January 29, 2018

President Trump is taking flak from Republicans for his suggested DACA compromise that would reportedly offer a pathway to citizenship for up to 1.8 million children of illegal immigrants. That’s understandable, since he ran on a promise not to give citizenship to anyone who came here illegally, which includes even children brought by their parents without any control over the situation. But before Trump’s supporters get too angry, they should take a deep breath and watch the Democrats’ reaction. There’s a good chance they won’t grab this overly-generous offer – and some suspect that might have been the reason Trump offered it. It may not be a real deal, it might just be a rope-a-dope, and his opponents are just dopey enough to hog-tie themselves with it.

While those on the right think Trump is offering to give away the farm, the left is reacting as if he proposed putting Dreamers into Dachau. I’m not exaggerating. Anti-Trump liberals (even the ACLU) immediately began parroting the insane talking point that Trump’s proposal is based on “white supremacy” and is a “legislative burning cross.” No, seriously. Even the House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, claimed that Trump’s offer was “outside the circle of civilized human behavior” and was a campaign to “make America white again.” She said it brought “a tear to the eye of the Statue of Liberty” (I knew Trump made Cory Booker cry "tears of rage," but now even the Statue of Liberty is weeping uncontrollably. Democrats don’t need a DACA bill, they need a Nuedexta prescription).

You can watch Rep. Pelosi’s meltdown at the link, along with her claim that no other country would send back hundreds of thousands of immigrants with their parents, conveniently glossing over the fact that if they were illegal immigrants, every other country would send them back.


Tucker Carlson of Fox News examined this wild "white supremacy" claim and couldn’t understand what in the world they’re talking about. Carlson pointed out that Trump is offering citizenship to 1.8 million people, more than the populations of 13 separate states. Obama was hailed for his compassion just for offering a renewable delay of deportation to 800,000. Almost none of the beneficiaries would be white. It also wouldn’t end chain migration, allowing hundreds of thousands of the beneficiaries’ relatives to come here. The #1 nation of origin for these new arrivals would be Mexico, followed by India, as well as Vietnam, the Philippines, Bangladesh, China, the Dominican Republic and even 50,000 more from Haiti – but none from any European nations.

Carlson concluded that the “white supremacy” claim is not only false and poisonous, fostering hatred and racial division, but “in the history of dumb and dishonest Washington talking points, that might be the dumbest and most dishonest of all.”


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So if Trump is going to get called a promise-breaker by Republicans and a Klansman by the Democrats (or worse, as they’ve been known to send Klansmen to the Senate for decades), why offer the deal? A few analysts who’ve studied Trump think he never expected the Dems to take the deal, that he offered it knowing they would have a race-baiting public meltdown and reject it, even though it was far more generous than what Obama proposed. With the midterm elections coming up and voters starting to pay attention, he’s doing a series of public moves to shatter the negative image the media has created (speeches, the televised congressional meeting, the triumphant Davos appearance and CNBC interview, the State of the Union Address, and now, offering a DACA compromise) while Democrats are behaving like over-caffeinated two-year-olds, screaming “racism” where it obviously doesn’t exist, and proving that they’d rather defy Trump than help the “DACA Dreamers.”

According to this plan, he would come out looking like a moderate statesman, the Democrats will look unhinged, and he doesn’t even have to compromise because he knew they would reject the deal because they reflexively attack everything he says or does. Art of the Deal!

So far, that’s just a theory. But if it wasn’t planned from the get-go, the Dems sure are acting as if they’re working off a script that Trump wrote for them.

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  • Kathy Barnes

    02/01/2018 12:53 PM

    Mike, I hope your scenario is correct. He did say he had a heart for the dreamers so I'm afraid he could abandon his campaign promise. I have called the White House (1-202-456-1414) to let him know that I want him to stick to his promise.

  • Carlos Ramos

    02/01/2018 12:22 PM

    I believe I have raised this before. Similar to the comment regarding failure to address instant incarceration/deportation of criminal dreamers. The very onerous DACA itself is in violation of US Code. Whoever penned this atrocity should be charged with defrauding America. We all abide by the law of stopping at a red light. Well Title 18, US Code Section 1325 and related sections read: That passage into our country at a point other than an Official Point of Entry is a crime. The number of offenses result in increased fines. One student of mine, a 33 year old woman from Brazil, has been permenently barred from entering USA because she held a job and tried to pay her taxes. This is the quality of immigrant you want here; respectable, a goid learner, a worker and responsible. Instead Nancy Pelosi embraces every MS-13 tattooed head to foot career criminal that sneaks packages from citizens front doorsteps during Christmas season. Deport DACA and deport Democrats and RINOs. I grew up in Post WWII/post Korea America - I know what a mighty nation looks like and how one functions. Congress with its deranged officials is beyond disfunctional - My point being, laws are already on the books concerning immigration. Folliw them!

