June 9, 2020

In the obituaries today, let’s all bid a sad farewell to the New York Times. It has been very sick for a long time, barely surviving on the tattered remnants of its long-decayed reputation. But this weekend will be carved into granite as the date when it finally expired. Not that it won’t continue staggering on, a zombie-like shell of its former self, but it’s now just a dead paper walking and anyone who isn't also braindead should know it.

This weekend, the Times tossed its last remaining shard of journalistic integrity onto the Antifa-lit bonfire by announcing that James Bennet, its editorial page editor, would resign, and Jim Dao, his deputy, would be reassigned. Why? Because they had the temerity to print Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton’s op-ed, endorsing the use of US troops to quell the violent riots destroying American cities.

That’s an opinion shared by 58% of Americans, according to recent polls. But not by the young snowflake staffers of the Times, the generation taught that words they disagree with are violence and must be silenced. And the paper’s upper management, who used to claim to be liberals who believe in free speech, capitulated to their own internal mob. It’s now official: there is no place for any dissenting opinion on the New York Times’ opinion page. And you certainly won’t find any in the opinion pieces they run as news articles.

(If I linked to the Fox News write-up of this, you might think I was being biased, so I’ll let this former Times reporter who disagreed with Sen. Cotton’s op-ed tell you how awful this is).

And I’ll let John Lennon’s son Sean, who’s surprisingly become a rare voice of reason in the music industry, also provide an appropriate eulogy for the Times…

And lest you think I’m overstating the depths of rabid partisanship to which the Times has sunk, New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones (who recently won a Pulitzer Prize for “the 1619 Project,” a widely-debunked slice of historical propaganda claiming America was founded on nothing but slavery) told CNN that the Republican Party is a “rogue” organization, and the media should not treat it fairly by letting its opinions be heard because that would be “picking sides.” So it must pick one side and silence any dissent to avoid picking sides? So much for the value of a Pulitzer Prize.

And what does the New York Times think is “fit to print”? How about an op-ed telling people to stop talking to their relatives unless they publicly support Black Lives Matter? They say “love requires sacrifice.” As Ed Driscoll at Instapundit notes, this demand that you cut your friends or parents out of your life if they don’t accept your extreme beliefs is the standard operating procedure of cults.

The Times has ceased even to pretend being a legitimate newspaper. It’s now an oversized propaganda leaflet, and you should expect no more journalist integrity, objectivity or fairness from it than you would from a Xeroxed manifesto handed out on a street corner by some hairy guy who smells like a cat litter box.

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  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/10/2020 10:45 AM

    Mike I don't buy these " young" staffers demand anything?
    First since when do staffers demand anything? Ever hear of pink slips
    Second who hired them?
    These are old Leftists showing their true ugly faces. Period.

  • Vicki Jugo-Litiatco

    06/09/2020 10:50 PM

    I'd like to say RIP, New York Times
    But then, even in "death" the double-speakers that they are will never rest in peace.
    Why don't they make it really official by renaming their corp as "Exclusive Publicists /Apologists for the Extreme Lert-Democrats." With elections in November, they'll get a lot of business. But they'd have to fight tooth-and-nail for their clients because rivals CNN and MSNBC are also aggressive in their pro-Democrat lies and false narratives.

  • Georgia M Bruce Sneed

    06/09/2020 03:12 PM

    I can remember when the Times would appear in the movies as a great fighter against crime telling the true facts. It is very sad when they follow the trends and bias to throw them in the gutter. How very sad.

  • Steven J Fuller

    06/09/2020 11:58 AM

    All I can say is "Right On". I believe "true" journalism began dying about 13-14 years ago and newspapers like NYT have been on "hospice" since ... obit will say "Died in Disgrace" ....