August 24, 2018

The shameful truth about the FBI's "examination" of Hillary's emails

With so much in the news every day, it’s easy for something earth-shaking to be overlooked, even for those of us not tied to the mainstream media narrative.  On Thursday, I wrote about a breaking story uncovered by Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations about the way the FBI dealt with those Hillary emails found (along with lots of porn) on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, former husband of Hillary aide and confidante Huma Abedin, in the months before the 2016 election.  But the story, outrageous as it was, didn’t seem to get traction until Jason Chaffetz did a segment on it for the Laura Ingraham show Thursday night.

Ever since Donald Trump shocked the Democrats by winning in November of 2016, Democrats have espoused a theory that then-FBI Director James Comey hurt Hillary’s chances with the October timing of his “re-opening” of that investigation.  (Of course, they never mention that she wouldn’t have even been a candidate by then if Comey had made her do the perp-walk back in July, but I digress.)  The actual story surrounding those emails is much more insidious.  And it’s no theory.

These new findings are so important, and reflect so badly on Comey and the FBI’s kid-glove treatment of then-candidate Hillary, that I’d rather leave the discussion of porn-star payoffs and plea-bargaining sleazebag lawyers for another time.

As told to Chaffetz by Sperry, the vast majority of Hillary’s State Department emails discovered on Weiner’s nasty laptop were never examined.  (Chaffetz happens to have been the one who received Comey’s October 2016 letter about those emails.)  Comey’s claim that the FBI had individually examined hundreds of thousands of emails (“all of the communications”) for classified information and incriminating evidence was wildly untrue --- in reality, they looked at only about 3,000 out of almost 700,000.  And just how did the FBI decide which 3,000 to look at?  Was it random, with agents checking the first 3,000 they came to?  Why, no, they were hand-picked by the head of the “MYE” (Mid-Year Exam)  investigation...Peter Strzok.

And, case closed.

According to Sperry, the story Comey gave Congress was that some miraculous breakthrough in technology had made it possible for the FBI to look through all those thousands of emails, and they worked “night after night after night” until they got it done.  That story did not check out; as it happened, a technical glitch thwarted their effort to process the bulk of the emails.  (All together now:  “Awwwww!!”)  Strzok and a couple of other investigators ordered in some pizza and went through a relatively tiny number of emails for 12 hours before calling it a night.  But, hey, the FBI just COULDN’T look at every single email, with the election coming up and all.  They didn’t have enough time!  What else could they do?  They just HAD to put the case to bed before Hillary was elect---I mean, before the election.

Okay, then, so why didn’t Comey admit to Congress that they had done such a half-arsed job?  He made it seem, falsely, as though Hillary’s “mid-year exam” had been comprehensive and that she’d passed.  They all get an “incomplete” on this exam, and an “F” overall.

Sperry points out that all this email evidence is still relevant, as the investigation into the Clinton Foundation is ongoing.  But he sees this story as one more example of politicization at the FBI, and he calls for an outside independent prosecutor to go through everything and see if agents were trying to protect Hillary by covering up material evidence.  Chaffetz concurs, saying the inspector general, Attorney General Sessions and potentially a second special counsel should take up this case.

A more concise version of Sperry’s story appears at the link below, outlining the ways the investigation of Hillary was spectacularly –- and, I believe, intentionally –- botched.  If anyone still doubts that we have a two-tier “justice” system, just read this.  And Hillary...well, she might want to grab a few bottles of chardonnay, take a long walk far into the Chappaqua woods and hide there until the statute of limitations runs out.


Conservative voices being stifled

When the left can’t win at the ballot box or in the court of public opinion, they turn to other familiar tactics, such as unaccountable rogue judges and bureaucrats; thuggish threats and intimidation; and economic pressure via easily-spooked companies that withdraw their support from conservatives due to PR assaults and boycott threats on social media.  Lately, we’ve seen that last underhanded tactic at work in several ways: airlines and banks cutting off services for NRA members, advertisers pulling their ads from conservative shows and websites, and financial services choking off conservatives' funding sources. 

The David Horowitz Freedom Center, a respected conservative non-profit that’s been around for 30 years and is the publisher of Front Page magazine, was forced to ask supporters to mail them checks after Visa and Mastercard suddenly cut off processing donations to them.  Why would those credit card giants do such a thing, when they provide payments to millions of organizations?  Because of pressure from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which for years has been falsely labeling the DHFC as a “hate group.” 

