September 12, 2019

Well, here’s a pickle for the Democrats: a federal judge sided with CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) in declaring the federal “terrorist watch list” unconstitutional.  The judge ruled that the list “fails to provide constitutionally sufficient procedural due process” after 23 American Muslims claimed they “were unjustly labeled as suspected terrorists by their government, causing extensive harm to their families, careers, and ability to travel.”

Normally, this sort of ruling would be catnip to the left, but here’s the problem: they’ve been arguing that anyone on that list should be denied the right to buy a gun.  When Republicans protest that the list is notorious for being poorly researched and wrongly including people who would have to undergo an expensive legal battle to get their Constitutional rights back, the Democrats vilify them, demanding to know why they want people on the terrorist watch list to be able to buy guns.

Okay, leftists, time to take a stand: are you going to admit that the federal terrorist watch list is an unreliable list that sometimes unjustly deprives people of their constitutional rights…or are you going to argue that all those Muslim Americans who claim they’re innocent victims of a faulty process are lying and should be denied the right to own guns because they’re possible terrorists? 

In short, which will be more painful for leftists: talking like Islamophobes and siding against CAIR…or admitting that Republicans were right to oppose a gun control law? 

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  • Wanda Segars

    09/12/2019 02:28 PM

    Well Demos lost another round!

  • Michael henline

    09/12/2019 02:22 PM

    No guns for people on watch list and then label nra as terrorist organization

  • james randolph

    09/12/2019 11:41 AM

    SO ... (theoretically) I find my name on a NO-FLY, TERRORIST-WATCH, RED-FLAG list?
    Today, I bear the cost of "proving my innocence" ... even if I prove it, how am I reimbursed the loss of my reputation, and finances? Intangible losses can be more expensive ...
    I understand the GRAND JURY secret sessions deal with crimes, and the result is either indictment or NO indictment (not exoneration ... Mueller ..) Before any "LIST" includes my name, maybe a GRAND JURY needs to OBJECTIVELY review and decide ...