July 25, 2018

I haven’t commented yet on the media hoohah over the Michael Cohen tapes because, frankly, the only thing about it that I find to be worthy of outrage is that any reputable attorney would secretly record private conversations with a client, any prosecutor with integrity would seize those tapes, and any legitimate news organization would actually air them.  But then I realized we’re talking about Michael Cohen, Robert Mueller and CNN. 

The latest news is that it appears Cohen did this all the time.  Another tape was of a call with CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he swore to Cuomo was off the record.  He even assured Cuomo that he wasn’t running a tape and his cell phone was in his desk drawer, while he was actually recording the entire two-hour conversation.  If Mueller hopes to pressure Cohen into turning state’s witness, he’s certainly going to have a believable person on the stand.

As for the contents of these calls, they apparently revolve about Cohen’s efforts to make what appear to be extortion attempts about alleged past sexual relationships go away.  Those attempts obviously didn’t work. Americans have heard these salacious accusations in the media until they’re sick of hearing them, and they still support Trump anyway.  In fact, this latest exposure of secretly-recorded, private attorney-client conversations is so beyond the pale, I think it may be backfiring and increasing his support.  And the tapes thus far have revealed no criminal actions or even awareness of such actions on Trump’s part.

Trump’s critics are trying to turn this into a federal crime by suggesting, “But if he used campaign funds…”  Question: Why in the world would he do that?  Response thus far: “Uhhhh…..”  He’s a billionaire and constant target of false nuisance accusations (there are even a couple of 24-hour news networks that specialize in that).  Paying cranks to go away was probably part of his attorney’s petty cash budget.  


So far, unless something more than this arises, the most outrageous thing I’ve seen from this is the shocking acceptance, even cheering, of the violation of attorney-client privilege.  The worst real violation of law I’ve seen thus far is the violation of the laws of basic human decency, which seem to have been repealed the second Trump was declared winner of the election.  Otherwise, I’ve been hearing people screech that “Trump is about to go down!!!” over one unfounded allegation or another for two years now, and my ears are starting to bleed.   

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I do admit to feeling a twinge of ‘90s nostalgia at seeing Lanny Davis on my TV talking about a President’s sex life.  Of course, back then, he was telling us that was the President’s private business, even though it involved violating the law while in office.  Now, he’s implying that things that allegedly happened years before running constitute an impeachable offense.  Still, seeing Democrats being hypocrites also gives me a twinge of nostalgia since I’ve seen it my whole life. 

For me, this is a more interesting story:  liberals keep asking why Evangelicals stick by Trump, even though his private life, moral history and personal demeanor are so at odds with their religious beliefs.  They seem honestly bewildered by why Christians wouldn’t prefer to back people who look at them with utter contempt, have no regard for First Amendment religious freedom or the sanctity of life, and weaponize the government to force nuns to pay for abortion drugs.  Well, here’s a novel idea: someone finally went into a church and asked the people there why they backed Trump instead of Hillary.  The hysterical anti-Trumpers are not going to like the blunt answer they got.


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  • David Jones

    07/28/2018 12:18 AM

    Mike, Can someone please explain: Wasn't Cohen retained by President Trump as his lawyer? How can he be divulging any of this material? Isn't all of this privileged communication? Isn't it as sacrosanct as an exchange between confessor and clergy?? Isn't that grounds for disbarment ??

    Please write about this. Thanks. God bless you.

  • bill

    07/27/2018 11:11 AM

    Have a feeling Cohen will by hook or crook implicate the president, Mueller and other corrupt in Gov will push charges to Damage and possibly impeach the president. If or when that happens, American's who voted for the president will say, "I have had enough" and spark a war in this country beyond any terrorism we have seen before.
    We are a civil society because we choose to be one. If tomorrow half the people said society has cheated me and revolts, This country and those they feel damaged it, will not find a safe place on the planet to hide.

  • Keet Parakeet

    07/26/2018 09:32 PM

    I think they asked the question regarding morals incorrectly. Different people are subject to different types of temptations. Different people have different virtues & vices. We don't have the max of any. They failed to ask Which Kind of Morals rendering it pretty useless. Trump understands & does the old style market place bargaining getting his opponents panties in a wad & distressing most others who don't routinely do the traditional haggle in the market---lots of drama & less than clean words-- which still goes on in major transactions & in market places outside the US. A closed deal, as pounded out is followed, ergo Trump can be trusted to faithfully execute an agreement if you carefully parse the terms. A president needs public virtues, not necessarily private virtue. Following the contract (Constitution, treaty) honestly & openly is his public virtue. Probably the evangelicals would agree he is moral in that way.

  • David Colonna

    07/26/2018 07:34 PM

    The main reason we Christians support our great President is because he truly is the only President to live up to his campaign promises. The other reason is he cares about all the American people and loves our country dearly. Look at how great the economy is and how we true Americans can now be proud of President and our country.

  • Kim Gohn

    07/26/2018 05:52 PM

    Never-Trumpers are out of touch with the real world that is all around them. Most are Dems, some are Repubs & the one thing they all seem to have in common: Evilness. They all loved Hillary, she was going to be the first woman President, & the msm repeated this every day for months. When it fell thru, they cried like babies, others got mad because they knew what was coming. Ask yourselves why so many people up on Capitol Hill are not running again, why did so many people leave the government before Trump's inauguration? They knew, Hillary even said it after her first debate. "If that son of a bitch wins, we're all going to hang", why would she say such a thing? Because she knew. Now they are all scared sh*tless that they will go to prison if anyone found out what they really did while in government employ. They can run, but they can't hide. Dark to Light & WWG1WGA.

  • Art Schefler

    07/26/2018 05:30 PM

    If you took the word "Free" out of socialists' vocabulary, there would be nothing more for them to say.

  • Rosalie Gilliland

    07/26/2018 02:21 PM

    Pres Trump is not a perfect man, nor do I expect him to be. Like me, he is forgiven. I've seen the President's growth since he accepted Jesus a couple of years ago. When was the last time the Oval Office was filled with pastors laying hands on the President? Trump is fulfilling God's will for this nation. He is a staunch defender of life and religious freedom. The leftists don't understand, and they will never will. They lack a fundamental comprehension of who the God of the Bible is. So did the Pharisees, who refused to recognize their long-awaited Messiah standing right before them.

  • Dan Angell

    07/26/2018 02:08 PM

    Question: Why in the world would he do that? Answer: Because he's cheap as hell and loves nothing more than spending other people's money. You seriously have to ask why Donald Trump, the man who ran a fake charity to buy himself gifts and pay his legal fees, would use campaign cash on a legal payment?

    This is just another example of you swallowing Trump's latest cock-and-bull story because of your own hypocrisy. As a Christian myself, I am appalled by Trump and people who support him.

  • David Whetsell

    07/26/2018 11:03 AM

    Is it not against the law in New York or DC to tape attorney - client conversations and then tell the Fake News? It is in south Carolina. They would disbar him and put him in jail.

  • Nancy Alexander

    07/26/2018 08:11 AM

    I could not agree with you more!

  • Hilda Williams

    07/26/2018 06:49 AM

    You go Gov. Huckabee! God bless you!!!!

  • Linda Bradley

    07/26/2018 03:41 AM

    Thank you Mike Huckabee for your excellent reports. You make it easy for me to understand what is going on in this crazy world. You are someone I can trust to tell the truth.