This is par for the course, since the SPLC, which used to be a legitimate anti-hate group organization, now routinely attempts to silence and bankrupt Christian and conservative groups by falsely labeling them as “hate groups.”  They do this by defining any traditional values that vary from their far-left views on issues such as LGBT rights or abortion as “hate.”  They enrich their coffers by sending out hysterical fundraising pleas to liberals, labeling every group to the right of MSNBC as a “hate group” to convince the suckers that there are hate groups popping up everywhere (even though when actual white supremacists recently called for a national rally, fewer than two dozen people showed up.) 

The SPLC’s schtick is to defame those they hate as haters, and Visa and Mastercard have apparently fallen for it, as have a number of social media giants that actually allow the SPLC to advise them on such matters.  Between that level of undeserved censorship power and the flood of donations from the gullible, the SPLC has become the most successful hate group in America.

If you have a Visa or Mastercard, you might want to let those companies know what you think about their caving in to this out-of-control leftist  group (which recently had to give a $3.375 million settlement and an apology to the Quilliam Foundation for falsely labeling it an anti-Muslim hate group, and may be facing further lawsuits from up to 60 more conservative organizations.)

Visa and Mastercard need to be aware that there are many millions of conservative and Christian Americans who use credit cards and who vote for politicians who will hold corporations accountable for discriminating against conservatives and Christians for their personal beliefs.

This might also be a good time to look into what perks American Express and the Discover Card are offering these days.



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 Free speech in Utah

A University of Utah graduate student/teaching assistant has been removed from the classroom after she attempted to segregate students who carry legal concealed weapons.  She taped off a 3x3-foot square in the back of the room, dubbed it the “Second Amendment Zone,” and ordered all students who carry personal weapons to stand in it (there were no desks.)  She compared it to the University’s restricted “free speech zones,” saying that while they had a right to carry a gun, like they have a right to free speech, it could be restricted to certain areas. Also that anyone who carries a weapon is exhibiting “absurd, antisocial, and frightening behavior” (wow, talk about projection!) and disrespecting her and other students’ “personal and psychological safety” (I think her sense of "psychological safety" is insanely solid if she seriously believes legal gun carriers are that dangerous, yet she’s willing to tick them off that much.)

After students complained, the T.A. and her syllabus were both yanked, and she was reprimanded and informed that she was in violation of both state law and university policy (not to mention the Bill of Rights).  She’s apologized to the students and will undergo further training. 

All well and good, but let’s not put this story to bed without pointing out one thing she said that’s actually true, only not the way she intended.  She’s right: that restriction of gun owners into a tiny “zone” is analogous to university “free speech zones” – in that both are equally ludicrous and unconstitutional.  If you’re going to teach at a college level, then you ought to have enough sense to understand that the entire United States of America is a “free speech zone.”




 DNC hacked

This just in: the Democratic National Committee reported that their computers had been hacked! Russia! Collusion! Trump! Impeachment!...Oh, wait.  Never mind.  That was fake news.  It was just a security test to determine if the DNC is vulnerable to phishing attempts.

Well, I think we all know the answer to that already.



 Tracing guns used in crimes

When gun control advocates are asked why places with the strictest gun laws have more gun crimes, they always claim it’s because gun control isn’t widespread enough.  The guns are flowing into the gun-free zones from neighboring backward states that don’t have strict gun laws.  If only everyone had such laws, the flow of guns would be cut off.  Sounds almost reasonable…except the latest ATF data shows it’s not true.

The ATF was asked to trace the origins of guns taken from 8600 crime scenes in the heavily gun-regulating Democratic stronghold of Baltimore.  They found that only 15% of the guns came from Virginia and 7% from Pennsylvania.  A whopping 47% came from right there in Maryland, which has universal background checks, a ban on “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines,” a fingerprinting requirement and other strict gun control laws. 

It would almost lead one to surmise that you can’t keep criminals from getting guns by making gun laws tougher because criminals, by definition, don’t obey laws.  Adding more and more gun laws makes it more difficult for the law-abiding to protect themselves, but it just gives criminals more laws to break, and that's what they do.



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 Censoring conservatives

It seems that every day, I get new reports of social media censoring conservatives, usually followed by dismissive stories from liberal media sources about how it’s just a lot of paranoid nonsense.  It’s just algorithms and trigger words, and the fact that it consistently strikes conservatives and not liberals is just one of those mysterious coincidences.

