August 10, 2017

To reiterate my earlier comments on the pre-dawn FBI raid conducted at Paul Manafort’s house, here’s a little something extra.

Even the Washington Post has reported that, according to their sources, much of the information they sought had already been voluntarily turned over to the Senate Intelligence Committee and that if they’d wanted something, “they could just ask and he would have turned them over.” Again, this is from the Washington Post.

So what’s with the heavy-handed tactics, FBI? That’s a question we should all be asking in the Land Of The Free.


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  • Charles Morrison

    08/11/2017 08:52 AM

    Typical police action when they want to throw their weight around - like sending in SWAT when a suicide prevention counselor would be the appropriate response, as in Dedham, MA recently. One assumes the FBI is still dominated by the Clinton Cabal. Drain the Swamp.