.

I have always warned potential candidates that they’d better not go into politics if they don’t like the sight of their own blood. Oprah has always struck me as a nice lady, and I have no beef with her personally. But you can’t run for President on likability alone. The job requires taking controversial political stands and having everything you’ve ever said in your life dug up and thrown back at you. In her case, that will include, but not be limited to: endorsing gun control, legalizing 12 million illegal immigrants, selling Obama to Americans as “the One,” her unmarried relationship with Stedman Graham, introducing Dr. Oz as a medical expert we can trust, endorsing the books “The Secret” and “A Million Little Pieces,” and giving a platform to anti-vaccination campaigners and other dangerous health quackery, to name but a few.

Does she really want to spend months on the grueling campaign trail, answering questions about all that, when she could be enjoying all her money and hanging out only with people who worship her? On the other hand, if we elect her, maybe we’ll all get a free car. That does sound like a Democratic platform plank that Bernie Sanders could endorse.



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  • Marjorie Gingerich

    02/02/2018 01:05 PM

    I for one do not want to see her become president. She is just like Obama. She is the biggest raciest person I know. She will take our country back 200 yrs if she does become president. WE put up with Obama for 8 yrs. and he did nothing for the american people. Oprah is just another Obama

  • reginald watson

    02/01/2018 07:05 PM

    I agree with you regarding Oprah for president...a crazy idea, but it is unfair of you to constantly attack those who do not advocate vaccination. I am one of those and I am not a quack and am a conservative. I also believed in vaccination until I studied it myself and there is no doubt it is dangerous....I repeat, I am no quack and am sick and tired of being referred to one. People like me are also called uncaring for children and a hippie type. I am a strong conservative (www.regwatson.com) but oppose BigPharma. Opposition to the enormous amount of vaccination, particularly of our children, does not mean one is "liberal", lefty-wing or a "nut".

  • Evelyn Thomas

    01/31/2018 08:07 AM

    Oprah is a racist. She is Obummer in a skirt. She wants all old southern white men to die, now does that make a great president? NOT!!!!!!We do not need to bring hate back into the White House.

  • Christy Morton

    01/24/2018 12:58 PM

    Are you serious? That is ridiculous. What we need to start doing is getting Mr. President in for another 4 year term. We need to think ahead and ensure his Presidency and help our Nation to get strong again. Time is wasting, let's fight for our Nation NOW!


    01/19/2018 01:18 PM

    And she gave us Dr. Phil. Lose his license and still drooling it out ..Quack, Quack