January 25, 2019

I recently quoted the old saying, “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”  Add NBC News to the list of media outlets that’s apparently never heard that one. 

After soiling their reputation like Baby Huey’s diaper in the rush to condemn the students of Covington Catholic High School, and rather than abjectly apologizing and promising to be more professional, NBC seems determined to keep digging until they find a pony in the pile of horse manure they generated themselves. 

The network’s latest attempt to trash the reputations of some innocent Catholic teenagers came with an article headlined, “Gay valedictorian banned from speaking at Covington graduation ‘not surprised’ by D.C. controversy.”  Gee, sounds like that school must be a  haven for censorious homophobes!

Except there are a few minor problems with NBC's headline.  First, the gay student didn’t even attend Covington Catholic High School.  He went to a different school in the Covington Diocese.  Also, there’s no evidence that he was barred from speaking because he’s gay.  The diocese says that both he and the student council president’s speeches were rejected because they submitted them too late to be added to the program.  Also, they were political and inappropriate to the occasion.  So other than the facts that the interviewee never attended that school and wasn’t banned from speaking for being gay, the headline is 100% accurate. 

The student also passed along some negative comments he claims to have heard about the school he never attended which were somehow deemed newsworthy by NBC (Incidentally, I’ve never been in NBC’s executive suite, but if I claim to have heard rumors that it’s infested with rats, would that be considered newsworthy, too?)

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To make it even worse, NBC wasn’t fooled into unthinking hysteria this time by a misleading video on Twitter.  They spent several days digging up and writing this non-story and concocting a misleading headline for it. They don’t have the excuse of temporary insanity.  This is malice aforethought.   

To NBC and all the other media outlets that refuse to admit that their own partisanship and lack of professionalism made them leap before doing due diligence and slander these kids: Stop it!  Stop trying to tear innocent kids down to prove you were right when you weren’t. 

I didn’t think it was possible for the public to hold you in any lower regard, but you insist on digging the hole deeper.  Now, the mud you’re unearthing to throw at those kids is only sticking to you.



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  • Hadassah

    01/27/2019 04:00 PM

    You are a hoot, Mike! Keep up the good work. May the Lord have mercy on our country and bring us to repentance. I pray the Lord will guide bless, and protect you and your family and the work He has given you. Thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus and our country.
    And thanks for all the laughs!

  • Virginia Donahue-latino

    01/26/2019 03:25 PM

    I agree msnbc is so crooked, fake news 24/7, show false polls everyday and their hatred for President Trump is terrible. I don’t know how anyone can support pelosi and Schumer. They are totally responsible for the shutdown. Why Dems can’t see this is mind blowing. Pelosi needs to step down and Schumer needs to do his job. It’s terrible that the democrats are getting away with spending taxpayers money Year after year! Trump has his issues for sure but he opened up the gov because he cares about Americans! Pelosi and Schumer refused to discuss anything. They do not care at all what was happening due to shutdown. They took a 3 day weekend instead of working on shutdown. Trump has to get this done. Most Americans want the wall! The polls seen on msnbc and cnn are all false. I see polls where trump support is so much bigger than what is shown. Why isn’t the case making any progress on the Obama era and their crimes against Trump election ! This is criminal! It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Peter Strocz and all others are getting away with multiple crimes. Mueller investigation is not going anywhere either yet I believe he is going to refrain from providing his report until he can be sure trump won’t be re elected. This should not be possible but he has nothing so coming forward now would assure Trump another 4 years. If Mueller and fbi had anything they would have opened up that report as soon as they could. Now Dems are controlling stocks, investments, retirement etc that could impact millions of Americans and their retirement. Some have already lost theirs. Trump has to get on that immediately. Every American needs to get details on their retirement accounts, annuities and invested funds before it’s too late. Their is a number you can call if you have your information and they will help you check on your funds. You just need the names of investments ie, vanguard.etc you don’t need to give any personal info not even your name. Call 424 3120733.

  • Randy Simmons

    01/26/2019 02:20 PM

    Thanks Mike. Always read your commentary and appreciate the facts challenging the FNM. In the vein of Paul Harvey and "The Other Side of the Story"

  • Shelby Erickson

    01/26/2019 11:49 AM

    Mike thanks for your honest information, I can always believe the comments you make plus I love your show on TBN Keep up the great job your doing. I will keep watching and reading!

  • Rickey Thompson

    01/26/2019 11:31 AM

    Being human and knowing we all fall short in the eyes of God. With the liberal media’s and Democrats attack on the core values this country was built on is truly troublesome. Trump has made his own mistakes but he has been attacked by the far left even before being elected. The fact that the young men were were wearing MAGA hats is the main reason the liberals and media proceeded to crucify these young men without cause. I have watched all the videos out there and see a lot disturbing behavior. The first clip presented by the liberals actually had me angered at the boys. Then after watching the other videos I was ashamed of my former thoughts. The parents of these young men should be proud, as should their school and church. The hate for Trump is so deep it is shameful. The Democrats are willing to let their own citizens suffer to control the narratives in attempting to get and maintain control. I personally feel their stance on open borders is no more than part of the plan on getting more voters that will be dependent upon their support keeping all Americans down. We need legal immigration. People willing to be responsible and ready to contribute to building up our country. Major changes need to happen beginning with the representatives we send to Washington. Sorry I got on a rant but I am only one of many frustrated Americans.