  • Annette Rouse

    01/30/2018 08:23 PM

    I heard on CBS tonight that President Trump is the most disliked president in modern history. I do not understand how that can be possible as so many really like him and approve of what he's accomplished. How can this statement be honestly made?

  • Kelli Robinson

    01/30/2018 03:11 PM

    Honestly, there are so many "Dreamers" that Need to be deported. The ones that have committed horrendous crimes, get them out. The ones that have been here for 10+ years and haven't even made an attempt to secure citizenship. They need to be sent back as well. Do Not let them back in. Period. Letting the ones that genuinely want to live here and become Americans, e.g. follow the laws, be treated the same as everyone else, be required to pay taxes, and expect nothing for Free, is fine. Those should be the requirements in order for them to come here or stay if they are already here. There cannot be any exceptions. It floors me that our Military, Vets, Disabled, and Elderly have to suffer with a shut down and still be able to survive on NO income (not to mention the fact that our Military is required to continue work and to protect us for free) if Pelosi, Schumer, and the other idiots in office like them don't get their way. Yet they will Never go without. If they want them here so badly, those rules need to be put into place and they have to abide by them. On another note, they are so damn focused on letting all these illegals in (so they can get their votes and be able to stay in office) yet they turn a blind eye to all of the Muslims that are here that WILL NOT follow our laws, or ANY Country's laws for that matter. Muslims are destroying monuments, grave-sites and everything else in their wake that they don't like or want. They burn our Flag, and call our Country a disgrace. They have murdered and raped innocent people, turned our schools upside down demanding that their religion and ways of life be taught. They've demanded that they get to take as many breaks as they want at work (without losing pay) to kneel and pray wherever they want and demanded that we provide or build them with places to do so. They don't partake in any of the building process. Yet no one else can practice this. Not at work, Not in school. They demand their Holidays be implemented during the school year, demand our schools change their menu's to suit them, and have gone so far as to demand that our Food pantries supply them with Halal food. They condemn, Everyone that does not follow their practices or religion and say that we are disrespecting them so they have the right to punish us themselves. This is going on everywhere in the world that they live. They've been given everything for free including housing yet we have Americans living in tents along the streets. They've taken over entire cities and enforced Sharia Law. Yet they continue to say and post all over Social Media F*** Trump and F*** the USA. Well Democrats, those statements include you too. The list just goes on and on. More importantly, they intend to have our way of life be abolished and have everything Islam established. They are slowly but surely taking over the world just as they promised they would, but Nothing is being done to stop them. And if they do take over? Do these Democrats really think they're still going to be in office living lovely off that enormous amount of money they get and still have the freedoms they do? Think again.

  • Shauna Dickerson

    01/30/2018 01:49 PM

    Though I Strongly oppose illegal anything, especially illegal immigration, I can see the point of allowing the dreamers a pathway to citizenship. (Though why haven't they made an attempt to accomplish that before this crisis). But, this MUST be accompanied with or allowed only After laws are in place and enforced to stop chain migration, stop more illegals bringing their children to our doorstep and dropping them off, and stop letting children born here to illegals automatically becoming citizens. We need to stop the chaos. Not only do Democrats want more illegals to come in order to vote Democrat, they seem to crave disobedience to laws and chaos in our country.

  • Michael Egbert

    01/30/2018 12:55 PM

    I wonder, "Who coined the term, DACA Dreamers?" Seems to me whoever it was, tried to "romanticize" these illegal immigrants...

  • Patricia Johnson

    01/29/2018 04:03 PM

    I strongly feel if an illegal immigrant has been found guilty of committing a crime, that should be cause for deportation. Why has that issue not even been addressed?

  • Jack Tomey

    01/29/2018 10:51 AM

    The concern has been expressed in the past that the DACA people could be potential Democrat voters if they are given citizenship. However, since the Republicans are now in control, and if Trump gives them citizenship, I wonder if they will actually be inclined to become Republican voters - - some of them have already said they are willing to accept the wall in return for citizenship.

  • Darlene Mathis

    01/29/2018 10:27 AM

    Nancy Pelosi makes no sense. Presudent Trump wants a white America? She advocates vehemently for THE organization that murders minorities- Planned Parenthood.