December 16, 2019

I’ve heard President Trump’s critics call him “Teflon Don” because of the way the mud they hurl at him doesn’t stick.  But last week, his critics tried dumping an entire truckload of mud on him, and somehow ended up just burying themselves.

They thought the big story would be impeachment, but outside of their own cocktail parties and media circles (many of the same newspapers editorial boards – NY Times, WaPo, USA Today, etc. – that have been calling for impeachment since 2016 endorsed impeachment again, surprise), the world reacted with a shrug and a yawn.  They’ve been beating that dead horse since the minute Trump was elected.  Many of us were almost relieved when they finally pulled the rip cord, just out of the probably futile hope that maybe now, they’ll finally shut up about it.

What was supposed to be Trump’s worst week ever was perhaps his best week ever, as even an MSNBC commentator admitted. There were breakthroughs on the China and North American trade deals, stunning job creation, a stock market surge, the devastating loss by the left in the UK elections, polls showing support for impeachment cratering and Trump’s support rising to new highs, and a number of other positive stories for him. 

And how are things looking for the Democrats, who thought this would be their triumphant moment?  A few of them have started venturing home for holiday-time townhalls.  It is not going well.

Even in Adam Schiff’s safely leftist district, there are impeachment opponents, and boy, did they make themselves heard at his townhall on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, there are rumblings of defections.  House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, whose constituents oppose impeachment, is leaning against voting for it, saying it’s “divisive” and “accomplishes nothing.” 

And New Jersey Democratic Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who voted against the impeachment inquiry, reportedly not only plans to vote against impeachment but will switch parties to the Republicans, which prompted five of his staffers to quit (see, he’s not even a Republican yet, and he’s already saving the taxpayers money.)

Rep. Jerrold Nadler brushed off the defection, claiming that Van Drew was just reacting to poor poll numbers.  Know who didn’t react to poor poll numbers?  The arrogant leftists in Great Britain who also refused to listen to the voters.  The election is still over 11 months away, the Democrats haven’t even voted on their “impeachment” farce yet, and their majority has already been reduced by one. 

They might want to get used to that feeling.

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  • Carolyn Kanoho

    12/16/2019 11:54 PM

    This all is beyond ridiculous..