Like this latest mystery: why did the article I named as yesterday’s “must-read” get removed from Facebook?  It was the New York Post article by Salena Zito on why Trump supporters say this week’s hysterical reaction to the Manafort and Cohen news won’t cause them to turn on him.  It was a legitimate news piece with nothing offensive or slanted in it, yet Facebook alternately branded it as “spam” or in violation of their terms of service.  It took Ms Zito a while to get in touch with anyone at Facebook (if you’ve ever tried to contact them, you know they are great at hiding their own faces, ironically enough), but it finally reappeared online after 90 minutes.  Ms. Zito says she still has no explanation for why it was removed. 

Neither do I, but I can tell you that stories like this one are yet another reason why anti-Trump stories in the mainstream media will not convince Trump supporters to turn on him.




Sometimes, two stories appear at the same time, and one of them is such a perfect response to the other that further commentary isn’t even required.




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  • Lance E Brown

    08/27/2018 03:20 PM

    Been utilizing Discover for decades and never have I had a problem! and if asked I would recommend them to anyone. I have and use the heck outa my AMEX card. It is the 1st card I received back when I was a young Airman attempting to establish myself / my credit. That was the BEST MOVE I ever made. At the time I turned my nose up at all other options in favor of AMEX. I was highly motivated by the PAY AT THE END OF THE MONTH demand. As a young, low pay, newly indoctrinated to the work a day world, It was the BEST CHOICE! Through thick and thin it was AMEX FINANCIAL that tutored me and brought me along.

  • Amelia Little

    08/27/2018 08:41 AM

    I applaud the University of Utah for its common sense reaction to the snowflake graduate assistant teaching person.
    Instead of making safe spaces like so many universities seem to be doing, more should be making sure students and professors understand that schools--especially colleges--is where people learn about all sides of whatever an issue is, and that should allow for people from all views to discuss those views. Without threat of violence. Like the professor (can't remember where he teaches) who has students sign a contract that they will not try to stifle the views of those who think differently than they do.

    Whenever I hear about a shooting, and immediately there is an outcry and people blubbering about gun control, I think--is anyone going to report on whether or not the gun used was obtained legally? And, stealing it from Mom or Dad's locked gun cabinet is NOT obtaining legally. How come we rarely hear about where the gun came from? Perhaps there are those who don't want people to know how many are obtained illegally--it wouldn't be helpful for their gun control pushes.

    Everytime I read about fb censoring a conservative post or site, I smh. Seems if there is a push from the conservative--it was "a mistake." Seems the censorship department employees need to be looked at--and either "up-train" (I think is the current buzz word) them, or perhaps, if they continually make "a mistake" perhaps they should be fired, or encouraged to resign--kind of like in the real world. Of course, we all know it wasn't "a mistake" but an intentional move which they will continue to do, maybe "correcting" the "mistake" 0000.1% to try to make people think they are trying to be fair.

  • joseph orsini

    08/26/2018 08:22 PM

    DANGER!! The lefties seem so confident of taking the House, and impeaching Trump, that they are beginning to seriously go after Mike Pence. Worrisome.

  • Michael Galloway

    08/25/2018 09:40 PM

    I see many good comments from so many conservative Americans and some very good suggestions given to you in hopes that they can be passed along. Do you Governor Huckabee have the ability to actually pass these comments and suggestions on, especially those with what appears as very good suggestions how Trump and others can overcome this liberal evil that is being pursued against us and our nation. I hope that somehow President Trump does have the opportunity to read some of the very good suggestions given by his supporters or some of the 65 million deplorables who don' t want to see our nation totally destroyed. I have given up on the Republicans to ever take a stand for the president, against all this hype of his alleged affairs *before he was president. I don't agree or condone it if it actually happened, but the constant news media hype of this all all the other Bull *hit has gotten out of control. President Trump needs to go on the offensive, but not by tweeting. I don' t have the solutions, but many of your readers seem to have some great possible solutions. All of us are more than frustrated, we are angry and know that if things don't get turned around, the DNC and many others still loyal to Obama, will take control of this nation !!!! And we cannot afford that to happen, but I think as others commented, we feel helpless outside of voting. We look to the Republican party as a whole to come to Trump's defense, but they don't and they draw suspicion upon themselves as to their personal agenda's or their own anti-Trump agenda's, just like McCain and Flake as just two of too many Republicans as examples !!!