  • Wanda Davenport

    01/26/2019 11:10 AM

    The government in our country reminds me of a Merle Haggard tune “are the good times over”. The line like a snowball rolling to hell describes Nancy no and chuck the jerk to a tee

  • Charles Goff

    01/26/2019 04:35 AM

    Boycott NBC and all of Main Stream Media. I have for years

  • Paul T. Kern

    01/25/2019 09:51 PM

    I believe these things happening should be a wake-up call for the Church a simliar patter occurred when Hitler took control The little lie keeps being repeated. Many believers swallowed his lies and he gained control. It appears to be happening here also. The Marxists/ Socialists have been peddling their snake oil so long it's time we get on our knees and plead to God for the nation. Your articles are a great help, Mike

  • Evangeline Russell

    01/25/2019 07:25 PM

    Can’t wait for the lawsuits to begin!

  • Sharon Craft

    01/25/2019 07:18 PM

    I used to believe there was a code of ethics for journalists. Obviously, I was wrong. I used to believe that if you slandered individuals/institutions resulting in harm you could be sued for defamation of character. Has that also disappeared? I pray for God to replace the anger and hate with love but I recognize that has to include some participation on their parts. I no longer watch any of the network news because I get so angry and I do not want anger to be a part of my life. We are watching the death of America at the hands of those who hold power in Congress and the Press. Wish I knew who was pulling their strings because they certainly are not acting on their own initiative.

  • Rick Augustine

    01/25/2019 07:09 PM

    Sure wish it would stick on them, but somehow they will try to stick it on Trump. He told them to do it ????

  • Carol Clark

    01/25/2019 07:00 PM

    Keep calling the fake news out. We stand with you. I haven’t watched NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN for many years. They went the wrong way and their ratings keep going down. I love One America News and Fox News and I like and agree with you Governor Huckabee.

  • Douglas Morgan

    01/25/2019 06:52 PM

    The real disaster for conservatives and true patriots is that our enemy is in control of our country. Say what you want but Nancy Pelosi reins victorious over Trump. Mueller continues to pursue the witch hunt and even gets by with Gestapo tactics in arresting a person that is only guilty of being on Adam Schiff's list of players that can possibly be intimidated into betraying Trump. Roger Stone was arrested for something not even remotely connected with his fake Trump Collusion investigation. (And of course CNN was just professional enough to be on top of events that they were positioned at Stone's front door to film the entire episode of the dangerous Stone in his pajamas.) The democrats will never approve the wall that millions of us voted Trump into office to accomplish. At best Trump will not be able to accomplish his goals and promises. Worst is the democrats will prevail against the spineless Republicans and he will be removed from office because of their ability to make abominable wrongs look right. And of course the media is there to continue to report the "truth" and the education system is there to "enlighten" students to the "progressive" culture.

    Hope I'm wrong but I believe the democrats have won and if not immediately they will keep on their satanic charade and wear the rest of us law abiding citizens down until they have total control.

  • Mike MacMillan

    01/25/2019 05:32 PM

    Thanks for sharing real facts about what is going on in our country today! Until we get rid of the power hungry self serving ideologs and replace them with real Americans that want to SERVE our great nation and the American people we are in for some serious challenges.


  • Sharon Hayden

    01/25/2019 05:03 PM

    You are so right. You can't trust the news anymore. They are so biased towards everything. I was disappointed in President Trump reopening the government without the wall.

  • Anne Smith

    01/25/2019 04:49 PM

    I love hearing you speak and your show.

  • Sara Carpenter

    01/25/2019 04:24 PM

    I'm so disgusted with NBC and their fake news! I don't watch it a anymore nor any others!!
    One never knows what the truth aywhats fake!!

  • Kathleen Wood

    01/25/2019 04:02 PM

    I remember a better America where we defended another's right to their opinion even if we disagreed. I remember the right to speak freely, think and determine our own religious beliefs according to the dictates of our own consciouses. Respecting another's rights while exercising our own is freedom. I guess we somehow exchanged that for aggression, verbal abuse, violence and censorship. We have a Constitutional right to life. But someone replaced that with the right to murder babies. We can't even protect our children, let alone our freedoms. Do we not see a moral problem here?

  • Jeanne Jackson

    01/25/2019 04:01 PM

    Remember, this is the same media from which you have heard "crickets" on the outrage across the nation of New York's abortion law. Or the hundreds of thousands marching in support of life. Destroying teenagers and babies fits their narrative that only liberal, socialist-learning groups/individuals can provide valuable discourse and are to be followed regardless. Truth does matter in their journalism. Yellow journalism-McCarthyism part two. This is the greatest danger to our country right now.

  • William Schlumpf

    01/25/2019 03:57 PM

    Maybe the student was referring to the deceptive practices of the media. Maybe.

  • Linda marshall

    01/25/2019 03:51 PM

    I stopped watching NBC news and talk shows years ago because of their left leaning opinions. They’re just not believable anymore!

  • Sharon Kestner

    01/25/2019 03:47 PM

    There are a lot of bad reports coming out of NBC and a cover up to keep Andy Lack in charge. He thinks the world believes him when he lies about sex abuse within his own department. He should have been fired a long time ago, so who is protecting him

  • Barry Mulder

    01/25/2019 03:36 PM

    The news media hasn’t gotten anything right in so long they don’t know how anymore to use correct information or even verify it’s correct

  • Marlene Helfrick

    01/25/2019 03:14 PM

    The propaganda media keeps lying and the foolish never look beyond it. I had a disagreement with a liberal friend over it. He said what the media showed was that kid was a racist and a bully. I told him to watch the whole video and not just the 3 minutes the leftist media spun lie. Sad I haven't heard from him lately. On other topics he is intelligent and a wonderful personality. A great teacher and liked by his students. I believe he teaches them how to think and not what to think so his liberal bias doesn't hurt his sense of fairness.

  • Cindy Cole

    01/25/2019 03:11 PM

    One thing I have been waiting for that hasn't happened. An interview with , or a comment by, the adult chaparones. Where were they when all this was going on?