  • Konnor Von Helsing

    08/25/2018 09:27 PM

    It doesn’t matter how much evidence there is against HRC and all of the others who were all In cahoots with each other to just make everything go away... We, the citizens of the USA, were never meant to know any of this. Had she actually won the 2016 Presidential election, everything and I mean everything would have been swept under a rug and set on fire to destroy it all! Honestly, I am sick and tired of hearing about her! Unless the next piece of news about her is, "HRC to be tried for Treason," or "HRC to be indicted for 100+ charges," I really don't wa t to hear another thing about her!

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for being the Patriot that you are! We need more like you in this great country.

  • Mrs. Lola Curran

    08/25/2018 01:54 PM

    I am a conservative and resent the liberals trying to silence conservatives.
    Do the liberals not understand history!!! Liberalism is the demise of a country!!
    Example: Rome which was destroyed from within!!!

  • Robert Goldenstein

    08/25/2018 12:34 PM

    Thank you for the information I`ll be using it soon

  • Mary Frances Ayars

    08/25/2018 11:17 AM

    Elaine Liming, I would love to reprint your response. Your humor and serious devotion to teaching is refreshing when you read about the young student teacher with no intuition about Democracy, or the Bill of Rights. I am not sure how they get in a position of teaching with their limited information and personal agendas. I have been the one of the only Conservative Republicans in a school in CA when the country elected Clinton. I never voiced my own opinion and the students didn't know my party. It was difficult but the truth and information to make personal opinions was more important. Bless the strong teachers!

  • Elizabeth Pinkocze

    08/25/2018 11:15 AM

    Read your comments every day. Bringing the truth to all of us is very important today especially and you do a great job of it. Your emails are the only safe way we can keep reading you, b/c FB will do everything they can to keep conservatives off the sight. Everybody, pls pray every day for our president and our country. God is watching and listening. We need all the help we can get!! God Bless

  • Sterling Ritz

    08/25/2018 10:27 AM

    Just a note to say thank you for your updates. We pray for our nation and your daughter Sarah. We sometimes feel helpless out here in rural America, but we know in the the end we have the most power through prayer. With what they are doing to President Trump, my fear is that when they are through with him, impeachment or not, we will never have a Washington outsider try to run for President again. Who would ever want to open up their life to a full fledged investigation just because you are trying to do the right thing for America. The deep state is saying, (and is using our President as an example), "Don't come to Washington and try to breakup what we've been building on for years"

  • jewell wood

    08/25/2018 08:39 AM

    American intelligence media lied about kavanugh they said he was part of ses and worked for all 3 adminstrations we are now 100 percent behind him for the court trump supporters will not tolerate him being ran out of office

  • Bill Goldsby

    08/24/2018 11:59 PM

    The FBI, I think an independent investigation led by former Sheriff Clark would be a step in the right direction. With the termination of everyone that should be accountable for the failure to properly investigate and prosecute the Clintongate Scandal participants.

    As to the Conservative voice being stifled, recently I have noticed a decrease in my email traffic. Well a couple of days ago, I went into my spam/junk mail file to find a large number of my emails being diverted there. Those email included all email from you, the NRA, the Whitehouse, most conservative related and Christian Devotional emails I get daily. I use Outlook email through AT&T so I'm not sure who is actually filtering my email this way. But needless to say it does irritate me.

    Thank you for all the great commentary, you pretty much nail it on the head daily what I would say on these topics.

    God Bless You, Our President and God Bless America!


    08/24/2018 10:59 PM


  • Carol Babcock

    08/24/2018 10:59 PM

    The socialist Left does not make sense. They want open borders, and where do the
    drugs and illegal guns come from? The Border to Mexico! Building that wall would
    stop that flow and illegal immigrants. Then they say get rid of guns!! They want to take down all statues, such as General Lee because of what it stands for to them. BUT it is also a reminder of what we must never allow here again, to any people! And proof he did exist. So when a child asks who he was, we can tell them what he stood for. Just how one "deplorable" lady sees it.
    You and your daughter help to teach people that God and Country come first.
    Making each school student learn the Constitution, and be tested on it to graduate,
    as Illinois once did, would help. We know what it says! Hard to fool us then. Thank you Mr. Huckabee for not backing down!

  • Rick Locke

    08/24/2018 09:48 PM

    Happy Birthday Mike and thanks for being the voice of reason.

  • Sara Johnson

    08/24/2018 09:19 PM

    There needs to be investigations into conflict of interest in the wives of Strozk and Rosenstein as well as Ohr. Check them out.

  • Nelda White

    08/24/2018 09:15 PM

    It isn't that facebook censors they material they don't like, they also won't allow people like me to get news on latest goings on. Especially if it is detrimental to the liberals or encouraging to the conservatives. I mostly get things about pets, etc. now. I do enjoy the things I get about pets, but I would also like to get latest about conservatives and liberals.

  • William Schlumpf

    08/24/2018 08:44 PM

    I pray daily that the truth come out. I am confident it will exposing the duplicitous and cleansing this nation.
    As far as the gun control argument, i heard somewhere that illegal immigration was uh, illegal, as well as narcotics and trafficking in human beings. How's that all working out? Also, France already does not permit its citizens to own automatic weapons yet that's what the terroristas used in 2015 killing 128 people. Actually happens all the time in gun ban countries. Just not worth reporting - doesn't fit the agenda.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Elaine Liming

    08/24/2018 08:33 PM

    I enjoyed the You Tube staring your daughter. I loved it. I like your daughter's style and grace under fire. I am 78 years young but I am still sharp and my friends want me to run for office. I am a retired teacher having worked in both public and private schools and like your daughter I am remembered for my caring remarks. I would say things must have left your brain on the coat rack today---who taught you to keep you hat on in class----this is not a barnyard son-----instead of acting like Rip Van Winkle, wake up and smell the roses....
    excuse me...…..the response should be may I...… I guess you left your manners on the football field again. Yes I was old fashioned teacher who had classroom rules and consequences for rules broken. I told each year's class I stand in front of you to teach and to educate you to live in a Democracy . I expect your parents to do their job parenting you. If they need help there are parenting classes available at this school for them too. I began in 1962 and retired in 2005. I didn't like what I saw happening; in the beginning of my teaching career, parents and teachers worked together and at the end of my teaching career, teachers and parents were blaming each other for what was happening to Dick and Jane. The family was in crisis and educators were asked to do the impossible and another crisis developed. A great man once said, when the family unit is strong, communities are strong, when communities are strong, the state is strong, when all states are strong the Country is strong. We have to make families strong again--Black, Brown, Asian, White. As I read about the Corruption in FBI, DOJ, Congress I feel we failed in educating people to live in a Democracy. We have developed people who want the good life at others expense'; who care for number one, who lack ethics and morality, who don't take pride in working hard and keeping in mind the common good for all. And who see God as not viable in their lives. The golden rule, the commandments, the beatitudes. and our country's Constitution are meaningless words on paper. I am convinced that the Lord is allowing this evil to abound and it His way to say do penance, repent, and lead back to Me.

    I am praying for a miracle in November. I am also praying for all the organizations to stop calling me for money; living on a FIXED INCOME is tough.

  • joseph orsini

    08/24/2018 08:29 PM

    The "Russia-Russia-Russia" Mueller group is ACCOMPLISHING EXACTLY WHAT RUSSIA WANTS - destroying American democracy.

  • Charles Nicholson

    08/24/2018 08:25 PM

    May I use your "Resistance leader is pro-Trump troll" (Evening August 20) to "challenge" "Our Opinion..." in the Greensboro News&Record? The printed media deserves to be challenged! THANK YOU!

  • Bunny Douglas

    08/24/2018 07:50 PM

    I use to be a devoted Democrat, but I've become a pretty conservative Republican.........took a while. I am confused why there isn't some special council to investigate Hillary and bring charges against her. It just seems there is only Robert Mueller investigating everything Trump........isn't there enough evidence against Hillary to cause a big investigation of her and to do it right now? Why wait? Are they worried there will be more demonstrations from coast to coast? Bring it on, let's see what really happens. I have some friends that thing what's going on right now will really bring Trump down (like Nixon) and they're praying for it. I'd like to chop the head off the snake.

  • rodney black

    08/24/2018 07:45 PM

    Fasebook is sencering the emails to you i believe

  • Doris Choate

    08/24/2018 07:43 PM

    I read your news every day, Thank You. I feel that yours is the only version of what's happening that I can count on as true.
    Again, Thank You

  • gary Stilwell

    08/24/2018 07:33 PM

    President Trump would do well to somehow repair the damage he has done to Senator McCain. I completely understand this is NOT possible at this point in time, but he must some how apologize to this man for his prior comments. It will not deter the millions of Americans in uniform to reject him, but it will, at least constitute a potential change in his character--understand this will be observed as a false attempt(as it will be)--if he thought otherwise, he would never have made the comments in the first place--when you are a child, you usually get three chances to get it right, when you are an adult, you only get one----blow that and you are pretty much screwed.